Legal Versus Moral

There are many scams that are illegal. Most illegal scams are immoral. There are scams that are legal, but not moral. What is the difference between legal, illegal or immoral scams?

(I am not a lawyer and not offering legal advice, just giving you something to think about.)


If you leave your house and leave it unlocked. And you leave with a welcome mat on your front door..And someone walks by your house, sees the "welcome" mat and goes up to your door, reads the "welcome" and says "OK" and walks into your house through your unlocked door, then they are in. You may say "Wait!" That's not OK. But anyway, they walk into your house, take some of your earthly treasures and leave. What is that?

Is it trespassing? I don't think so. You welcomed them in. You left the door unlocked. Is it stealing? Well, what is stealing? Look up the legal definition of stealing in case you haven't thought about it or learned about it much:

Theft - Taking the personal property of another without his consent and knowledge; theft; larceny.

Did you consent to them taking it? Did they tell you they were taking it? etc

If you are one of those people who think people have good hearts and the world is just a happy place, have a welcome mat, and leave the door unlocked, well, I hope you think about this.


Stealing involves taking your stuff without your consent. We got that. Stealing involves taking things without your knowledge. We that. So....What if someone takes your stuff WITH YOUR CONSENT? What is someone takes your stuff AND TELLS YOU THAT THEY ARE TAKING IT. Sorry for the caps. I just had to make sure that got through because it is SOOOO important. So, is that stealing if they have your consent and tell you they are taking it? Nope. No legally according to many if not all laws of feds and states. (I am not a lawyer and not offering legal advice, just giving you something to think about.)

So if a person was evil, and wanted to take stuff from you and get away with it, they know that they need to get your consent to take it and they need to tell you they are taking it. Hmmm. Really? Yes, really. Am I serious? Yes, I am serious. Wake up.

So what would YOU do? Hmm, don't know yet. Ok, then how about this question: "What do people do who want to take things (ie money is easiest to spend) from other people without getting caught?" (cause they did it legally) and without going to jail (judges and juries cannot convict them). Well, they need your consent and need to tell you. Let me give you an example of a story that I was told was true.

So two guys are shopping and bump into a married couple who are well dressed. They strike up a conversation and find out that these two guys are brokers/ investors (whatever you want) and the married couple is getting low on funds and needs more money for retirement. So they set an appointment (married couple thinks they are nice/good guys) and they meet and talk about investing. The usual details are gone through...blah, blah...the couple informed they can lose money in investing blah, blah, blah and the married couple write a check for X dollars, sign the check (consent, rule #1, get consent) and hand them the check. They take the check (gee thanks folks) and tell them "Thanks, we'll take the money and put it to good use" (they are taking the money and telling the people they are taking it, rule #2). Weeks later the married couple are worried, and call the guys, but awww, too bad, so sad, the investment failed and they lost everything. And, by the way, could they borrow $100 because their car broke down?

Is this legal? Is it illegal? Well I was told that it was legal. #1 there was consent. #2 the married couple was told that they were taking it. Good luck convicting those two investors in court. It may be legal. Is it moral, is it immoral?

Some people who take money this way say~ "If they are this stupid then they don't deserve to have their money."


What is moral or immoral? I will make this quick. Some people believe in God. Some don't. Some people say they believe in God, but they don't. Some people believe anything. Perhaps I told you I was a servant of God and could prove it because I went out in pairs with other preachers and didn't have a home. Never mind the fact that the scripture NEVER says that being a homeless preachers is fool proof sign that you are of God. Never mind that (have you ever read the Bible to see if it says this?). But if this person/people earn your trust, walk over your welcome mat, molest your kids, commit adultery with your spouse, are you going to say "Well, huh, but they go out in pairs and are homeless." How many people have consented? and known what the workers are doing? How many people write checks and hand them over to people who just flat out lie to them?


Many things go on that are legal. Until people don't consent and until people quit telling them what they are taking, many things will continue. But when the consent ceases and things are taken without their knowledge, then it seems that the laws of the land have been broken.

Mar 3:27  No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. 

Does believing in lies bind people's minds and hearts and allow them to be robbed of relationships with God, good marriages, good families and love? Is this binding being done with consent, and are things being taken from you with your knowledge? Do you have a spiritual welcome mat out for evil people to enter your house?

I hope you have though over a bit more about beliefs that all people have a decent heart, that it's fine to leave out a welcome mat, unlocked door and trust people who look nice. Have a great day and God bless you all.

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