Friends of the Workers

There are at least four classes of people in the 2x2 religion: older brothers, overseers, workers, elders and the friends. This is about the friends of the 2x2 religion, friends of the 2x2 workers.

I used to be one of the friends in the 2x2 religion. By that I mean, I use to be friends with the workers. This means that I agreed with the overseers, workers and 2x2 religion beliefs. The term friends in the context of the friends and workers religion, means that you are a friend of the workers. You have to profess in a meeting held by workers in order to become accepted by them as one of the friends. For example, if you say you believe in Jesus Christ and come to meetings, they don't let you typically participate until you've formally professed. If you do participate, and they allow it (rare) then you must soon profess.

The friends are the general pool of people who have professed in a meeting. From this pool of followers, elders are chosen to lead the Sunday Morning Meetings and the Bible Studies.

Many people call the friends of the workers 2x2s. "2x2" is quick to type, short and specific to their religion. Workers believe that followers must go out in pairs like Jesus Christ sent the apostles to the Jews in Matthew 10. But no, in case you were wondering, the 2x2s don't believe that all of the instructions to the apostles should be followed when the overseers send out the workers each year.

Born and Raised as 2x2

I was born into a professing family. Or as some would say, I was B&R (born and raised) a 2x2. This means that my family professed their faith in the workers and their beliefs. My father no longer believes in the workers. He believes they are false preachers. My mother believes that the workers are the only true servants of God and all others are false preachers going to hell. This creates what the workers call a divided home. A divided home in the context of the friends and workers religion means that one of the spouses is a 2x2 or one of the friends.

I Became One of the Friends Out of Fear

When I was about 10, I felt the intense pressure to profess. I didn't want to believe that I was not "called by God". I talked with my mother who had Grace Ploegsma and Willa Dahlin test the meetings. I was too terrified to stand up while they sang the hymn when I was supposed to stand to show my allegiance to the meetings. But after Grace "tested" the meetings (gave anyone an opportunity to profess), then I stood up while the last few words of the hymn were sung. I cried on the way home from that meeting.

Brainwashed to Become a Worker

As one of the friends, I went to meetings for years. When I was 18, sitting under the teachings of Everett Swanson, I was indoctrinated heavily. My folks encouraged me to attend meetings and brought me since I was a child. When I was a child, they told me they were never going to quit going to meetings.

When I went to meetings in Gresham, OR and surrounding meetings, then I met many of the other friends of the workers. Some wonder how the friends can be so brainwashed and wonder who can they be in society. So as you read their names and where they work, hopefully those questions will be answered.

Eventually I "offered" for the work. I was told to sell everything, buy a suit (Everett went shopping with my mother and me), shirts, nice pants, nice shoes, ties, suitcase and a nice watch.

Friends of the Workers, Not Your Friend

An important distinction needs to be made. If you are one of the friends, please don't think that these friends are your friends. They are friends of the workers. The importance of this distinction becomes clear when a person leaves the 2x2 religion. They find that these people are no longer "their" friends, but many are their enemies. What happened? There was confusion. Just because they are friends of the workers and you were a friend of the workers does not make you friends in the normal sense. And so when you leave the 2x2 religion, they are no longer your friends (and never probably really were) because the workers are not friends with you if you don't attend meetings.

On the right are more pages that you can read to try to understand the mindset of the friends of the workers and why they behave like they do.

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