Jim McDonald and Mac's Radiator Shop

Jim McDonald was a 2x2 elder in Portland, OR. Jim McDonald is or was the owner of Mac's Radiator Shops in the Portland Oregon area and had a 2x2 Religion Bible Study in his home.

Inviting non2x2 to a 2x2 Meeting

When I was in the 2x2 cult, I invited a customer to a 2x2 Meeting. Jim McDonald was leading the meeting and told the woman after the meeting that they (the 2x2s) "imitated the New Testament Church". Jim's wording to this woman made me pause to think. The word "imitate" got my attention. After I left the cult, I realized what he said was partially true. The 2x2s try to imitate things about the New Testament church in order to seduce people into the cult, but they are not and never have been a continuance of the New Testament Church. They are simply an imitator, like a wolf in sheep's clothing or as a wolf trying to imitate a sheep to get into the herd of sheep to slaughter them.

Former Employee of Mac's Radiator Shop

I met a former employee of Mac's Radiator Shop. He told me that Jim was smart because he didn't watch TV. I don't think the man knew that it was against the religion of 2x2s to watch TV. At least it is when the WORKERS aren't around.

I was told by Vic Green (a 2x2 follower) that he was paid under the table by Mac's Radiator Shop to haul radiators and/or parts between Portland and Salem. I don't think that is something that anyone should brag about. Although the 2x2s claim to be the light of the world, their actions don't show that they are any different than other cults.

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