Expectations are things that one person anticipates another person to do. And if the don't do what they anticipate, then they are disappointed.

Some people claim we should have expectations. Ironically they are expecting other people to not have expectations. In reality, we all have expectations we place on others. And rightly so. Based on people's beliefs we expect them to do or not do certain things. In a marriage relationship there is an expectation that both will be faithful. And in a religious relationship in the 2x2 sect, there are expectations that the overseers, workers and elders have placed on members of the 2x2 religon. Here are a few of them.

Not Dating Outsiders

Obviously their fear is that someone will cause them to quit being a 2x2. And rightly so, as many 2x2s who date outsiders may quit supporting the 2x2 religion.

Women Wear Hair in Buns

Professing women are expected to have long hair and wear it in a bun.

Regular Meeting Attendance

2x2s are expected to regularly attend all the meetings and funerals in the area.

Having an "Open Home"

An open home is where the workers can come anytime and stay and be provided with a bed, cooked meals and money to promote their religion. Professing women are expected to wash clothes of the workers and be there for them.

The problem is that workers are not vetted, may be pedophiles, adulterers, fornicators etc and it is frowned on in the cult to bring up these topics and deal with them in a practical way.

Workers will be disappointed if a spouse doesn't profess. It may mean that they have one less home in which to live and one less person that they can control, as they will have competition with the "outsider".

Workers call homes where one person is "professing" and the other person is not a "divided home". And divided homes are frowned on. The unprofessing person is to blame for causing the professing person to fall.

Supporting Workers

Workers expect to be financially supported - given cash. It is generally not allowed to be given checks as they often won't have checking accounts in order to avoid IRS and declaring income. Also the money cannot be claimed as charity or deducted on tax returns.

Dating - home




Why Outsiders







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