Illegal Activities of Cult

There are many illegal activities that I believe the 2x2 cult participates in, most notably the overseers of the 2x2 religion and I will describe what I believe are illegal activities. The 2x2 WORK is an environment conducive to sin and illegal activity because of it's poor management, lack of respect for the law, threatenings, ignorance and dumbing-down of their followers, their selfishness, secretiveness, politics, bad history, accepted ways and cover up using God's name for their business.

Child Sexual Abuse

The former OVERSEER and WORKER Ira Hobbs molested at least one young girl. So far, the OVERSEERS have had the laws of 7 years and then immunity from child sexual abuse on their side. With word getting out about overseers and their workers sexually molesting children, they are more likely to get caught.

One of my own relatives was sexually abused by a PROFESSING man. A BROTHER WORKER tried to get into a bathroom with a young cousin of mine. If you were raised "PROFESSING", and have PROFESSING family, you could probably find 1 out of 4 people that have had problems with WORKERS. In the FIELD I grew up in, there was a man who sexually molested his daughter. And a PROFESSING man who got his babysitter pregnant. When I went into the WORK, I heard stories of WORKERS with children doing horrible things. My companion in my first year got involved with a married woman. I have heard of WORKERS in 3rd world countries who have forced their way on children and threatened them to hell if they ever told. The stories go on and on.

Failure to Report Child Sexual Abuse

In several states of the US, workers have committed child sexual abuse and the OVERSEERS have not reported this to the authorities but have rather hid this from followers in whose homes these child-abusers have lived. This is not an oversight but shows tremendous willful damage on the part of the 2x2 overseers. I believe that the overseers will one day be sued for civil damages by a 2x2 follower at some point. So far, only two workers that I know of have been caught and convicted of child sexual abuse, William or Bill Denk and Jerome Frandle.


After reading the emails of "Mango Chango", it's apparent to me that threatening of the SISTER WORKERS by BROTHER WORKERS has been done before. I think you really should read her emails about Leslie White: Sister Worker 2012-06-06. When you tie this in with the sister WORKERS in Washington who threatened to leave the work because of Bob Ingram. And also the SISTER WORKERS who complained about Leslie White, I believe there is a pattern. I would not be surprised if brother workers have been raping sister workers for years and threatening them to cover it up.

Organized Crime

I believe the 2x2 cult is guilty of RICO Acts for moving known child molesters out of state to avoid prosecution. I know Jerome Frandle and/or the overseers in Michigan moved Jerome Frandle out of Michigan after he failed to report child sexual abuse. Also, Darrin Briggs was hauled out of state by Jerome Frandle and William Denk after Darrin Briggs committed his crime against a young child. While both were convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse, they were not prosecuted for organized crime in removing Darren Briggs from the state and also leaving the state. Interesting that all three: Darren Briggs, Jerome Frandle and William Denk left the state of Michigan. And the 2x2s know that the OVERSEERS are responsible for moving their staff of workers around. While the judge of Jerome Frandle stated that the Court didn't know if Jerome Frandle was responsible for planning of the move of Darren Briggs out of the state after the crime, I think that many 2x2s already know what's going on.

Income Tax Evasion

The 2x2 organization has incorporated itself several times. This model that of business that they describe reflects the true situation of the 2x2 cult leaders, like Harold Bennett (the 2x2 religion overseer in Oregon).

Conspiracy to Evade Income Tax

As a worker, I was told by my 2x2 companion Randy Russell to not file income taxes. I talked with Harold Bennett, the current 2x2 overseer, and he told me that he and his workers in Oregon do not pay income tax nor file income tax returns. I think that the workers must have an inside person in the IRS to be so blatant in their evasion of income taxes. They claim that their income are really "gifts" and so they don't need to pay taxes on these gifts. They have other people manage money for them and ask them for this money when they want it. Is this what America has come to? Cults can blatantly thumb their nose at the IRS? Where is the justice in this country? Why do I pay taxes and these cult leaders don't? I know it's not legal for me to do work for people and when they give me money I cannot claim it as a gift! Because the overseers tell their staff of workers to not pay income taxes (from what I've experienced), I believe this constitutes a conspiracy.

Money Laundering

I know that some workers take checks that people give them and ask other people to cash the checks for them. I think this is what is known as money-laundering: trying to hide the source of the money to hide evidence in case of suspected prosecution. I believe this could be considered a conspiracy to launder money also because this is a widespread pattern; one worker does one thing and the other workers just happen to be doing the same thing. This pattern of behavior to evade taxes and failing to reporting income to the IRS shows tradecraft. Money is moved through ELDERS to hide the source and then put into trust funds.

Church Money Pyramid

From what I understand of religious organizations treatment by the IRS, the religion organizations are not supposed to collect money in the name of a church and then use that money to make private individuals wealthy. But this is what I see the WORKERS, OVERSEERS and the OLDER BROTHERS doing. If money is collected for their "church", then why is it used to fix up private property and put into trust funds? Why aren't the OLDER BROTHERS prosecuted by the IRS for this?

No Business Licenses

The cult hides in anonymity, claiming not to have a name. But they do have names they call themselves everyday, "The Faith, The Way, The Truth" etc. Just because they have not registered their business name does not mean they don't have to obtain business license. I know that the 2x2 cult does not have business licenses in Gresham, OR and also Portland, OR. I don't know of any cities where the cult has registered its business name and obtained business licenses. WORKERS conduct business in all 50 states of the United States and take in money at their "GOSPEL MEETINGS". They also receive room, board, cars and other benefits from their work as a "minister". They use the title of "minister" when officiating at funerals and obtaining favored status where ministers are treated differently.

Failure to Pay Social Security Tax, Workman's Comp, FICA etc

The 2x2 cult overseers do not pay taxes to the Federal governement nor to the State government for their employees. I've looked over the independent contractors versus employee question and by everything I've seen, workers are the employees of the overseers. Why isn't Harold Bennett prosecuted for thumbing his nose at the Federal government, the IRS and the State of Oregon and not paying taxes on employees? Does he have an insider person that he is bribing? This is ridiculous!

If Harold Bennett claims that his staff of workers that he employs are actually independent contractors, then why is he saying they are not paying taxes? The IRS says that you have to pay self-employment taxes if your income exceeds $400. Here's my source Where is the justice in this country? I have reported this cult to the State of Oregon years ago and they still haven't been prosecuted.

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