Nepal and The FRIENDS after Earthquake

The friends and workers are bodily OK in Nepal after the earthquake. The SPECIAL MEETINGS were canceled. Here is some information from the area:

Dear all,

Many thanks for the outpouring of concern for us here. All the friends are safe, we haven’t been able to contact just one family in the village but we reckon they are safe as they are a bit far from the epicentre. We have two NZ friends and one Srilankan, they are also safe but I haven’t been able to get in touch with the Srilankan friend since last evening, he was to leave the country last night but he was in a town away from Kathmandu and he couldn’t have come in as the Airport is still closed.

It was devastating to say the least; we were having some discussions at the sisters’ Bach as they arrived only day before yesterday from Delhi and as we were finishing we felt the tremor which only kept increasing in intensity to the point we couldn’t even take a few steps easily to go into the open; when we managed we saw a house crumbling down two doors away and then when we went further into the yard, saw many walls fallen or cracked and all this was unleashed in 90 seconds but it seemed forever.

We stayed in an open ground opposite to the Sisters’ for quite a while and then the four of us moved to our Bach. Yesterday was also our gospel meeting day and we wanted to be at the sisters Bach in time, so we started from ours but were cautioned on the way that there are stronger quakes expected, so we decided it was wise to go back to our Bach as it has a big open yard and the house owners also were out there. Just before the time of our meeting Naveen and I made a quick trip to the Sisters’ to see if any of the friends or contacts were waiting as we couldn’t make phone contact with any. After leaving a message there, we returned to ours. The house owners and us shared a meal and stayed out in the open all night but we had an Aluminium roof to cover us. While waiting we had several aftershocks, the strongest was 6 on the Richter and weakest was 5.4 but they seemed nothing compared to the 7.9, although 5.4 & 6 could get anyone up and running out of the Aluminium roof shed.

Quite a lot of damage all over the country but many houses and heritage sites have been reduced to rubble in no time and so far over 1700 have lost their lives. In the sisters Bach, things shook but suitcase and a few other things rolled from where they were kept, bikes piled one on top of the other. In ours, the kitchen was a mess with bottles and stuff fallen off the shelves and in the living room, trunks had moved and fallen off, pedestal fans had fallen down.

We are able to make local calls now, we could make international yesterday too, they tried to keep the internet going most of the time. They are also trying to restore power but not successful yet. We were glad it didn’t rain last evening and night as it was raining every evening and night before that but sadly, at the epicentre it was raining so rescue operations were hindered. The international community has stepped in; last night the Indian and Chinese defence services made all night sorties with help and relief.

From:"Frykholm Jeyapaul"
Date:Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 12:16 PM
Subject:Nepal Earthquake


I began to write this yesterday but had to abandon. Many have written and asked, I will try to include all but please feel free to forward to any that may ask as I could have left out some. Also many friends have phoned or sent messages from India & overseas, kindly share with them too. Thanks.


We were having lunch when another quake of 6.9 struck us and we had to rush out into the open from our first floor camp; aftershocks continued but we got ready and went to the sisters Bach in readiness for the evening meeting. The sisters were already out in an open area because of the quake. we had our fellowship meeting last evening, just us four workers and it was good. The Hymns sung were 244, 279, 206 & 401; Bible portions, Mark 6:48, 1 Peter 3: 9 & 10, Psalm 95 & 92. Every home in that area was locked as people had fled to safer zones and we thought it best for the sisters to go to our Bach as the area is safer. So they spent the night with the ladies of the house owner’s family; all were in the open but we had some sort of roof over our heads.

The Srilankan friend is heading to his homeland via India.

This morning we got some essentials and also visited a couple of our folk; they all seem to be okay – some are in community camps. The back up in our camp is flat but one of the folk we visited has power, so we are trying to get that recharged. Naveen, Sangeeta and Prashanti have managed well, although it is the first time for most of them to be in an earthquake.

Many were crying to their Gods in the open field when the earth was being shook but the comfort for us is that it is “our God” in whose hands are the deep places and even the strength of the hills and “we” are the people of his pasture.

We have had two major quakes so far, one 7.9 and the other 6.9 but many aftershocks ( by Saturday night we had 66 of them) of intensity less than 6 but more than 5. We will keep you updated as and when possible, internet has worked for most of the time. Death toll has crossed 3000 and it could only go up and our hearts go out to the families.

We are very sorry that our special meetings which were to be held this week stand cancelled and the visitors who were to come over will not be able to come.

Heartfelt gratitude from us all here in Nepal,

Prashanti, Sangeeta, Naveen, the friends and Frykholm

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