Questions to Ask

Here are some topics to consider and potential questions to ask when considering marriage.

Honesty, Religion, politics, the expectations placed on you, money-handling, appearance, beliefs, siblings, parents, holidays, problem-solving, communication skills, judgment, condemnation. There a just a host of topics to consider and the are all important. I'll have to put the individual topics on separate pages because there is so much to write about.


Honesty is very important in relationships. If someone knowingly lies to you, then it is painful. When someone lies to you it is a form of hatred. We tell the truth to people we love, even when it hurts, because we want them to know just as we know.


Since this topic is about dating 2x2s, I'll bring this up first. And honesty about religion is important. It is also a sensitive topic for 2x2s and you should expect a lot of lies and or guile and deceit. You probably wont' get a straight or truth-full answer. You will probably get a lot of side-stepping and diversion.

I encourage you to document (legally record, write down etc) their answers for later review so if they deny later that you can show them. And if they still deny, then you are left with the knowledge that they are not being honest with you. And do you want to be in a life-long relationship with someone who will lie to you about very important issues. And what else are they going to hide from you?

The topic of religion is so important because if indicates a persons moral values, and how they act and feel based on a set of principles. Religion affects lives in a profound way, taking them from who they are, how they are changed and who they will become.

What religion are you?

What denomination are you?

What church do you fellowship with?

What religious books do you use and trust?

What is the name of your preacher, minister or religious teacher?

What member of your fellowship do you particularly admire and why?

What commandments, rules and guidelines are the most prominent and defining of your religion?

What commandments, rules and guidelines distinguish your religion from other religions?

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