William Irvine's letter to Bob & Minnie Skerritt on September 3, 1929

September 3, 1929
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours. I was glad to see you labeled on the big photo as No.1 and No.2. The wheat crop of the world seems to be only 50% this year and it's good to find you both so well rid of the trouble, and free and happy and content in spite of all the Devil's attempts to put a chain on your feet. God's mercy on a man or woman whose heart is toward Him does not depend on our perfect knowledge, nor perfect righteousness. His promises and provision covers all our needs for past and future, and our only interest is that of the child who lives today and sleeps and eats care free.

People may have been slow to get dragged into the fiery furnace. I have lived so long "as like the Son of God" but when they have tasted of the binding & heat, and find it only purify, make white and try and find close fellowship with the man in the furnace, there is no smell of fire, or hurt upon them, and we have had abundance of proof of that the binders and casters into the fire get more than their share. How clear becomes Dan. 3 when we look back, and how clearly defined the little ones are, both in their attitude to God & Daniel, and the more binding and hotter the fire, the better and quicker the results have been. "They overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and loved not their lives to the death" helps us to couple and place ourselves in little ones of Matt. 18 and Daniel 3. What mercies we have had, and what torment from the Devil and all that's flesh in us and in the world and what seal by the Spirit of witness, and what joy and comfort by the blood, and what deliverance when we love not our lives to the death. Fear of our own sins, and fear to open our mouths, and fear of their power to hurt and yet what victory all the way.

To live in the past or in the future brings trouble; to live under the blood and seal of the Spirit on our lips, and fear of God rather than fear of death, is surely next to Paradise in comfort. We are like animals often, in our self-righteous foolish vision--when the doctor has put the wounds right, we tear the bandage and lock off the healing salve even if it's antiseptic. Such is all the influence of our own nature and that of all who are Devil possessed around us. The Blood of Jesus covers all that ever a man could do or be in his animal and human nature, and the Spirit quicken us and makes us more than well in spite of all that would point to weakness and suffering thru past activities and confidence in Gods protection and provision makes us bolder than a lion. Every time we test these things out they are proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Devil will never cease to accuse all who are under the blood, and the Devil and all that are his will never cease to hinder the Spirit's witness thru our lips, and do all in their power to shake our confidence in our God who is victor every time, everywhere.

When I think and look at all that has made me the least amongst my brethren, and all the unseen things of truth which God used to make me the greatest of all the prophets, where is there any room for discouragement from any man who knows my name, or His who is my Master.

We may let them all come,. And share without fear or favor what is mine, and proof of His love, grace, mercy and power of the Blood and spirit and providence. If one such man is Master over all the power of the world, flesh and devil, then who need despair, or have one minute of darkness when the glory is all over, and around us. I f I was better than others then many might fear, but how wonderfully comprehensive is His grace, and who can condemn when God has justified.

You will have been getting many kicks out of the news of Palestine these days. Read Zech. 12 and 14 along with the news, which is scarcer here than anywhere owing to martial law, but the warships and men are in control, and for this I came to Jaffa a year ago, and now we are ready for the echo from the East and West as Dan. 8 and Rev.9 make so clear.

My love to both,

Wm. Irvine.

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