TMJ, Tooth Grinding When Exiting Cult

Teeth grinding or tooth grinding or TMJ is a common problem of people in the 2x2 cult especially when they are asking questions and feeling stress from friends and family.


While the stress of leaving the cult takes a toll on people, it doesn't happen without physical side effects. One of the side effects of cult involvement when leaving the 2x2 religion is grinding your teeth. It happens because as people think about all the things they've been told by workers, The FRIENDS and their PROFESSING family and compare that with the Bible and Christians, it creates stress trying to make sense of it all. For some reason people clench their teeth at night when stressed. And then for some reason, they grind their teeth on each other while their mouth is clenched. If they are married, it can even wake up their spouse it is so loud and strong.


I'm not a doctor and don't pretend to be one. So use this information with your own discretion. But I highly recommend that if you are leaving the cult that you put your faith in God. God is a loving father and knows everyone's needs. And you can cast your care on Him, knowing that He will take care of you and help you through it. Some people massage their cheek muscles and other peopel avoid THE FRIENDS so get around their condemnation for associating with Christians and using scripture to defend their soul.

When I was leaving the cult (took me 1/5 yrs apx), I quit going to the GOSPEL MEETINGS. I was so sickened (almost physically) to listening to those hypocrites preach about how they were THE WAY and at the same time after meeting were condemning me for reading my Bible and praying with a friend. Gospel meetings were the first cult function I quit attending. I switched to a different SUNDAY MORNING MEETING, but the cult and it's spirit is pretty much the same in all meetings. So then I quit going to SUNDAY MORNING MEETINGS. That's when I noticed enormous relief. I didn't realize what a burden I had been carrying. Ignoring the 2x2 WORKERS and their PREACHING and hypocrisy was a huge step of faith for me.

While getting out of the cult may help your stress level and your dental expenses, only becoming a Christian through faith in God/Jesus Christ will save your soul.

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