Funeral of John T Carroll

Funeral of John T Carroll / Jack Carroll in Oakland California on March 28th, 1957. Jack Carroll was a false prophet in the 2x2 religion.

Obituary of the False Prophet John Carroll / Jack Carroll

Our beloved brother and fellowservant, John T. Carroll, lovingly known to thousands as 'Uncle Jack', was born in County Meath, Ireland, seventy-nine years ago, and passed away March 26, 1957, in Long Beach, California, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brodine.

After leaving school, he went to work in his uncle's business in County Tipperary, and during this time, he heard the Gospel which won his heart to Christ. From that day he had a great longing to tell others of what he had found. After six years, the way opened to spend his life in the Ministry, and with others preached first in-his-native Ireland; in 1904 , he came to America, preaching in the New England states and Michigan, and later on the Pacific Coast, obeying the command of Jesus, 'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.' To the end of life, he gave himself unsparingly, proving that 'for me to live is Christ', and now we are assured, 'to die is gain'

He is survived by three sisters, May Carroll, Frances Carroll, and Mrs. Richard Perrott, besides several nieces and nephews. Burial will be at Milltown, Washington on Saturday, March 30, 1957.

Tharold Sylvester

Psalm 126:6, 'He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.'

I feel desperately inadequate to oven express a little in this service, but I believe that I can understand a little better the message that God gave to Joshua long ago when He said, 'Moses my servant is dead'. That was an obituary of only five words, but to my mind the thing that was so outstanding is the fact that God called Moses His servant. This is a wonderful tribute. Paul the apostle, in writing, often expressed himself as the servant of Christ, and we know that was true.

To those in this audience who may not have known our brother, we can say that he was a servant of Christ. A true servant always does the will of another, and we are glad to tell you this after noon that because of the Gospel, something happened in the life of our brother that enabled him to do the will of God. I am sure most of you here will have no difficulty in remembering his own words of the first days, how as he listened to the Gospel, it won his heart, it moved him to give himself gladly and willingly unto the Lord. When he did that, he said, 'It is Christ for me forever'. I believe that he saw that to believe in Christ is to receive Christ; to receive Christ is to live Christ; to live Christ is to follow Christ.

We are very grateful today that he had the vision of Eternal possibilities, the courage to step out on his own convictions, carrying the Gospel unto others because of what he had proved for himself. The world oftentimes stumbles over changing Christ--that's why we have all the confusion in the world today. I believe our brother saw from the beginning that God wants to change lives. Do you have any difficulty in believing that the love of God will always change the lives of men and women? Do you have any difficulty in believing that the power of God will always change lives? Do you have any difficulty in believing that regeneration, the new birth, will always change lives?

As a result of the Gospel coming to him, our brother's life was changed. Perhaps I could just put it the other way: What hope would we have today if , instead, he had chosen to live selfishly? Look at how he himself would have been robbed, how countless thousands of others would have been robbed of a living faith and Eternal Life.

What hope would we have if he had chosen just to live in pleasure? The pleasure would be past now. Long ago, the servant of God faithfully said that there are pleasures at God's right hand forevermore, and I honestly believe today that our brother has entered into that, and if he could stand here and speak to us, he would encourage us even a thousandfold more than he ever did before that we should never lose sight of what God can do for us.

Love always changes things, but love always serves. That is why this afternoon you have gathered here as a tribute to this one whose service was first of all to the One that had captured his heart's affections and had first place in his life, and who rendered a service unto others even as he did unto Christ. His was a love that served. That brings us to another step in his life: When he began to lift up his eyes to the fields white unto harvest--that requires service. Wheat isn't sown without labor; a harvest is not gathered without labor. Do we have to remind you this afternoon of the countless days in which he sowed the precious seed of the Gospel? I believe everyone that knew him best will have things that he has planted by his own hand and by his own voice in their hearts forever. That is why as he began to think of spending his life laboring in the Lord's harvest field, he said like Isaiah said, 'Behold, here am I; send me'.

How did he go? That brings us back to the mark of a servant again. A servant always accepts the master's terms. You arc familiar with the fact that Jesus asked those first twelve apostles to become homeless and poor, scattering their earthly possessions, going out to tell the Gospel story, proving their love to dying men and women. He did that. The world doesn't understand that; they say it won't work. We are here today because the promises of God have never failed. They are true. We are grateful today for the fact that his courage enabled him to step out on those promises. As a result of that, God gave him a message; it was not a set of rules, or just doctrine. That message is a message of Life. We have no difficulty in looking back over the past to realize this: that when he heard and obeyed that message, Life came to him. That's why I feel deeply grateful for his counsel through the years. I feel deeply grateful for his fellowship. I feel deeply grateful for all that he has done. He has helped to set my feet upon a foundation that is solid and sure and eternal.

God not only gives His servants a message, but also the method of sowing the Seed. You are familiar with that. Ho has told us over and over and over again that there can be no true New Testament Christianity without a true New Testament ministry. Th e thing that makes that so outstanding is the fact that he himself took those steps that proved that he was sent by God. He started poor, continued poor, and now he has finished poor. He is being buried in another man's grave; he was poor as his Master. We value his beginning, continuing, finishing, that way, and he has left us a wonderful example.

Do I have to remind you, then, that God's methods do not fail? They are best, the most effective, most powerful--His method reaches down to redeem sin-cursed men and women, lifts them, gives them a living hope--that is why we have a glorious message to give men and women today that even conquers death.

There are five points in this Gospel: (1) Christ lived for me. (2) Christ died for me. (3) Christ rose that He might live His life over again in me. (4) Christ intercedes at God's right hand for me. (5) One day He's coming back for me. This is the Gospel in five short sentences. Every one of you has heard that message over and over again, but I felt this afternoon that it wouldn't hurt just to remind you that that is the thing that makes all the difference between doctrine and formality, and what we have: a living, vital thing.

Howard Mooney

I Chron. 22:5; II Tim. 2:1-5. There is a close connection between these two portions of Scripture which we have just read; they are the last words of two very faithful servants of God who lived in days gone by. The charge that each of them left has a very close connection with our experience today. We read of two things that David mentioned he was leaving as a heritage for his son: a wonderful peace as the result of his warfare, and a wonderful future as the result of his provision. David is known in the Bible as a man of war, valiant in battle. He fought the enemy, and left a victorious peace for the generation following. While he was doing that, he was also making preparation for the future. He knew his son and others following him were young and tender, and he put his best into the preparation so that they would be able to carry on the work after he was gone.

Our hearts have been bowed in sadness at the thought of our brother depart­ ing from us, yet we rejoice because he has left such a rich heritage for us. Dose who have known him the best have known him to be a man of war; Truth has always been first in his life. I have been impressed as I have seen him dealing with friend or foe; he always fought for Truth. As the Lord's people, we are enjoying a wonderful era of peace as a result of his faithful warfare, and the warfare of our other older brethren in the Work. We can also rejoice in the fact that he found tine to prepare for the future.

My earliest recollection of Uncle Jack is when he was in our home. He and his companion were among the first who brought the Truth to us. I cannot think of a single visit he made but what the purpose of his coming was to give us a little more with which to prepare for the future. He never left any doubt but that the purpose for which he cane was to give us something to help prepare for Eternity. I have appreciated the provision he has also made for me in the Work. His attitude toward me was as David's toward his son: he knew his son was young and tender, and the work was great, and he did all he could to supply him with what he would be needing to carry on that work. I appreciate the fatherly, tender interest that Jack took in me, and in others of my younger fellowservants. So many times he went out of his way to counsel me, take me aside to correct or instruct me. In so many instances, he went beyond the call of duty to help me in this great work, and to fit me for the future. Like David, he prepared abundantly before his death.

I felt that if our brother could rise up and speak to us who follow in the Work, it would he the same message which Paul spoke to Timothy, 'Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.' The greatest responsibility of any soldier is to guard that which is committed to his trust. I pray for myself and for my fellowlaborers, that we will be good soldiers of Jesus Christ, carefully guarding and reverencing these things entrusted to us, that we will be able to hand them down unblemished to the generation following.

Willie Jamieson

II Cor. 4:15-18; 5:1-10. This service this afternoon brings me both sadness and gladness. It brings sadness because of having lost perhaps the very best friend I have ever had in life, one that all the fifty years that I have known him had one purpose and desire toward this life of mine, and that is that he might impart to me something that would enable me in the hands of God to be a greater blessing to my fellowmen everywhere I went. To lose such a friend is losing almost everything that a man could desire in life. While we use the word 'lose', there seems to be a feeling coming into my soul today that Jack is closer to me than over he has been before. As long as I have the privilege of living this life of mine in this world, that presence of his will be by my side. The other feeling is that of extreme gladness as I think of what Jack has gone on to enjoy. I don't think it would be necessary for me to say any more about what he stood for and what he delighted in in life, and what he died for. Everyone of us who knew Jack knows that what my two brothers have said of him is absolutely true, from the first day we knew him until the other day when he said goodbye to us, and we to him.

I can't help this afternoon but look back to that Gospel call that we heard read about in his obituary, that took place in the year 1897. Jack was a very young man and like every other young man had prospects in his life and ambitions he wanted to fulfill. That call came from God Himself.

I don't know whether or not it might be good to refresh cur minds to this Eternal truth that God has planned for every man and woman that ever did live. The only reason that God created this universe is because He had this Eternal plan for every man and woman. What is that plan? I would like to take your thoughts back into Eternity before the world was created by God, and enable you by the help of the Spirit of God to picture God the Father and Christ the Son in Heaven, having fellowship with one another, and that fellowship with the Father was so wonderful and so sweet and so genuine, and His relationship with the Son brought Him so much joy and gladness, that He desired to have a great, big Family just like the One who was bringing Him so much joy. That is the reason that God created this universe. Out of the masses of humanity, God is looking for a few people that would allow Him to conform them to the image of Jesus, His only begotten and well beloved Son.

That is the reason that sixty years ago, this call came to our brother Jack as a young man. God saw in that heart the qualities that would enable Him to start making him like His only begotten Son. He sent His servants to preach this everlasting Gospel to Jack and to his fellows in that little community. It is a wonderful thing that that young man was willing to respond to that call. He heard the voice of God unfolding to him that great, Eternal plan and purpose of God. His response to that call was, 'Whatever it means or costs, I mean to follow in the footsteps of this Son of God' . Six years later, the call came to labor in the harvest field, [Editor's Note: 1903-04] is and the wonderful privilege was afforded him of spreading this eternal Gospel to other men and women. He spent his life seeking to give the same example that Jesus gave--proving to men and women everywhere he went that when the power of Christ comes into a life, it breaks the power of the world, its wealth and pleasure.

The first association I had personally with our brother Jack was in San Luis Obispo fifty years ago. I remember things he said in that very first meeting which I shall never forget. Perhaps outwardly this afternoon I am what I am largely because of having heard that message fifty years ago from Jack's lips. That's one reason I can say that this is a service which brings me great gladness of soul--to look back over fifty years of having fellowship with a man like that, laboring by his side, suffering with him, praying with him, and sometimes having to weep with him. For the past ten days, I have been by his bedside, and watched that life steal from his body. I saw great physical suffering, but I knew perhaps as no other man that the physical suffering Jack was enduring was nothing compared to that I have seen him suffer in the dark hours of the night, thinking about souls that he loved who were not true as he wanted them to be true. If I wanted anything above anything else to prove that this was of God, one thing that convinces me of that fact is to go back to those hours of agony that he endured, and remember that something that lifted him above all of it. He could rise to have a message of hope and salvation to whomever he came into contact. I would feel that I have missed most everything that life offers to me had I missed the association which I am talking about -- men like our brother Jack, laboring by his side.

In these verses which I have read, there are mentioned three eternal things: (1) Unseen things which are eternal. (2) Eternal weight of glory. (3) Eternal house. I just wondered if we could picture our brother Jack as he has entered into these things which he will be enjoying forever. We heard a little while ago that when a man who is living for Christ dies, he is going home. I never saw a man afraid to go home or that didn't anticipate going home, or whose home going was not a wonderful event in his life.

There were sixteen fellowlaborers standing by that night, and we saw that face racked with pain and agony and distress. When the spark of life left that body, there seemed to steal over that countenance an expression of peace and joy and rest; the agony and suffering and pain was gone, and he was entering into a new life and experience. That is one reason that this service brings me a great gladness today. We don't know when we will be called to take that same step. When the Gospel call comes to you and me, it brings us into association with things that will never die.

I have often said that a million years from now you and I will be enjoying these eternal things in a fuller measure than we are today. I can't comprehend fully what is meant by 'eternal weight of glory'. I can understand in a little measure what Jack is enjoying, not because of any great thing he ever did, but because he accepted what God offered him and gave him freely and gladly in the life and death of His only begotten and well beloved Son. If you were to ask me if I am thankful and glad because these things were ever made a little bit real to me, I believe I could say that if I had a hundred lives to live, I would want every one of them to be lived for these eternal things. I would want to be true and faithful in living for them so that in the end that eternal weight of glory would be nine, and I would dwell in that eternal house not made with hands, built by God Himself, which is eternal in the heavens.

In a few minutes, each of us will be going out to our regular routine of life. I would like to take from this service something that will help me in the days that lie ahead not to be ashamed of the things I have been talking about this afternoon. A door has opened for our brother Jack that never opened before; it has opened into a fullness of life that he never knew before. There is no come back, no release, from that enjoyment. There is opened to you and me a door of opportunity and service which we have never entered before. It is our privilege and duty to stand for the things that Christ taught us through Jack and through others also, and to be true the one to the other. The last night that Jesus lived upon this earth, He told His disciples, ‘This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.’ Has this service put more of that love in you and me? If so, then we will be more able than ever before to follow that eternal plan which Christ came into this world to reveal to the hearts of men.

Let us ask ourselves a personal question: 'Is it worth my while any longer to live for those things which are fading and perishing and passing away, when I can be living for eternal things and earning for myself the right to that eternal weight of glory and the privilege of living in that eternal house forever and forever?' I ask myself the question: 'Are you fulfilling that plan and purpose in your life, or are you only talking about it?' It is a good thing to remember that very soon everything about us is going to perish and pass away. I'll soon be gone, and I consider it a wonderful, wonderful privilege while I still live to re-echo what our brother Jack and other servants of God have so often told us: that the only thing worthwhile to live for is that which will endure through the long, long ages of Eternity. I wish I could write upon your mind and heart the wonderful possibility and privilege that God is laying before us all--things Jack lived for, died for, and is enjoying today.

Prayer: Percy Barelli

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