Leslie White, former 2x2 Overseer Accused of Rape

The worker Leslie White sent out an email after he was accused of raping a sister worker. It follows below.

From: Leslie White
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012
Subject: accusation

My dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

I have very much valued the good days of fellowship with you in Christ and have valued my place in this great ministry as I have moved amongst you sharing the Gospel Message as well as sharing your love and your trust.

There has been a very serious and grievous false accusation made against me and because of the seriousness of this accusation and because of the place of trust and responsibility that I have in this family of God the older brothers have requested as of 23 May 2012 that I remove myself from the ministry while this matter is being resolved. This I willingly do for the sake of the Christ and for the sake of His Children and for the sake of any outside of our fellowship who may hear of this accusation.

Please bear with us while we are in this process of trying to determine the justice of the accusation and to free the guiltless. I am very sorry for the pain this is going to cause all of you.

Your friend and brother, Leslie

Investigator in Colorado

Joel Heap
Elbert County Sheriff�s Office
751 Ute Ave.
Kiowa, CO 80117
303-805-6109 (Direct Line)

Myself commenting now. You may be asking yourself, "Wow, this sounds like such a Godly man. How could he have raped someone? He writes so well and is so sweet and kind about it. He handles it so graciously." Well, I say to you, welcome to cultism 101 or (202 or 303 for that matter). You cannot determine guilt or innocence by the things appear to be. Appearances can be very deceiving. I will give you some questions to point out some "interesting" things about Leslie's email.


  • Who exactly is Leslie White?
  • What religious organization is he affiliated with?
  • How old is he?
  • Is Leslie White clergy or a minister?
  • Why is Leslie White no longer an overseer?
  • Where was Leslie White an overseer?
  • What state is the investigator in?
  • What was the accusation made against Leslie?
  • Why do you think that he doesn't state the accusation in his email?
  • Is he married? If not, why not?
  • Who does he address the email to?
  • Who are the "dear Friends"?
  • Why is "Friends" capitalized?
  • Who are his "Fellow Workers"?
  • Why is "Fellow Workers" capitalized?
  • Why aren't the "Overseers" written to here?
  • What "place" did he have in "this great ministry"?
  • Who does the "great ministry" encompass?
  • What "Christ" is he writing about? Is it the "Christ" that according to the 2x2 overseers instituted meetings in the home?
  • What fellowship is he writing about? (Since 2x2s don't fellowship with other denominations)
  • How did Leslie White move amongst the people?
  • What is Leslie White's previous reputation with woman home alone?
  • What was asked of Leslie White by "older brothers" before regarding women home alone?
  • What was Leslie White's "Gospel Message" and why do you think he capitalizes it?
  • What did people love and trust about Leslie White?
  • Who is the family of God that he writes about?
  • Does it include Baptists, Pentecostals and Lutherans?
  • Who are these "the older brothers"?
  • What place do the "older brothers" have to be able to ask him to step down?
  • What religious affiliations do these "older brothers" have?
  • Why do you think that Leslie does not name these "older brothers" but gives a general title to them but does not capitalize it like he did "Fellow Workers"?
  • Why was Leslie asked to remove himself and why didn't the "older brothers" just remove him like they do young workers?
  • Who are the "His Children" that he writes about? Why is it capitalized?
  • What rules about the 2x2 organization would allow and maybe encourage an overseer to be in a position where he (overseers are always men) could rape a woman and believe he could get away with it?
  • Where is the email or letter from the "older brothers" asking him to remove himself from the ministry?
  • Do you think that by not having an email or letter from the "older brothers" it allows them to remain anonymous?
  • Is there a list somewhere that gives the names of "older brothers" in the workers' way?
  • Leslie White writes about trying to "free the guiltless". Why do you think he doesn't write about convicting the guilty?
  • Who do you think are "any outside of our fellowship"?

Webpage comments

I was raped by someone that was held and still held in high regard from this religion. It ruined my marriage life and I have wanted this religion my whole life. I have had trouble belonging. Mr White if you go into these homes with young girls you need to let them know what has happened. I do know that you are on the prowl looking for open homes. If I find out you have assaulted a young girl in any of their homes I have no problem getting the D.A involved. For your information in January I sent a pervert like you to jail for 112 years which is to good for the likes of you. Please people do not give any more money to support the predator.
Leslie White - Home

Sister Worker 2012-06-06

Sister Worker 2012-06-10

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Leslies email

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