Sister Worker aka Mango Chango, who Accused Leslie White of Rape

Sister worker aka "Mango CHango" who has accused Leslie White of raping her posted this on TMB on Jun 6, 2012, 6:29pm

Please note that this post was to a message board that prohibits posting of names which makes this email confusing. I've put the names I believe are represented by the initials below.

I have reformatted this post for readability and replaced initials with names to make it easier to follow. The original post had LW for Leslie White etc. See list above.

Hi I'm known to and referred to by most of you as SW (sister worker) Someone asked Scott a number of posts back, how I was doing? Scott mentioned to me that I might want to write something up and have it posted so you can be aware of just how this has affected me.

At the same time I would like to say Thanks to all for your care thoughts prayers and concern for everyone involved and that includes Leslie White. I have no desire for vengeance against Leslie White. I assure you I am not a part of any conspiracy....I am not someone who was in love with Leslie White and got snubbed. I hardly knew Leslie White at the time this happened and feel he took advantage of the situation, him being in authority over me and of my nature which was quiet and shy...not likely to speak out along with the fact that I was in a place where I knew almost no one, certainly not on a personal level...even more reason that I wouldn't talk.

I am simply a person who was abused a number of years ago, got to the place where I had to talk about it to someone so got in touch with a counselor through another abuse survivor.

Then some months later I finally got in touch with Lyle Schober by email telling him of the rape. He then got in touch with Ray Hoffman & Barry Barkley with my permission. I also sent them a statement of the details at that time. Ray Hoffman had a mtg with Leslie White and Sam McCracken. Then a mtg was set up with myself 3 other ladies (2 sister workers and 1 friend) Ray Hoffman and Lyle Schober. At this mtg I was encouraged to go to the authorities but it was left up to me to decide if I wanted to do that & if I could handle that. I decided 4 days later to go report. Part of the reason for reporting this rape to the authorities is to help Leslie White face up to what he has done, hopefully he will decide to be accountable for his crime. Hopefully Leslie White will come to the place of repentance before God and be able to finish right.

My reasons for keeping silent so long are these:

  1. I was told by Leslie White at the time that I should not tell, no one would believe me, it would be his word against mine, I would be put out of the work and out of meetings. Those words alone were enough to keep me silent but there were also more reasons.
  2. I blamed myself for what happened because I froze up and couldn't defend myself.
  3. So much time has passed I didn't figure anyone would believe me now.
  4. I felt so much shame.
  5. I had never verbalized what happened to me...I had to write it to my counselor & I knew if I reported it to the brothers or the law then I would end up repeating the words over and over. This to me meant having to relive every detail over & over.
  6. Since so much time has passed there is very little evidence remaining, though what remains is substantial.
  7. I saw LW as recently as last fall at a convention and once again he asked me if I was still keeping silent...fear was kept alive.

Those are just a few reasons...there are many more.

How I have been affected: Since this incident I have developed, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) depression, anxiety, and several other medical problems common to victims of sexual abuse. For years I managed to sufficiently block out what happened. A few years ago I started having visual, auditory flashbacks, triggers and nightmares. This year things got so bad that I became suicidal, in the manner that I didn't want to take my own life but I wanted to die, not have to face this & have it all over with.

I realize you all can & will pick this apart and put it back together 100 different ways & you are all entitled to your opinion of whether or not I'm lying or not & whether or not Leslie White is guilty. Go ahead if it makes you feel better, it doesn't change the facts and it does not change what happened. Feel free to pm me with any questions.

Mango Chango (aka) SW


Some people don't understand the dumbing down that the 2x2 gospel message brings to followers. They don't understand the impaired mind and the irrationality of the 2x2 preaching. They don't understand how it debilitates them and takes away their emotional strength. I hope that this incident will bring to light the wickedness of the 2x2 system that was set up by the womanizing William Irvine at the turn of the century.


  • What rules do overseers impose on workers that encourage situations where an overseer can take advantage of or rape a sister worker?
  • Is this sister worker married?
  • What rules are in place that cause Leslie White not to marry?
  • What teachings do "sister workers" follow regarding marriage?
  • Who has given out these teachings and commandments?
  • What was her previous relationship with Leslie White?
  • What religion is she affiliated with?
  • Where has she been before? Has she been in Colorado? When?
  • What are her beliefs that would put her in a position that she could be raped (alone with a man that has potential for rape)?
  • What position does she have in the workers' religion?
  • What beliefs do people in this position have that would cause them to fear a "brother worker"?
  • If it was this difficult for a woman preacher to come out and say she was raped, how difficult would it be for a child who has been sexually abused by an overseer or worker when their own parents refuse to believe them?
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