Holidays - Holy Days

Holidays or holy days are calendar days in which family, friends and associates meet together and celebrate in their particular way what the day means to them. It is a time when groups of people are close together and may spend the whole day together. This can be exciting or dreadful when you consider the 2x2 sect has a marked history of damming everyone to hell who won't become a member.


My grandma on my dad's side, Lois Lewis, was a 2x2. And her husband, Marion, was not a 2x2. My grandpa out of respect for my grandma, would take Lois to Sunday morning meeting every Sunday or she would drive herself or their sons.

I remember as a grandkid, when visiting grandpa and grandma that grandpa would drive us all on his truck to the gospel meeting and then wait outside. It was quite a while to wait. There was 15-20 minutes of driving, then 10 minutes when everyone sits inside obediently quiet until the meeting begins, the one hour long meeting, 10 minutes of talk and shaking hands afterwards and then finally the 15-20 minutes drive back home. I wonder now if grandpa resented this each Sunday or what he felt. Being a 2x2 at the time, I never thought to ask him. I just thought of him as an unfaithful man who rejected God's only way to heaven (our 2x2 religion).

2x2s attend Sunday morning meetings every er. well...Sunday. That's one meeting every week. And then they also attend Sunday evening "gospel meetings" for many months of the year. And then mid-week Bible studies or "gospel meetings".

So if you don't attend, and I recommend you don't, then this is 3+ hours each week in which this person's religion is going to take away from your relationship. And it's not only going to be time taken away, it will be time in which their religious teacher will be expounding how "worldly people" (you) are going to hell and time in which other members of their sect will likely be frowning on them and you for interrupting their lives and confusing their kids with your bad behavior and life choices.

How much this will be outwardly visible is speculative, but nonetheless there will be thoughts and feelings and emotions of guilt and sadness that will have to be dealt with if the 2x2 is going to continue their relationships AND still be a 2x2. And even after they have left, many 2x2s will continue to struggle with guilt if they don't find out the gospel of Jesus Christ after having been lied to by the 2x2 sect.

Each week, there will be interruptions in the relationship on some level as these three weekly meetings are attended and the same thoughts are brought up over and over again.

Sunday Morning Meetings

Sunday morning meetings are considered the most close and intimate times of fellowship for 2x2s. And if you are not a 2x2, then you will not really be welcome. They may act like you are welcome, but really they don't want you there while they express their feelings to each other in their "testimonies". They may tell you otherwise, but you've been made aware now.

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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. - Jesus Christ speaking to Saul, see Act 26:18, see Salvation through Jesus Christ.
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