Boring Convention - Dennis Rumsey

Boring convention #1 is scheduled for August 23-26th, 2018 at 17905 SE Tickle Creek Road in Boring, OR 97009-8507. Boring convention #2 is scheduled for August 30th to September 2nd, 2018 at the same location.

Boring #1, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-23 to 2018-08-26
From: 2017-08-24 to 2017-08-27
From: 2016-08-25 to 2016-08-28
From: 2015-08-27 to 2015-08-30

Boring #2, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-30 to 2018-09-02
From: 2017-08-31 to 2017-09-03
From: 2016-09-01 to 2016-09-04
From: 2015-09-03 to 2015-09-06

Previous Dates of Boring OR Convention

2018, Boring #1 August 23-26th and Boring #2 August 30th to September 2nd
2017, Boring #1 Aug 24-27th and Boring #2 Aug 31-Sept 3rd
2016, Boring #1 Aug 25-28th and Boring #2 Sept 1-4th
2015, August 27th-30th Boring #1 Convention
2015, September 3-6th, Boring #2 Convention
2013 Boring Convention #1 was August 22nd - 25th (Same dates as Saginaw 2 Convention)
2013 Boring Convention #2 was August 29th to Sept 1st
2012 Boring Convention #1 was August 23rd through the 26th
2012 Boring Convention #2 was August 30rd through the September 2nd

Teachings at Boring Convention

Teaching as usual will be based on the 4 principles of the antichrist from 1st John:

  1. Jesus Christ is not good, nor God. Do not worship Jesus Christ.
  2. Don't learn, know or keep the ten commandments. Don't even learn where they are in Bible
  3. Claim to believe the Father, but deny the Son is who he said he is
  4. Condemn people who have faith in God (don't love brethren), Don't fellowship with Christian

Also being taught in addition to the main anti-Christ teachings:

  • Believe in salvation through teachings and traditions of workers: homeless preachers, preachers in pairs (2x2) and meetings in the home
  • Obey the workers (their preachers) above God - commonly called "worker worship" by the friends
  • You need to profess in a workers meeting to join but even then, nobody can know if you are saved
  • Believe that only the workers really understand the Bible. If you disagree, you are wrong, have the wrong spirit or are "unwilling"
  • Profess to love God, but don't know or keep his Word or believe in New Testament of God's law written on your hearts (Jeremiah 31:34+, Hebrews 8, Hebrews 10)
  • Praise the workers and tell others how you found them (the way), but reject God's commandments
  • Don't believe in New testament (God's law written on your hearts and mind)
  • Despise people who worship in buildings but claim convention buildings are OK, an exception
  • People who haven't joined the 2x2 religion cannot have the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ and the apostles lie, you cannot know if you are saved by God


Anyone telling an overseer and putting in writing that Jesus Christ is God and that salvation comes through faith in God by the grace of God will have the meetings removed from their home, notes made about them in the workers' field journal, and possibly be excommunicated from the 2x2 religion by Harold Bennett, the head 2x2 religion overseer in Oregon. Read Earl George

Testing Meetings - Getting the Friends' Kids to Join

On Friday, Saturday evenings of conventions, the meeting is often "tested" because people are worn down after 2-3 days of preaching. They also "test meetings" on Sun afternoons after people have been through tens of hours of the workers' anti-christ preaching.

Warnings of the Workers' Anti-Christ Preaching is in First letter of John: 1 John 1:1+

All these teachings are anti-Christ as explained in John's first epistle of warnings: 1 John. If you would like more information, just put a brief note, name and email in the form at the bottom and I can explain more. I used to be a 2x2 worker and have preached at Boring, OR convention before I repented of my sins after realizing I didn't know God or who Jesus Christ really is.

Child Sexual Abuse at Conventions and Foster Children

Reports have been made about convicted child sex abusers being allowed to conventions by overseers. If you have foster children and you allow them to go to convention where child sexual abusers are present, you may lose your rights to have foster children. Do not be surprised if the Department of Human Services (DHS) pays you a visit. I understand that some 2x2s in the Portland area have foster children and bring them to conventions where convicted sexual offenders have been present.

Any workers preachings against the workers' cover up of child sexual abuse can be expected to receive the same treatment as the worker in Australia. See Graham Thompson Letter. If you claim workers' have covered up child sexual abuse, you can expect the overseers to deny it just like Jerome Frandle, who was caught and convicted for failing to report child sexual abuse by one of his workers.

Read about child sexual abuse by former workers at convention Bob Williston - Convention

Perhaps you have heard of someone that goes to the "Boring Oregon" convention. It's probably at Dennis and Zoe Rumsey's place. The address of the Boring convention is in Boring Oregon. Their phone number is 503-658-2000. I have been to this religious convention several times and have publicly given my testimony there and also spoke in front of hundreds of people there when I was a worker. There is a lot of money in buildings. Each year around convention time, the buildings are cleaned out and the property improved.

Fire Hazard

They used to have an old dried-out wooden barn and kept all the women living upstairs in this barn in August, a hot time of the year. Can you say "fire hazard and mass death" as all these women would try to run down the old stairs?.

Boring Convention Food Poisoning

The Boring OR convention grounds is where I got food poisoning in 1989. I was kept from medical attention so that the convention wouldn't be shut down by health authorities. I was given saltine crackers (I was allergic to them also) and water as I lay shivering and dying in a little trailer.

Address and Phone for Boring Convention

If you want to write to the Boring Oregon Convention grounds, you can use this address:
Boring Oregon Convention
Dennis and Zoeanne Rumsey
17905 SE Tickle Creek Road
Boring, OR 97009-8507

Or you can call Dennis Rumsey at 503-658-2000

No Christians Allowed to Take Part

In the religious services held at the Boring convention grounds, no Christian preachers are invited. Matter of fact, if you are a 2x2/follower/"one of the friends" and you tell an overseer that you believe people are saved by faith in Jesus Christ and can be saved even if they don't believe in the workers and don't go to the workers' meetings then you will be asked to "not take part in meetings". That's how much against Christians the 2x2s leaders are.

Church Building

Each year, dozens of people come out to improve the grounds. They work on the buildings and clean the facilities and erect structures for the 2x2 annual convention. The main church building is up the driveway and to the right just past the crest of the hill. It is a large metal building with a huge concrete floor that replaced the old wooden barn (which was a fire hazard in my opinion). I'm sure this building cost tens of thousands of dollars. Where did all this money come from? They have a dining tent and shed building with all the cooking facilities just for the annual church gathering. It's only used about 2 weeks out of the year for all their followers while their organization worships there.

Church Property

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of silverware, plates, cooking utensils, wash tubs, steamers, and other cooking paraphernalia on the property. All for the use of conventions only. It's only used about 3-4 weeks out of the year (what a waste!) for the preparation and 8 days of convention at Boring, OR. I have heard that they have also had workers' funerals out at the convention grounds too.


This is a picture taken about August of 1990 of a few of the PREPS (short for preparations) crew for the Boring Oregon Convention Grounds.

Jeff Gillie is in the upper left on the back row. To his right is Howard Mooney who was the Oregon OVERSEER that year. Touching shoulders with Howard Mooney is Jarilyn Davidson. And behind her to the right is Craig Jacobsen. The balding Johnny Sterling is next to Craig. In the back row on the right if Randy Russell. And in front of his right shoulder is Ruth Stevens who also got food poisoning in 1989 at the Boring CONVENTION. Behind Ruthie's right shoulder is big Stanly Sullivan. I am on Stanley Sullivans right. In front of Stanley and I is Cheryl Emborg, a long time 2x2 SISTER WORKER.

In the front row on the left, sitting down, is Jay Wicks, and to the right of him is Vernon Joyce who used to be a fireman. A PROFESSING couples kid is next to him. And then Linda Horn. To the far right on the front row is Tama Brown who also got food poisoning at the Boring CONVENTION GROUNDS in 1989.


You might have met Dennis and Zoe (Ann) Rumsey and their kids. They have two sons: Devin Rumsey and Darren Rumsey. Darren used to work with my uncle Jon Lewis on circuit boards. Devin married a massage therapist from Canada.

Collections Taken Each Year

Each year at Boring Convention, the overseer has a senior worker or the worker in charge of convention preparations to collect ALL the money from the 40 odd workers. They then take out what money they want and supposedly divide up the remainder equally and give them less money back. I witnessed and experienced this as a worker in 1989 and 1990 when Stanley Sullivan took all my money. I knew that if I didn't give Stanley all my money, then he would probably kick me out of the work.

Boring OR Convention Financing

Dennis Rumsey used to be a 2x2 worker. So did Zoe. They both quit being 2x2 workers and got married later in life. Isn't it amazing how they amassed so much money to be able to afford the Boring Oregon Convention grounds? And not only did they do this, they built this huge house on the grounds. Where did all this money come from? How was it given to them? What were the conditions of this money's receipt?

When I was a worker in 1989 and 1990, people came into the kitchen area and gave me envelopes of cash to give to the worker in charge of the Boring Convention.

Here are some amazing improvements to the 2x2 convention grounds that have been done since Dennis took over the 2x2 cult grounds.

  1. Built a huge house with large basement and with a multicar garage
  2. Ripped down the old wooden barn and built a bigger metal barn with a concrete slab foor
  3. Replaced the old sleeping tents with a huge metal barn
  4. Did all this and "retired" too

Willie Jamieson's Letter on Saving Money

Willie Jamieson wrote to some 2x2s that they could save money on railroad fare by using 2x2s name in Oregon. Read Willie Jamiesons Letter to some Oregon friends

Insurance and Lawsuits

Who is carrying insurance on this property and the church operations? There is food preparations by people. Do they have food handler's certificates issued by the state? Are there records kept of food preparation temperatures? What if workers and 2x2 followers are injured on the convention grounds. Is the current overseer (Harold Bennett) paying for workman's compensation on the workers who he employs? Who is going to be sued if someone sexually abuses a child at Boring Convention? The overseer, worker in charge or Dennis Rumsey?

Former Boring Convention Grounds Owners

The Boring conventions grounds was previously owned by Duncan Hunter. Duncan and Irene Hunter lived on the grounds for many years and supported the conventions. Duncan and Irene sold the Boring convention grounds to Dennis Rumsey.


  • Where do you think Dennis Rumsey got all the money to do convention grounds improvements?
  • Is there anyone that keeps financial records of where all this money goes that is donated to the 2x2 religion in Oregon?
  • Is Dennis Rumsey being made wealthy through the donation of church funds given to him to improve the property that he purchased from Duncan Hunter and Irene Hunter?
  • Did you know that workers use money they collect from followers to improve the grounds?
  • Where is the idea of "conventions" in the Bible? (it isn't)
  • Did you know that the Faith Mission that William Irvine broke off from had conventions?

See also Conventions

The only good memory I have of Boring convention is the breakfast hash that Steve Davis fixed back in the 1980's.

All in all, I believe Boring convention is a place where ignorant workers promote idolatry of them and teach things contrary Jesus Christ, the apostles and prophets. I think even the freemason and 2x2 religion founder William Irvine would even be appalled by the workers at Boring convention. They need 3-4 days to do get poor kids to profess which is why they want you to stay at the Boring convention grounds the whole time to "take it all in".


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