Peter Doecke

Peter Doecke

Notes About Peter Doecke by Serina in South Africa

....Peter Doecke, the overseer until now, could only manage a few mtgs and his condition deteriorated alarmingly during Sunday night – so much so that he was taken to a hospital in Perth yesterday after breakfast. He was made comfortable in the back of a vehicle, with oxygen mask over his face. I was helping out in the laundry when we were all called to go and say goodbye. It was incredibly sad and solemn as the workers climbed into the back of this vehicle to speak to him one by one, and also a few of the friends. Two of the workers told me he wanted to say “thank you” to me (don’t know why). Anyway, I just hung back, as I felt I didn’t really know him, hardly spoke to him, and wanted the local workers to talk to him for oulaas (Old times sake). Anyway, lo and behold, he asked to see me – can you imagine how I felt when I climbed in and bent over him –his deathly pale face and oxygen mask and clear blue eyes... Oh dear not for this tjankbalie (Cry Baby) --- can you believe he thanked me for coming, I mean a little worm like me. It was an unbelievably sad picture as the doors closed (his sister Lois travelled with him), and the car slowly drove off and everybody stood silently, waving.... knowing it is the last time. We heard last evening at supper that tests revealed that he has only days to live....

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