Hymn 3 - Tell Me Again

Hymn 3 of Hymns Old and New by RL Allan and Sons Publisher - Tell me Again

Hymn 3 of RL Allan & Son hymn book is titled "Tell Me Again". The first line starts "Tell me again of God's wonderful love: How Jesus left those fair mansions above, suffered and died for my sins on the tree; he made atonement for you and for me.

Workers Contradict Theology in Hymn #3 - Tell me Again

  • 2x2s believe Jesus Christ began existing only as a baby, but this song says that "Jesus Christ left those fair mansions above". How can 2x2 explain Jesus Christ being in mansions above if he didn'' exist then?
  • 2x2s believe you cannot know if you are saved, but this song says that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins on the tree
  • 2x2s believe you cannot know if you are saved, but this song says "he made atonement for you and for me"
  • 2x2s don't believe that love is keeping the ten commandments of God, but this song says "Love so abounding, O tell it to me". How can they deny God's love but want it told to them?
  • 2x2s don't believe you can know if you are saved, but this song says "opened life's gate that they all might come in". Are they admitting they have not entered life's gate?
  • 2x2s don't know if they are saved, yet this song says "Love's mighty work of redemption is done"

2x2s actually contradict the theology of this song too. How? How can the workers have a song that they contradict in their teachings? Simple. They are blind. On one hand they say that Jesus Christ was born of Mary and that's when he began life. But in this hymn it says "how he left those fair mansions above". How could the Jesus they talk about be in heaven before, if (as they say) he actually started life as a baby? You cannot have Jesus Christ in heaven before he was born if he was just a worker as they claim.

2x2s teach that Jesus was the first worker and that their group was started on the shores of Galilee. But the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain from the foundation of the world. And also John 1:1-3 tells us that Jesus Christ created the heaven and the earth and is God! So what about the church in the wilderness? Did they not have a Saviour? The problem with 2x2 workers is that they are ignorant of the Bible, yet they claim the Bible is an open book to them and despise people who don't "profess".

He Made Atonement

I am wondering tonight why 2x2s believe that when Jesus Christ made atonement for the sins of the world that this justifies them to be prejudice AGAINST Christians. Have you wondered this too? And it was Jesus Christ that atoned for our sins on the cross. The workers have sacrificed to a 2x2 god by their lifestyle and religious system and have never atoned for anyone's sins.

Have you wondered why workers are against so much, but don't want to hear about Jesus Christ? I suppose it is a way of avoiding what they actually believe.Have you wondered why when you try to share the good news of the kingdom of heaven with 2x2s that they don't want to talk about it? Have you wondered why 2x2s don't like to fellowship with Christians unless it's for appearance sake?

God's love is wonderful. It is nothing like the love of the workers, that's for sure. In fact, when I quit going to meetings and started reading the Bible for answers and thinking for myself, I realized that I didn't know God. Have you ever listened to someone who wasn't part of your "group" and found out that what they said made sense about things that you didn't understand before? I found out that the Bible and many Christians knew more about God than the self-proclaimed "anointed servants" aka the workers. In fact, I started listening to Christian radio. The folks on Christian radio that the workers were condemning to hell had more love in their heart for the sinner than the workers. There was simply just no comparison.

God's Love is Wonderful

I can say "Tell me again of God's wonderful love." I don't get tired of it. It's refreshing. And while I talk to 2x2s who don't want to hear about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven, I've repented of my sins now and can tolerate the true gospel. This is the work of God. This is the result of having faith in God. Now, through faith in God, I can truly say from my heart, "Tell me again of God's wonderful love." And I'll gladly share God's love to the world. God loves everyone so much that he gave his only begotten son to atone for our sins. Sin is when we disobey God, not when we break WORKERS' rules they teach to control people. We all will answer to God in the end.

But They Despised Him and Hardened their Heart

Line 2 says "...but they despised him and hardened their heart...." It's odd that 2x2s should be singing this line about themselves. Don't they realize that they have despised the word of God in favor of the workers' contradictory rules? Don't they realize they have hardened their heart to turn away from the gospel of Jesus Christ and turned to another gospel that is about the workers beliefs and not about the God of the Bible, the living God? Christians are despised by workers because they sometimes meet in church buildings, yet the workers own convention grounds used only once a year.

Workers despise Christians who listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that the 2x2s who sing hymn 3 in their hymn book come to understand that they are singing about themselves as they are prejudice against Christians and have hardened their heart to God who is explained so clearly in the Bible

What about the poor children of professing parents who have told their dad and mom about workers sexually abusing them and the parents have covered it up? Is this not hardening their heart? What about professing wives who have divorced their husbands for not going to meetings but have become Christians instead? Who is it that has really despised Jesus Christ in favor of lies? Who is it really that has hardened their heart?

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