Willie Jamieson's Letter To Henry and Cordia White

No. 18 Bridge – End Street
Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland
August 2nd, 191 ___?

Dear Bro. and Sister, (Henry & Cordia White)

This is my first time of writing you since landing in this Country – not because I had forgotten, but rather because time was scarce. Conv. has kept us very busy for the last month back but now it is over again and we will have a little more time for correspondence etc.

It was the best Conv. ever held on this side and all seemed to profit by it. There were very large crowds all the time. Wm Irvine as usual did the most of the preaching, and I never heard him better. There was plenty evidence of God speaking to our hearts and showing us the need of having His power working in us and through us. More than ever we feel the need of having the desire to make the truth of God a practical thing. And this can only be so as we allow the Lord to have the first place in our hearts. It is when we allow World, Flesh or Devil to come in Between us and the Lord that we lose the victory.

Our greatest privilege is that of yielding to Him and allowing Him to cause us to have an influence over our fellows as we come I contact with them. There is nothing but loss all through to seek to gratify our own selfish desires and nothing but gain as we seek honestly to deny ourselves. By losing our lives we save them for Eternity and by saving them, now for ourselves we lose them Eternally. So it is easy to see the value of being whole hearted and in earnest for the Lord. When we begin to place the proper value upon things divine, we soon feel how valueless other things are, and we are thus encouraged to let them along. I hope you all are having good times out there and that you enjoy the Lord’s presence and become a blessing to each other.

It will likely be near October before I reach Oregon and the conv. there will likely be about the same time as last years.

Yours in Him,

Willie Jamieson

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