Relationship of The Friends to The Workers

Here is some information about the relationship of the friends to the workers. The friends are afraid of the workers and do things out of fear. So when the workers are around, they act differently.

Temporary Problem

Since the workers travel around a lot, they typically stay in the homes of the friends for about 1-3 days. This is just a temporary inconvenience for professing people who have a place for the workers to stay.

During this time, the behavior of the mother and father change. The expectations of the workers are laid on the kids as the parents want to please the workers.


Gossip is a problem in the 2x2 religion. The mothers know of the gossip problems. Some mothers and fathers are involved. Workers travel from house to house. What the workers seen in a home gets talked about with others. While workers are in a home, there should be no expectation of privacy. Professing people know this intuitively. So the husband and wife will themselves to be on their "best behavior" (worker-pleasing behavior). And the kids who aren't as aware of this are controlled more strongly through frowns, scowls, spankings, whippings or whatever else the parent thinks is necessary to convey the urgency of changed behavior while the workers are present. Needless to say, the kids catch on that the parents have two sets of behaviors: one when workers are around and another when workers aren't there.

Pleasing Workers

Since the workers tout how much they've sacrificed and all that they are to be idolized for their great "sacrifice" (by their own definition). And since the mother and father have chosen "second-best" (to get married), they give place and reverence to the workers.

Friends View of Workers Authority

The friends of the workers idolize the workers. Idolatry is not the same as love. It's more an outward appearance, a show. When I was a worker, I knew that the friends at times "put up with us" until we moved on out. A few of them actually told us our faults in sincerity. That didn't set well with my older companion, especially since the wife of the home was correct.

But usually the workers are viewed as the last word on doctrine. A few will try to reason with workers, but it's very rare. Most have learned better about the workers' pride. And usually it is former workers that would try to reason, because they know that the workers are human.

But to parents, especially who don't know the Bible (few do and fewer less understand much), they revere the workers and think workers are correct in almost all Bible knowledge. If it's about marriage and divorce, they may argue, or move to another state where they can take part in meetings.

Friends Complaining About Workers

The friends don't have too much problem complaining about workers with people they know won't tell on them. This shows they don't respect the workers, but play the part of being "friends" for as long as the "workers" are in their homes. There is a bizarre "separate-life" type of behavior that they exhibit so as to function somewhat normally in everyday life, which the workers don't know much about.


Professing kids are typically excited about having the workers over. If the kids aren't professing, then it just means more pressure. For kids or teenagers above 12-14 years old, it just means more pressure to profess and inconvenience as the workers disrupt their lives.

Workers Behavior

The workers themselves change their behavior according to the family and try to endure and play the part of the non-hirelings and their claims be be good shepherds.


The workers know that their stay there is temporary. So they act how they will and know they won't be there long. Places that are not so nice, so rich, or lavish in the care heaped on them are visited less frequently and homes with people of like mind are visited more. Where there are nicer homes, more conveniences and better food, well they just naturally tend to visit more.

Workers Justification

The workers justify eating others food, sleeping in others beds, using their homes and cars, claiming they are homeless and poor for the "gospel sake". However there isn't a shred of evidence in the Bible to support their arrogant claims. But what does it matter to them and to their friends as long as they believe it?

Divided Homes

For women married to a professing husband or men married to a professing husband, the workers typically don't stay in the home unless the non-professing spouse approves. You can read more about divided homes.

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