2x2s Dating Outsiders

As 2x2s seeks a someone to date they may go outside the 2x2 sect. If you are dating a 2x2 or considering dating a 2x2, here are some things to consider.

There are links to the right that are related to dating 2x2s. Please read all of them. One bit of information could save you from possibly years of misery.


Dating. What is dating? Dating is defined as "going out with someone", someone in whom one is sexually interested.

To be clear, both people must have sexual intentions. "Romantic" or sexual intentions involve either marriage, adultery or fornication.


Marriage is a union formed by God between a single man and a single woman that lasts until the death of either.

If your intentions or the intentions of a 2x2 are marriage, then it would be wise to consider who the 2x2 is before marrying them.

There is a song that goes like "wise men say, only fools rush in..."

On one extreme a 2x2 could ask a person out on a date. The person could say "yes". And then immediate propose to get married, announce to everyone you are getting married, move in with them and consummate the relationship. But we know that would be foolish.

A person needs to know who the other person is....that is... unless they don't really plan on staying in the marriage relationship... when they don't feel like it... or until they find someone they like better or until they get bored or until they are tired of using you....

Most people would agree that just because you find someone that looks attractive it doesn't mean you would want to live with them. Some people appear very attractive until they open their mouth and tell you you are going to hell unless you join their weird and dangerous religion.

If you believe that you should get to know a person to find out if you could live with the person for the rest of your life or their life then there are several important areas of their life that you should get to know. Since I don't know you, but I do know about the 2x2 sect, I can share with you many common 2x2 beliefs and situations that you would encounter.


Many 2x2s are involved in adulterous relationships. If your intention is to commit adultery with a 2x2 (who is married), or you are married, then I don't suppose you will be reading this to find out what 2x2s believe. There are a host of problems associated with adultery, which is a sin, that you can find anywhere. Not the least of which is the disfavor of God.

If you are married and found out that your spouse was not faithful to you, then it won't be hard for you to see the problems of you not being faithful to them or the 2x2 not being faithful to their spouse.


Of all the 2x2 dating, romantic or sexual relationships, fornication is the most probable relationship non-2x2s find themselves in. At least that's who I hear from often. People are dating someone and then find out some weird beliefs and start getting suspicious. Then they start looking on the internet to find out what secretive religion the other person is involved in, find this website and contact me.

Aside from problems of venereal diseases and the general bad feelings, I will go into some of the problems with fornication or "having an affair" etc. But please read the topics to research before considering marriage also as this will give you more knowledge and help you consider who you may be fornicating with.

Fornication often leads to a marriage in a bad way. Women may get pregnant or become trapped in the relationship through their emotions, control and deceit of the 2x2. Of course these things can go both ways. In which case if you want to hook them into a marriage then you may want to know why they might not be the "catch" you thought them to be.

If someone does become pregnant, then there are many issues that will require both people making decisions:

  • If the 2x2 is a female and pregnant, how would you feel if they went and killed the baby before it was born?
  • Where will the baby be born?
  • Who will pay the doctor bills?
  • Do you believe in infant baptism?
  • Who will raise the child?
  • How will the child feel knowing that they don't have a mom or dad?
  • How will the child react when called a bastard?
  • How will the child cope with feeling unwanted?

While fornication may on the surface appear fun, there are a host of ramifications that affect people the rest of their lives. It is wise to consider these things before starting or continuing to fornicate.

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