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Many of the 2x2s believe that the workers are apostles, even though they don't follow the commandments or teachings of the apostles. Their writings are laced with setups for their beliefs, attracting the simplistic people who are ignorant as to the basic fundamental commandments of God.

For example, take the writings of rlh77. He has a blog at housechurchesandapostles.blogspot.com/

The title itself tells us his belief is in housechurches and apostles. From the blog name, I surmise that he believes he is an apostle of the 2x2s. House churches are a fundamental teaching of the 2x2s and separate them from others. Yet never will you read of Jesus instituting house churches. I have nothing against meeting in a house. In fact, I live in a house.

Now read another public writing of his:
The same example that the 12 apostles and other of the apostles followed in leaving all and going forth to preach the gospel. It has taken me to several states and foreign countries. We meet Sunday mornings in homes like the first century church with a..

These writings of his reflect the teaching of William Irvine, the founder of the 2x2 cult who supposedly received an "alpha revelation" that his workers were apostles. It also shows his ignorance. The apostles met in synagogues. They met in the temples. They met in roadways and talked. Reading through the Acts of the Apostles, you will find that there was no doctrine as to where they were to have fellowship. No restriction was made. But 2x2s firmly believe and preach "the meeting in the home" for 2x2 events. Except of course it is a convention or special meeting, on those occasions they say it is OK to rent a hall or build huge buildings for the events.

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