Edward Cooney, Cooneyites

Edward Cooney was an early follower of William Irvine. William Irvine convinced him to give him all his money and preach "on faith" -that is "faith that if they sold all and gave it to William Irvine that their god would provide them with enough money to live on". Not meaning faith in Yahweh. William Irvine used Matthew 10 to convince Edward Cooney and quite simply deceived him. Matthew 10 gives the account of Jesus calling the 12 Jewish disciples to go preach to the Jews for a short while. Later in Luke 22 Jesus told his 12 apostles to take purse, scrip and sword.

This shows how dangerous it is for a person to make big decisions on scriptures that a person doesn't understand. It also shows how dangerous some preachers can be and use God's name to take advantage of others' ignorance to fleece them of their money. People need to know and understand the scriptures and protect their kids from cult members who would take advantage of them under Godly pretenses.

Edward Cooney was a very popular preacher and early followers of the 2x2 movement were called Cooneyites.

Edward Cooney believed that preachers should be led by the Spirit of God and this put him at odds with the 2x2 overseers who wanted to dictate to workers exactly where they could and could not preach, with whom they would and would not preach, and with who they could and could not visit.

Edward Cooney disagreed with the concept of an overseer who demanded he obeyed that he should be obeyed regardless of whether his decision was right or wrong. There is no scripture showing any man to be obeyed above God. Jesus Christ himself was subject to God.

Edward Cooney later left William Irvine's religion. When Eward Cooney lefts the 2x2s, many people left with him and are called Cooneyites. Edward Cooney was popular in Australia and most of the Cooneyites live there now. Cooneyites don't have overseers like the 2x2 religion has overseers.

The 2x2 overseers hated Edward Cooney so much that they only use the initials EC next to hymns Edward Cooney wrote that are in the 2x2 hymn book.

There is a book written about Edward Cooney.

You can also view a publicly edited commentary on Edward Cooney

Edward Cooney died June 20th, 1960 in Australia.

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