William Irvine's Letter to Fay Sheeley on January 30, 1929

January 30, 1929

My dear Fay Sheeley:

Thanks for yours. It's good you are not in N. China these days where they are heaping up the dead in mounds outside the cities where 1000s are dropping dead in the streets. While flu in the West has been doing its work, leaving many to die from pneumonia & etc. So we see pestilence and famine at work and all between seem to have more than they want of wrath being poured out in every shape and form. And it's Woe - Woe - Woe - they should be saying in place of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men. These days are past and all pre war things are under judgment and no hope but in the new thing which He is doing by the Least and Little Ones who will become the New Jerusalem as sure as the old will pass away by judgment as if it never had been.

It was good to have your brother and friend and the one you are fond of come to see you. And it gave you a chance to prove yourself and also a chance to them to hear the simple fact that wrath has come on all pre 1914 affairs and men on the earth; and not one single exception. For all have had a taste, are tasting and will till it has destroyed them from off the earth, and no hope in any pre war thing.

God and Jesus has provided a way of escape in His Witness - Leader - and Commander. So they can find cessation of wrath as they hear your Come and turn to live by my witness - leading - and control which is not hard for any honest - sincere person. These are the simple facts which cover all that's going on - on the face of the whole earth.

You may tell your brother that I also am a Free and accepted master mason. My Mother Lodge being 547 - Stewart Scotch for past 45 years.So I know all that it means. But if I were the Grand Master or the Pres. of U.S.A. it could not avail me any thing when wrath is being poured out on all that is prewar. And when only one way of escape from wrath is offered from God to all men. People whose confidence is in anything which existed on the earth before 1914 will be bitterly disappointed; just as they will be joyfully surprised in the new Way of escape which was given from the Throne along with Wrath.

I don't wonder you will find much to cheer and fill your heart and life and it will increase in quality and quantity as you drink - more fully and eat of the Tree of Life or hear and witness more every day. The great trouble is that people fail very often in not emptying out all the old pre 1914 thoughts and ways and enter in heartily to the New Thing which came as His only way of escape for all who are under wrath. The more you expect from the New Thing, the more you will get and be able to give witness to others. Just as those who do not believe that wrath is poured out on all flesh will be very much surprised to find it increase till they perish from off the earth. So keep your ears - eyes and mouth open. So shall you have full reward.

Best love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

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