Suicide and Depression Among WORKERS

There are many reasons for depression and suicide among WORKERS of the 2x2 religion. Here are a few of them.

Worker Depression and Suicide

There are many things that I believe could lead to depression and suicide in workers:

  • Fear of displeasing OVERSEER and get kicked out of THE WORK
  • Fear of displeasing companion and companion ratting on them to OVERSEER
  • Fear of not being popular with the FRIENDS in the FIELD and the FRIENDS reporting problems in the field to the OVERSEER
  • Trying to remember which of the FRIENDS believes what and what not to say in MEETINGS lest they offend someone in that FIELD
  • Illegal activities for WORKERS failing to report their income to IRS, covering up child sexual abuse, covering up adulteries of WORKERS and affairs in the FIELD. Either theirs or other WORKERS
  • Hypocrisy of teaching one thing and doing another
  • Stress from trying to deal with "problem people" who ask questions and aren't "fitting in"
  • Unable to even do the very things that they preach
  • Pressure of speaking in MEETINGS about things they don't understand
  • Trying to maintain a front of being happy for all the FRIENDS
  • Living in a fishbowl where you know you are watched all the time and gossiped about
  • Living a weird and abnormal life while watching other people lead normal lives
  • Secrecy and trying to remember what isn't to be shared and what is
  • Lack of exercise (many WORKERS don't maintain their health)
  • Obesity (many WORKERS are obese and don't feel good about themselves). I think obesity is a reflection of their inward feelings
  • Poor nutrition because of eating lots of junk or because they cannot control what food is served them
  • Doubts that they have to shut out of their mind
  • Living with all the bad memories of people they have put down, lied to and deceived
  • Secrets of horrible things that they know other WORKERS have done
  • Older companions scheduling with the FRIENDS where to sleep each night and with whom they will try to eat meals
  • Having no resources: having sold everything, no car of their own, no house, no bed of their own, no spouse with which to talk
  • Not having anyone that they can trust to talk with, knowing that many don't even trust them.
  • Feeling God is dead and having no satisfaction in their religion because they worship and idolize the OVERSEERS instead of loving God.
  • Stress and bodily energy depletion being moved nearly every year as they move from FIELD to FIELD and COMPANION to COMPANION with many changes in people and rarely anyone to confide in

    Of course Percy Watkins is probably the most well-known WORKER suicide in the 2x2 cult.

    I believe that the depression and horrible feelings that WORKERS have comes out in their preaching in how they despise other people and put them down. They don't offer hope of salvation through faith in God.

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