Bryon Potter, 2x2 Elder

Byron L Potter was a 2x2 elder when I lived in Dallas Texas. I went to his home for Sunday morning meetings in Midlothian, Texas. I was assigned by Kelvin Naef (the 2x2 worker in the field at the time) to go to Byron's Sunday Morning Meetings that the workers had set up in his home.

So you know which Byron Potter, this Byron Potter lives at:
1799 Indian Creek Dr
Midlothian, TX 76065-5935

Byron got upset at me one Sunday because I read some verses about adultery and remarrying while a spouse is alive. He talked with me after meeting and said that wasn't appropriate. Byron was upset because there were people who were divorced and remarried and were about to profess in the 2x2 way or had just professed the 2x2 way.

Because Byron was upset at me about reading the Bible and talking about it, I went to a different Sunday morning meetings after that so that I didn't have to worry about what Byron was wanting taught against the scripture. Kelvin Naef, the 2x2 worker that was in the Midlothian, TX field that year and said that I wasn't allowed to talk in his 2x2 meetings about divorce and remarriage because they had changed doctrines on that ten years ago. I asked Kelvin if he wanted to sit down and talk about it over the Bible. He told me they had changed doctrines ten years ago and weren't going back so it wouldn't do any good to read the Bible about it. That was the first time I had ever heard a worker admit that they didn't care what the Bible taught on the subject and that "the way" (the workers' way) had suddenly changed doctrines. This was about 1999 or 2000.

Byron's Influence on His Kids

Byron had several kids. I was sorry to hear that his daughter Rachel Potter joined the 2x2 preaching service and is now a 2x2 sister worker, and a false prophet. Rachel's brother, Scott Potter, is a 2x2 worker also from what I understand.

If I was Byron or Scott, I would be concerned about Rachel being raped. You may have heard about the sister worker "Mango Chango" who accused Leslie White of raping her. see Sister Worker 2010-06-11 and also Raped at Convention

I had thought about working for Byron driving a semitruck delivering lumber, but from what I remember, his drivers were not driving legally, exceeding their log book hours. I didn't want to get involved with a business if it was breaking the law, and because I thought his drivers were, I made the decision that I would not drive for him or his company.

Byron had meetings set up in his home by the 2x2 homelesss preachers of which Lyle Schober took over after the child-molesting Ira Hobbs (see child sexual abuse letter, Rays CSA Letter) had left Texas.

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