Sister Worker's Update of June 11, 2012

The Sister Worker

The sister worker who claims she was raped by Leslie White posted on the TMB at Jun 11, 2012, 10:57pm

A little update for today. I got a phone call from another victim. She will be adding her statement to the report. Luckily she talked to a number of people right after her bad experience & so she has witnesses.

It seems there is much more coming out than I ever dreamed possible and it makes me so sorry for all who've been affected. It still bothers me that it took so long for me to speak up because maybe some would have been spared. Thanks for your messages of care and support & please forgive me that I haven't gotten them all answered yet.

SW Mango Chango


  • If a sister worker was truly falsely accusing Leslie White, what could she possibly have to gain?
  • Why would a woman continue in the 2x2 religion as a worker when she is so rudely faced with the workers hierarchy and social structure?
  • What keeps sister workers who have been raped from keeping silence?
  • What fears to sister workers have?
  • If sister workers are so fearful that they have to endure rape, why do they remain workers?
  • What social pressures are put on sister workers to keep them from reporting a rape to the State?
  • How long does the affect of a rape endure long after evidence is gone?
  • Will the people who have been notified of the rape testify or will they feel threatened and fearful of telling the truth about what they saw and heard?
  • Are there any teachings of Jesus Christ that encourage rape?
  • Are there any rules taught by overseers or workers that may lead a man to rape a woman?
  • Is it a sin for a worker to get married?
  • What religious beliefs does a male worker have to have to justify raping a sister worker and not break down/crack from it being on his mind?
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