Doug Carlson, Builder and 2x2 Religion Leader in Round Rock Texas

Doug's Contact Information

I believe Doug Carlson's address is in Round Rock, TX. This is published in . So if you know a Doug Carlson that doesn't live at this address, this may not be him. I had trouble calling him at this phone number, so if you have trouble reaching him too, you may want to call his business phone number at Doug Carlson Builder LLC at (512) 784-3240. This is published on

Doug and Karen Carlson
2611 Creek Bend Cir
Round Rock, TX 78681

Doug Carlson (Facebook)seems to market an all-terrain wheelchair for Carlson Mobility (on Facebook). The website is

I believe that Doug Carlson and his wife Karen Carlson are involved with a cult group called the 2x2s. The group officially does not claim a name (currently) but some say they used to go by the name "Christian Conventions" even though they don't fellowship with Christian churches like Baptist, Lutheran etc. In fact, many 2x2s believe that Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians and such are going to hell and that groups who own buildings for worship service are of the devil. I personally believe that these beliefs which are founded by early worker's views like William Irvine (who started the cult) breed animosity and contempt for people we need to love.


I believe Doug Carlson is working with Brandon Miller to corrupt a Christian woman. Brandon Miller brings this woman to meetings and has lied and deceived her according to many. While many 2x2 elders believe they can get away with nearly anything because of their "in" with the workers, it will not be hid from God.

Satanic and Occult Practices of 2x2s

  1. Founded on Free Masonry by William Irvine (50 years in the Masons) who started the cult.
  2. Coverup, lies, deception about their founder William Irvine
  3. Secrecy surrounding their beliefs - refusal to document their tenets
  4. Lies, deceptions, guile when asked questions about their beliefs.
  5. Claim to higher revelation, enlightenment and special revelations that contradict Bible and history
  6. Willful ignorance of the scripture and sound doctrines of Jesus Christ
  7. Destruction of people's lives and tearing down of families.
  8. Exclusiveness and dis-fellowship of Christians; despising sound Christian teaching, music and practices
  9. Rejection of the authority of Jesus Christ

2x2 Sunday AM Meeting in his home

Doug Carlson holds meetings in his home setup by homeless men. This is kind of ironic, because from what I can tell, he owns a business that appears to build homes, called DOUG CARLSON BUILDER LLC

Evil influence like leaven in Bread

It's my opinion that the doctrine taught by the 2x2s eats like a cancer and destroys families. So I really encourage you to keep people away from people who teach evil doctrines and hide their beliefs. I personally will not support the efforts of the 2x2 cult and seek to warn people of the dangerousness of their insidious beliefs.

Do you know what happens in Sunday Morning Meetings?

Check out these You tube videos. Video 1, Video 2(These are ex2x2s or "cooneyites" who are mocking the 2x2 meetings) If you haven't been to a 2x2 meeting, you may not get the slight emphasis on their worship of workers, and the play on cute phrases like "little adjustments", the ticking clock, the nervous coughs, sing-song speaking, the goofy "spiritualized" allegories for testimonies (trying to talk about Jesus but never coming to understand the reality of changes in their life) and fake solemnity. Also, in much of America they don't kneel in front of their chairs as the custom is in some other countries. The singing is hilarious and this video makes me happy I got out of the cult! Please read in more detail about Sunday Morning Meetings

Do you know what a "2x2 testimony" is?

A 2x2 testimony is what 2x2s give at Sunday AM meetings. It mostly goes like this:
1) You stand up (clearing throat is optional)
2) Stare at floor and avoid eye contact 3) Read a verse like "In Matthew Jesus said "You are the light of the world"
4) Typically you berate yourself "I haven't been a good light this week. After seeing how much the workers do for me, I see I can do a lot more."
5) Give a sentence of intention (praising workers earns you brownie points with them), "I really appreciate what the workers have done for me and I want to be a better light."
6) Sit down and act somber. Like you just poured out your heart and you really mean it this time.

Sound silly? Yeah. Creepy? Yeah. For years I have repeated "testimonies" at Sunday morning meetings, talking about things that I didn't understand, not looking people in the eye and staring at the floor. Not any more. I can smile, look people in the eye and tell them clearly about Jesus Christ. No more cult meetings for me! :) Watch the videos above to see more of what meetings are like. Not everyone gets on their knees and faces their chair anymore. Not everyone stands up. But in Sunday morning meetings in 45 of the states I have been to in the US, they all have that creepy spirit, beliefs and give weird testimonies like this.

Please Pray for Doug and Karen's souls

I ask you to please pray for Doug Carlson and his wife Carol Carlson that they could take a step forward with Jesus instead and be born again. Please pray for Brandon Miller who attends these meetings also.

$100 Challenge to Doug and Karen Carlson

I believe the "older brothers", overseers, head workers etc have:

1) Come to the agreement amongst themselves, that if ANYONE (any 2x2) DARES to tell an overseer that they believe there are people saved that go to church AND don't go to meetings, that the overseer WILL JUST UP and KICK THEM OUT of the cult and tell them NOT TO TAKE PART IN MEETINGS. No "older brother", workers, or elders would dare put into writing that someone could be saved if they refuse to go to the 2x2 meetings.


2) No overseers or workers or elders would dare put in writing and sign their name to it that the cult believes in Jesus Christ being God, the Holy Ghost being God and the Father being God. (Trinity for some of you)

I will give $100 to Gary Simmons' Christian Charity (Sowers of the SEED - heartbook guy) if Doug or Karen Carlson will put this (the words in 1 and 2 below) in writing and mail it to me.

I don't think Doug or Karen Carlson would dare put such a thing in writing for fear of being kicked out of the 2x2 cult by Lyle Schober.

Just put it it writing, Carlsons:

1) There are people who are Christians who are saved that go to a "Christian Church", but don't go to meetings. They can be saved even if they know about the meetings and know about the workers but reject the workers and their meetings


2) Jesus Christ is God. The Holy Ghost is God and the Father is God.

And then sign your name to it and mail it to me:

Brad Lewis
1501 N Hayden IS DR #21B
Portland OR 97217

I will then send my $100 to SOWERS OF THE SEED and post the receipt on the web.

My point here is to show the true beliefs of the 2x2 organization. I have put my money where my mouth is. If I'm wrong, then Doug Carlson or Karen Carlson can take up my challenge.

Are 2x2s an exclusive cult or not?
Actions speak louder than words.


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