Simeon Sarmiento

Here are emailed notes about the death of Simeon Sarmiento who was a worker on the staff of John Mastin for the 2x2 cult in Philippines.

Account of the last days of our dear departed and faithful servant of God - Simeon Sarmiento
Born: 10/28/1931 – Died: 10/20/2017.

18 October 2017

Just now things are in progress for having Simeon brought 'home' to his nephew, Rene and wife Marlene's home right next door here to the bach. There really is nothing more that they can do for him at the hospital. All 'aids' were removed on Monday...with the exception of I.V. and oxygen. On Monday we thought a couple of times we were watching him breathe his last. But he has rallied just enough to respond slightly and at unexpected times. Just opening of his eyes...movement of his hands...rarely a word or two...not always understandable. At least, here at home it is so much easier to stand by him and watch over him. Also easier for friends to visit him. On Monday it was hard for me, personally, to watch him struggle for every breath. Things are a bit more stable now. Of course kidneys are shutting down...toxins building up in his blood...bacterial infection...not eating or drinking. Not easy to get across to some of the doctors that he wants to just go and we want to let him go as easily as possible.

Excerpt from John’s e-mail, October 19, 2017.
“And now just my additional input on Manong Simeon. Things can change by the hour, but as of 19 October at 10:00 a.m. he is resting/sleeping at Rene and Marlene’s, having been discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. It was decided that he can be cared for at home, just as well as in the hospital. A day before he was discharged, all ‘extras’ were ceased/removed. Only oxygen when needed and I.V. to keep him hydrated….and a minimum of pain control…which so far is sufficient. This is the fourth day he has not eaten nor had liquid intake by mouth. He sleeps most of the time now and is only responsive at unexpected times. However, last night right after he was settled in at Reniedo’s, some of the friends arrived to visit him. We were having supper at the time. To everyone’s surprise, while we were later singing some of his favorite hymns, he stirred…awakened, and was conscious of his visitors. He even spoke a few words and was obviously pleased to see the little children who had come with their folks. Edong was his watcher last night and said he had a seemingly peaceful night. He has the use of a hospital bed that the Aragones family used for Ben in his last months. Now…let me finish this and get it sent….reminding you that things can change suddenly with Manong Simeon.”

20 October 2017
Just about an hour ago word came from next door that Simeon drew his last breath at 8:45 and his heart stopped at 8:55. So...after an abbreviated final struggle with the cancer, his body shut down and he was released from the final ties to this world. This is hardest for the family....and yet we all are glad that his wish to just go home was granted. He was somewhat restless last evening before we left...but had settled into quiet sleep. Those who were him (Mac, Reggie and Erwin of our brothers...and Ruby who had just arrived....and his nephew, Rene) witnessed his final breaths. He quietly slipped away. The quiet was 'amplified' by the fact there was a short power outage right then so the whole area was quiet.

Today plans will need to be made for the venue for the funeral and the timing. All the staff will come together for that and it will take just a few days for the ones from the south to book passage on the ship and come up. We expect a large number of friends and others for the service. Last week at the hospital questions were asked by others as to who was being visited...there was such a steady flow of those coming and going. It would be impossible for them to grasp that this was a simple lowly homeless preacher from an almost unknown group who gave his life sharing the gospel with others. Not once pushing for or glorying in numbers...but rather rejoicing over doors and hearts opened by the Spirit...and lives transformed by the only ONE who can give eternal life.

Please feel free to share with anyone who would like to know. The way "His" are feeling this all around the world touches us deeply.

As I write the staff from the south is getting ready for the ship to dock so they can disembark. They will be taken by the funeral home and then come out here to the Cavite grounds. Simeon's service will be tomorrow (26th) at noon. Wonderful that all the staff can be here to share in that. The order of the service will be:
*Five of the brothers sing "The Truth of God so Precious" (Simeon's favorite hymn)
*Erwin will pray
*Mac, Renante and Bill will speak
*All the workers will sing "There is No Gain"
*Rogelio, John and Jim speak
*congregation will sing "I've a Friend"
*Florencio will pray
From: John Mastin current 2x2 overseer in the Philippine Islands

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