Funeral of Stanley Morrison

2x2 worker Raymond Stanley Morrison passed away.He was a preacher of the 2x2 religion, working in Kansas and Nebraska. Stanley Morrison was born December 6th, 1937 and died about 80 years old.

Stanley was born to Hubert and Stella (Peterson) Morrison by Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Stanley was the oldest of 9 siblings and made his choice to joing the 2x2 religion at age 16. He became a homeless 2x2 worker on May 11, 1957.

Services were held June 2, 2018 at 2:00 PM at at the Duane Grotz Farm, 1018 Road L, York, NE.

Service for Raymond Stanley Morrison

The friends sang #8

Martin Wilson prayed

Warren Taylor

Stanley was recently asked, “Why is it people love you? Stanley responded, “I believe it is the work of God in our lives that make people love us.

Like a lot of you here, my first experience with Stanley is when I was a little boy when he came to our house in Oklahoma. I Thessalonians 2:19-20 It is safe to say all of you here felt love from Stan.

I realize I can’t say thank you to Stanley anymore, but I can still thank God.

I was thinking of the great number of years of wisdom and experience we have lost from our midst. This morning was Stanley March’s funeral after 76 years in this work and now Stanley Morrison’s 61 years. It is the work of God in a life that makes our life meaningful.

There is a Spanish hymn I was thinking of this morning. I won’t sing it for you, but I’ll try to share a thought from it. We are prone to natural thoughts. We feel a natural separation keenly. The hymn encourages us to think about the spiritual side.

John 11 has been our Bible Study. Jesus loved Lazarus. Mary and Martha understood, Jesus loves us. :34-36 I have shed tears these past days. That is very unusual for me, but it is right, because we loved our brother.

A couple weeks ago those at our gospel meeting heard these verses John 11:25-26. We must believe that life only comes through Jesus. We do not know when our last day will be. We certainly didn’t expect Stanley’s day would be this quickly.

Martin Wilson

I never got to be a coworker with Uncle Stan, but he was my uncle. One thing I remember from when I was growing up was he loved to give haircuts. We didn’t like getting them so we’d make sure we had already had one before we saw him.

I started in this work in 1990. At that time Uncle Stanley was going from Oklahoma to Kansas. My first day in this ministry, I got to ride with him to Denver.

One thing we remember Stanley mentioning at many funerals was about the man who had holes cut into his casket with both hands sticking out so everyone could see he was taking nothing with him.

Like I said, I was never Uncle Stanley’s coworker, but my coworker this year had been. I asked him if there was a verse he thought of when thinking of Stanley. He started to quote from Joshua 1. I said, hey, that’s my verse!

Joshua 1:1-2 Then throughout the chapter it repeats the message to be strong and of good courage. Joshua was likely thinking, what will I do without Moses?!? Who will council me? Who will pray for me? Uncle Stanley prayed for a lot of people.

Joshua could remember the time when Moses had told him, you fight and I will pray. Others helped Moses hold up his hands. Joshua was aware, there are 3 older men praying for me. Now Moses was receiving the message, be strong and of good courage, I will be with you. Joshua wasn’t given the task to find someone to rise up and be a pillar. He was told, you stand up and be strong.

Uncle Stan got all of the letter writing genes in our family. He was a faithful correspondent. I tried to answer him after receiving 6 or 8 letters. He would write about the meeting they were having and people they were visiting. Then he would add a personal note.

Paul wrote to Timothy. I Timothy 6:11-12 We heard from this morning. II Timothy 4:5-8

We sometimes read verses without thinking about them. Fought the good fight. He wasn’t out fighting a physical fight. It was in his mind.

Uncle Stanley was offered a scholarship to be a civil engineer, but he left to go in the ministry 61 years ago. Like others of us, he didn’t feel very good at it, but he was called by God and he wanted peace.

It was day after day of saying, no, to the flesh, world, and devil. Stan finished because he kept true day after day. He lost a few scrimmages along the way, but he won the war.

Hymn 404 tells us of some benefits to yielding our life. I remember Uncle Stanley saying there is no place like the high country of Colorado. I don’t think he left home having any idea how many privileges he’d have or people he’d have and people he’d love.

Verse 3
wherever you ripe fields behold
Waving to God their sheaves of gold.
Be sure some corn of wheat has died
Some faithful life been crucified.
Someone has suffered wept and prayed
And fought hells legions undismayed.
He was continually faithful every day and it turned into lots of years.

Acts 20:24-25 Stan could enter into Paul’s thoughts. We shall see his face no more.
I Timothy 1:12 Faithful to that day after day. Acts 20:36-38

In Luke 4:18 Jesus quoted Isaiah 61. Uncle Stan loves to reach out to those many found hard to love. He preached to the poor and captives. He wanted them to hear the message that there is a savior who pleading for us and is reaching out to us. He has power to free the captives.

We read the verse, Moses my servant is dead. Uncle Stan knew how to lay down his life as a servant. Today still brings blessings.

Ron Thomke

I just have to say I can’t make this seem real. I feel I’ll wake up and it was a dream. Those in Kansas and Nebraska know Stanley and I had a good working relationship. When the two states combined, I felt overwhelmed. I soon found out Stanley was a good source of help. He had strengths and knowledge that I didn’t. He was an aid in the transition. He never showed any disloyalty.

Philippians 4:3 True yokefellow. We were making plans for you. Stan and I didn’t always agree, but we could work it out without any contention. We were never coworkers. I can’t even think of a gospel meeting we had together. When two are yoked together, they can do more than the sum of their parts separately.

My experience with Stan gave me a greater understanding of the verses at the end of Matthew 11. Have you ever tried to explain being yoked with Christ to someone who doesn’t understand? Jesus isn’t here. He doesn’t have a cellphone. He doesn’t text.

Talking about working with Stan makes it tangible. I think the only people who really understand are those who are yoked with Jesus. There is nothing about leading. We are following Jesus. There is nothing about taking control. Those knowledgeable about the Bible can speak about these verses and then proceed as usual trying to drag Jesus along. It is about surrender. They don’t like to hear about surrendering, some of us don’t even like to hear about it too much. Drop our thoughts. Give up our own ambitions. This tangible experience with Stan helps us to understand the lofty thoughts about being in the yoke with Jesus. Coworkers, spouses and people who farm together work better together when each is yoked with Jesus. It helps with all social interactions.

Matthew 9:36-38 What a day! Two have been removed from us. We are so few anyway. You watched us come in with the casket and file in row after row. You might think we are doing quite well. Remember those here represent a lot of area.

Jesus didn’t say we should go out recruiting workers. He said to pray. He said this while there were 12 ready to go. Matthew 10 begins with sending out the 12. Pray for more. 12 aren’t enough for it to continue. He said it at a time when people fainted as sheep without a shepherd. This implies that without the ministry, the people will faint and scatter. A religious man came to Eagle Bend convention. He said, “I feel I’m in a huge crowd with everyone with one mind.” It isn’t because we follow the workers, but we follow Jesus together.

Workers sang Hymn 405

At the Cemetery

Council Cemetery west of York

Hymn 352

Leslie Pountney

I am very thankful to be here. Like Ron, it feels unreal. I never thought I’d have a part in Stanley’s funeral. I thought he’d have a part in mine. I am glad I talked to him in the phone when he was at the hospital in Cheyenne.

I tried to think of a verse when I thought of Stanley passing. I couldn’t think of one but I did think of Hymn 8 that we sang at the funeral. When I was with him he asked the children every meeting, “Who did Jesus die for?” I told him I was glad he did that. I couldn’t, but I’m glad he did.

I asked the man of the home where we were staying if he could think of a verse when thinking of Stanley. He could. He told me Ecclesiastes 7:1. This is a good verse. I spoke on this verse at my oldest sister’s youngest son’s memorial service. I mentioned it is very costly to have a good name. The more valuable, the higher the cost. You can’t tell a lie, cheat, or steal. Later my brother in law was glad to hear his daughter talking to her boyfriend about this. It pleases him to hear them.

I am thankful to be standing by this open grave. Mainly because of who is in it. I have many memories of Stanley speaking at funerals. He enjoyed speaking at funerals and sharing the gospel. He would often ask me, “Was that too strong?” It was reality.

There is no other place I’d rather be, except where Stanley is now. Fought a good fight.

Two months ago, Stanley didn’t realize how soon he’d be gone. Even in the hospital we didn’t realize he was so close.

Today should be a day of rejoicing more than the day of one’s birth. We do mourn because a natural loss. When we are more spiritual we can rejoice.

Hymn says Help me to walk aright, Proverbs 22:1, 4, Proverbs 3:13, Proverbs 2 helps us understand the parable of the sower and the seed. Understand the fear of the Lord and knowledge of God. Proverbs 16:24 All the treasure of wisdom and knowledge is in Jesus. Proverbs 3:18, 14 Ephesians 5:1 Our purpose and response will be perfect in love.

That is why Stanley loved the gospel. What it had done in his own life.

Since returning from Africa, I was with Stanley 3 times. 2004 was the first time. I never was in so many funerals as my years with Stanley. At almost every funeral he would mention, One day he’ll come forth again. He’d read John 5:25-29

Death is the end of the natural side of life. Don’t set our heart on riches.

Proverbs is like the parables of the Old Testament. We heard from Joshua 1. Moses my servant is dead.the God who gave life is not dead. As a result of today, I want to be more alive to God.


I am thankful for what we experience today. I want to retain.

We heard about being yoked together. I appreciated Stanley’s cooperation. When we are first yoked together with Christ, then divine love makes us work together.

Recently I had 3 weeks with Stanley. He said if he had followed through with the scholarship Martin mentioned earlier in the service, they would have forced me to retire a long time ago. 6 days ago Stanley was in Sunday morning meeting, still laboring on.

LeRoy closed in prayer.

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