Leslie White - Rape Charges

Leslie White, a false prophet and former 2x2 overseer of Colorado is under investigation by the Colorado Sheriff Department for the alleged rape of a respected sister worker. He is also accused of threatening her to remain silent. The investigation is ongoing.

Leslie White is also accused of threatening the sister worker to remain silent. According to the sister worker:

"I was told by Leslie White at the time that I should not tell, no one would believe me, it would be his word against mine, I would be put out of the work and out of meetings."

Leslie White is Refusing to Cooperate with Authorities

Detective Joel Heap who was assigned this case, told me during a phone call that Leslie White is refusing to cooperate with authorities. Leslie White will not speak with them or even do an interview.

In his email, Leslie White wrote:

Please bear with us while we are in this process of trying to determine the justice of the accusation and to free the guiltless.
but I don't see his actions lining up with his words.

Leslie White 2x2 Worker about 1978

If you have every wondered if workers refuse to marry so they can remain workers, but still have sexual intercourse with each other, this should help answer that question.

Sister Worker has Openly Shared on Message Boards

Leslie White has been accused of raping a sister worker. This sister worker spoke with other overseers and has made public posts on message boards about what Leslie White has allegedly said to her. The insightful allegations outline the perceived and exercised power overseers have over other workers and their friends. It shows how crimes can be quickly covered up and witnesses silenced.

The sister worker found the alleged threats credible and real. Her job as a worker was threatened. She was silenced for quite some time until her health could not longer sustain, and she had to speak out. Sounds to me like sexual abuse in the work place.

This female preacher (sister worker) has suffered numerous health problems from the alleged rape and threats. You should read all her emails.
Sister Worker email 2012-06-06
Sister Worker email 2012-06-10
Sister Worker email 2012-06-11

Could You Do This as Overseer?

Take your image of an overseer. Now, can YOU imagine yourself raping someone, threatening them and preaching at gospel meetings for years on end knowing what you had done? What type of heart and mind would this take? Leslie White was an overseer. Could you do these things and then stand up in meetings and preach to other people with a smile on your face? What is your image of an overseer?

Leslie White, Worker

Prior to the allegation of rape, from other accusations, Leslie White was demoted from the position of overseer to being a worker.

Last I heard, Leslie is still listed as a worker on the workers lists. Some say that he is no longer a worker. What I do know for sure ( and have heard from people in direct contact with him) is this: Leslie White still takes part in meetings (fellowships) with other 2x2s. Yes. Leslie White is still in their fellowship despite all this.

In fact, I have been told by a woman close to Leslie that Leslie White is calling the sister worker "mental". Is that the love of the 2x2 religion?

Some people divorce and remarry in the 2x2 religion and are not allowed to take part in meetings. Yet Leslie White is free to participate in the meetings, including the emblems. Do you think it's right for people to divorce, remarry and not take part in meetings, but OK for Leslie White after being accused of rape and still not reconciling?

Leslie White Still Doing Bible Studies

I have been told by a woman that Leslie White is doing Bible studies with women.

Do you see how a person that has been an overseer is considered "untouchable"? Why do you think this is? Do you think possibly that older brothers don't want to remove him from fellowship because of the things he knows about the organization and could talk about?

Taking Away Hope

What would you think if you were a sister worker in this circumstance? Would you see justice being done and God's mind being sought on the matter?

Scripture Ignored

As usual, the older brothers are not following scripture at all. The workers and friends continue to fellowship with a man that badmouths this sister worker, denies the charges, has (according to Sheriff's office investigator) refused to talk to the sheriff's office and still takes part in meetings, gives his testimony, partakes of the bread and fruit of the vine etc.

So there you have it: if you've been an overseer, you can do all this alleged wickedness and still take part in meetings and emblems. So do you really think the older brothers and the 2x2 religion are really Godly? Can ongoing matters like this, remain uncorrected and the Bible completely ignored and you think this is of God?

Leslie White as 2x2 Overseer

Someone wrote me that "I believe that Leslie White was the Minnesota overseer from approximately 2003 until 2009 or 2010, when I believe he went to Colorado."

Leslie White Accused of Multiple Affairs with Women

Several think Leslie White had affairs with other sister workers. Some have mentioned complaints by other sister workers about him. The worker who has accused him of raping her has used the pen-name of Mango Chango. She has posted some of her story on a public message board. You can read them here - Sister Worker 2012-06-06, Sister Worker 2012-06-10 and Sister Worker 2012-06-11

Leslie White in Oregon in 1989-1990

When I was in the 2x2 religion as a preacher in 1989/1990 with Randy Russel, the worker Leslie White was at Jay & Karen Nelson's house with us in Corvalis, OR or Albany, OR . I think Jay and Karen Nelson might be related to Leslie. At the time when I was a worker and believed in the 2x2 lies also, I thought Leslie was a very godly man. I think that I met him again in 1990/1991 when I was with Craig Jacobsen in the Oregon City/Aurora Oregon field in 1990. Craig Jacobsen shied away from him and didn't seem to like Leslie White. This makes me wonder if Craig knew something about Leslie at the time but didn't tell me. Do you think that some workers know what is going on but keep silence and let sin continue its work?

Somebody has mentioned that Leslie White is in Virginia. I don't know where that fits in.

Leslie White claims he was falsely accused. See Leslies email

Colorado Investigation into Leslie White in

Since a rape charge has been filed against Leslie White, the Sheriff Department is investigating him. I called the investigator because rumors claimed that the case had been closed. Those rumors are not true. The case is opened and has never been closed. The investigator assigned this rape case is:

Joel Heap
Elbert County Sheriff's Office
751 Ute Ave.
Kiowa, CO 80117
303-805-6109 (Direct Line)

Where is the Worker Leslie White?

I received the following quote from this website by someone leaving their contact info, so I believe the following is probably accurate about Leslie White's whereabouts.

According to my database of worker lists, Leslie White was listed in New York/New England from 1962-67, in Ohio as overseer from 1976-1980, in Iowa as overseer from 1981-1989, in Colorado as overseer from 1990-2007. I believe he was sent to Indiana/Illinois not as overseer in 2008 or 09 (listed there in 2010), and then moved to Virginia/Maryland I believe in January 2011, where he was for a short time. The 2012 VA list includes LW at the bottom of the list (usually for inactive workers) with a Maine address.

I will say, that if Leslie White is on a workers list, then he is still a worker. I guess that's pretty obvious, but sometimes it helps to say the obvious. I think the reason why it's worth writing is because some people are saying that he is no longer in the work. But if a 2x2 says that, then they are contradicting the older brothers and overseers who have him on the workers list and have control over who is on the list.

Proverbs 21:15  It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Questions to Think About

  • Why would the older brothers ask Leslie White to step down if they didn't think he had raped the sister worker?
  • Why would Leslie White still be in fellowship with 2x2s if it was true that he raped a sister worker and threatened her?
  • Is it not OK to rape a sister worker and be an overseer, but OK for one of the friends to rape a sister worker?
  • Why would a woman who says she was raped and threatened by a person remain in fellowship with the 2x2s when this is how they deal with such serious issues?
  • Was asking Leslie White to leave a way of minimizing the publicity that the 2x2s received? He's still taking part in meetings isn't he?
  • Why didn't the other overseers investigate themselves to see if it was true as Jesus Christ taught in Matthew 18?
  • Is this the first time this has happened or the first time someone has come forward?
  • Would you want to be in a Sunday morning meeting fellowshipping with an unrepentant rapist?
  • If not, what have you suggested the overseers do about it?
  • Does this remind you of the worker asked to leave the work because if immorality, but the exworker went to convention and molested children and the workers never warned people? see Bob Williston - Convention

Website Comment I Received Regarding Leslie White

Judas' treachery could not define the ministry of Jesus Christ 2016 years ago and Leslie White's treachery 2000 and odd years later cannot define the ministry of Jesus Christ. The failure of Judas Iscariot represented the failure of a minister and not the ministry and Leslie White's failure is the failure of a minister and not the failure of the ministry. As cruel and difficult as that poor sister experience is, may Almighty God heal her and may she remember that human failures in the time of Jesus Christ did not render the way he established as wrong and the failures of today within the way cannot make the it wrong. The way is perfect but man is imperfect.

I will have to say that I agree with this man in what he wrote, but not in what he insinuated using Biblical words in a 2x2 manner.

Truly, what anyone does cannot take away from what Jesus Christ (who himself is the Way), the son of God, has done. Because Jesus Christ is the Way.

I would like to point out that Judas was an apostle of Jesus Christ, not a member of a cult. Judas was a traitor, and died out of fellowship with God.

And yet Leslie White, was a leader in a cult/ group who denies Jesus Christ as God! So Leslie White cannot be compared to Judas even!

Leslie White for all he is accused, has not reconciled with the sister worker who the overseers approve of and yet is still in fellowship with the 2x2s. Leslie White is approved of by the overseers and workers to take part in meetings and do Bible studies like workers do with women alone.

Furthermore, Judas committed suicide/

However Leslie White continues taking part in meetings, participating in bread and wine in the cult meetings.

So, while Judas committed suicide and realized his sin, this 2x2 Leslie White has refused to reconcile with the sister worker and yet is still accepted in fellowship with the 2x2s.

You see this is nothing even like Judas Iscarriot. This is all quite a contradiction to the workers claiming to "follow the Bible", given that even some young men and women who married "outsiders" (not raped them) are rejected from taking part in meetings. So you could say that Leslie White is not defining the workers, but the workers themselves by their own approval of Leslie White are defining what they believe by approving of Leslie White to fellowship with them in meetings.

What is also interesting, is that while Leslie White is reportedly slandering this sister worker, claiming he was falsely accused and that she is "mental". No surprise here, this is the common tradecraft of workers. Here you have a former overseer continuing on in evil behavior, bad-mouthing a current worker and the overseers approve of it. Again, this is nothing like you read of in the Bible.

And I would like to add, that no 2x2 worker can define the ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is who He is despite the lies of the workers and despite their approval of workers who rape, sexually abuse children and lie to young kids about who God is. 2x2s don't even believe in the New Testament of Jesus Christ, do not believe in the law of God, don't keep the ten commandments and believe Jesus Christ is a liar for claiming to be God. The 2x2s have no semblance to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Leslie White - Home

Sister Worker 2012-06-06

Sister Worker 2012-06-10

Sister Worker 2012-06-11

Leslies email

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