The 2x2 Denomination

The 2x2 religion has many denominations that have changed through the years. Currently they are known as the 2x2s. I will go through some of the denominations and show you what the scripture teaches regarding these names that they take.

Denomination - Definition

Here are three definitions for the word "denomination":

  • a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church
  • the face value of a banknote, coin, or postage stamp
  • a name or designation, especially one serving to classify a set of things

Clearly, the purpose of a name is to be able to tell someone else a name so that other people can identify what you are talking about. Today, many people call the 2x2s, the "2x2s", because it identifies one of their unique and fundamental beliefs, that of going out in pairs, to the extreme that they believe all preachers not going out in pairs are of the devil.

The Testimony

One of the earlier names that 2x2s took for themselves is "the testimony". This phrase of "the testimony" is found several places in the King James Version of Bible.

However this name of the 2x2s has fallen into disuse. I would like to show to you how the 2x2s never were, are not, and never will be "the testimony" of Jesus Christ.

The Truth

Currently many 2x2s take the name of "The Truth" for their religion. Which is rather ironic considering all the lies that they have taught and still teach, especially regarding William Irvine, their founder and a false prophet who died in Jerusalem.

The Way

Many 2x2s still take the name of "The Way" for their religion. From this it is clear that they don't know God because Jesus Christ is the way to the Father. "No man cometh to the Father except by me," said Jesus Christ. So the 2x2s are simply deceivers, claiming to be the way instead of Jesus Christ. This is another example of their blasphemy against God.


The Testimony

The Truth

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