2x2 Elders

Elders of the 2x2 religion are appointed by the overseers and workers to control the Sunday morning and Wednesday Night Bible studymeetings. Elders are trained by workers on how to conduct the meetings. Elders enforce workers rules while workers are not present.

2x2 Elders enforce who is allowed to come to the meetings and who is allowed to participate in meetings. Elders are required to learn the rules of how to run meetings. These are things that I've learned as a worker and from attending meetings through almost all the 50 states of the USA.

Elders Believe - Workers are the Only True Servants of God

The primary belief of the 2x2 religion is that the workers are the only true and righteous servants of God because they are homeless and travel in pairs. They believe all other preachers or ministers are going to hell since they are not homeless. They believe all this despite there have been some married workers who they believe went to heaven. And also some workers had homes, but yet they believe they went to heaven. The 2x2 religion is full of man-made rules and traditions that contradict each other and make themselves hypocrites.

With this spiritual stronghold and faith in the workers, the workers hold the elders in the palm of their hand. Any disobedience of the elder to the workers instructions and will is then considered disobedience to God. Elders live under the threat of the meeting being removed from the home if they don't comply, and the resulting embarrassment in front of all the people in their area.

When they are not in fear, I believe 2x2 elders come to love their place of power and control in the religion. If an elder strongly supports the workers no matter what, then the workers will overlook many gross sins. I know of one elder who had a meeting in his home and was sexually abusing his daughter. They even kept the man an elder and left the meeting there even after they knew. See Debi Gordon

Reject Jesus Christ as God

2x2 elders also don't believe that Jesus Christ, the Saviour, is God. If an elder in the 2x2 religion tells a worker that he believes Jesus Christ is God, then they will have a "talk" with them to try to "correct" this doctrinal error. If they don't change, then they remove the meeting from their home.

The Bible tells us that this disbelief in Jesus Christ as God is the spirit of the antiChrist. Therefore, 2x2 elders by their own beliefs and the Bible they claim to believe have condemned themselves. According to their own beliefs, they do not follow God and are anti-Christ. see also in more detail Are 2x2s Christians?

Please read about an elder who came to believe in Jesus Christ and refused the workers in his home because they reject Jesus Christ as God. Letter by Earl George

Promoting and Defending Lies

God said to love others. If we lie, we hate. 2x2 elders lie about the cult beginnings. The 2x2 elders cannot keep the commandments of God. If they do, they would be kicked out of being an elder. No elders keep the ten commandments written on their heart according to the New Testament which was in the blood of Jesus Christ.

The 2x2 elders do not fellowship with Christians, because they believe Christians who don't follow their rules and don't come to meetings are going to hell. They are divided against people who have faith in Jesus Christ.

2x2 Elders Divide

Elders of the 2x2 religion believe the workers message that anyone who knows about the workers and doesn't come to meetings is going to hell. The 2x2 elders divide the church, getting people to profess in their meetings and expecting them to drop any relationships with Christians and come to meetings instead. The apostles taught that we should mark those which cause divisions.

Elder Material

If a man wants to become "elder material", when he (usually a married) man wants to move up in the cult, there are certain things he can do usually in this order:

  1. Talk to other of the "friends" and reinforce how great the gospel meetings are and idolize about the workers.
  2. Help pay for and prepare for gospel meetings: sweeping and setting up chairs.
  3. When there are problems, unwaveringly take the side of the workers
  4. Have a house suitable for Wed/Thu night Bible studies
  5. Be friendly enough with workers to be asked to be the "backup elder" in case the main elder is sick
  6. Preach to people in their "testimony" and use vague analogies to threaten into silence and submission the "friends" who get out of line or ask too many questions
  7. Wait for the previous elder to die
  8. After proving himself for Bible studies, after a few years may be asked to have a Sunday AM meeting in his home

Responsibilities of 2x2 Elders

  1. Elders must maintain the appearance of being in line with the workers at all times
  2. Report on the followers that meet in their home
    ...The workers just kept repeating, you know what you're doing XXXXX. We have reliable sources but can't tell you who they are....
  3. Elders must have an "open home" (where the workers can come and stay at almost any time)
  4. Elders must have a nicer home for the Sunday AM meetings. The elder must set up chairs, prepare bread and fruit drink and set up table (usually) in middle of room.
  5. Elders are in charge to lead Sunday morning meetings if a worker is not present. Workers usually call ahead to let elders know if they are going to be at a Sunday AM meeting. If a worker is present, the elder must relinquish the leading of the meeting to the worker.
  6. Some elders may greet everyone as they come in the door, but those are usually the elders that are looking for "place" and recognition with their fake smile and greeting.

Expectations of 2x2 Elder's wives

  1. Elders are required to keep the 2x2s in line and are responsible for confronting people who say things that are not allowed in the Sunday AM meeting.
  2. Keep the house clean for every Sunday
  3. Help set up chairs
  4. Get all the kids ready and keep them in line
  5. Be ready to invite people over for lunch after Sun AM meeting if special guests are present
  6. Appear to have a good marriage
  7. Cook and Feed the workers
  8. Wash the workers clothes
  9. Change and wash sheets for the workers

Requirements of 2x2 Eldership

  1. Agree with everything the overseers and workers in their field teach. Don't contradict them.
  2. Be easy to manipulate and devoted to the 2x2 way: simple minded, brutish
  3. Have enough free time to accommodate the workers needs
  4. Have enough spine to put people down who don't agree with workers
  5. Be generous in giving money. Usually pay for hall rent of at least the Sunday services
  6. Elders are usually required to be married or have been married and have had kids. However, many elders are divorced.
  7. Have a large enough room for meetings

2x2 Elders lead Sunday AM meetings. If a worker is present, they must relinquish all control to the worker. If the elder cannot be present, they may request the "backup elder" to lead the meeting.

The Last Word

2x2 elders almost always pray last and speak last so that they can inject any thoughts or criticisms they need into any prayer or "testimony" to "correct" any "errors".

Elders in the cult around Portland Oregon include : Jeff Uding, Milo Wicks, Jim McDonald, Jim Welsh and others.

Elders with Money

Wealthy elders may use their finances to hold and invest money for the overseer to keep the money out of the overseers name. Some elders may be expected to handle Wills left by the deceased. The person (while they were alive) may be asked to leave everything to the elder. The elder is "expected" to pay taxes on this money and then give the money to the "older brother worker" or overseer directly depending on how much money is involved.

Good Questions Elders Should Ask Themselves Before the Judgment Day

  1. Do you really think that the workers love you because you are godly, or because you have a nice home and money?
  2. Why do you think so many people complain about the workers spending the most time in the nicest homes? Do you think it is because they need the most help?
  3. Why do you think that the workers side with you more when you praise them more? Don't you think that you are buying respect from others by praising the workers?
  4. Do you really love the people that meet in your home? Does "meeting in a home" make you more righteous? If so, where does it say that in the Bible?
  5. Do you care for others? How would you prove it?
  6. Do you know what love is?
  7. Did you realize that elders are chosen by how devoted they are to the workers and how easy they are to manipulate and by their finances and popularity?
  8. Do you think that you are going to be rewarded by God for deceiving people and being used by the workers?
  9. Do you think that there is no cost from the power that you gain by tattling on people to the workers for not showing up?
  10. Do you think that you gain favor in God's eyes by despising the weak who ask for help and for gossiping about the divorces?
  11. Don't you believe that God wants people to help the weak and not despise them? How are nice thoughts going to save souls?
  12. Why are you afraid to talk about your beliefs on the Internet? Do you try to hide the fact that you are reading this website? If so, why?
  13. Do you even know what your beliefs are? Are you brave enough to write them down on a piece of paper and read them to yourself out loud?
  14. If you slander people who don't feel fed by the meetings, and they are being led by God, how do you think God will judge you?
  15. Do you think you are more responsible or less responsible than other followers for what you are doing?
  16. Are you too proud to admit your error? Or is pride more important to you than the true love of God?
  17. Do you repeat the lies of the workers to maintain your place? What do you think people really think about you inside? Do you think that is respect and what you want?
  18. Why do you think that overseers can say about pedophile overseers that they sought God's will for people? How do you justify that sick reasoning? read Ray Hoffmans letter about Ira Hobbs pedophile activity molesting a little girl and telling her that he was teaching her how to be a good wife
  19. What is your purpose in lying about how the cult got started? If you are not ashamed of it, then why hide it?
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