The Confidence Man - Con Man

A confidence man is a man who appeals to the weaknesses of the nature of people in order to gain something they covet like power, control and money. This is one of the many ways to liken leaders of the 2x2 religion.

The goal of the confidence man is to gain the confidence of people, get what he wants and go away undetected.

Developed Over Years

Confidence men develop this process over years as they learn about human nature and how to take advantage of people.


While many confidence jobs can be legal and are not considered crimes, they are against the will of the LORD God who made heaven and earth. So a person needs to know the scripture to avoid being taken in their confidence game.

The immorality of a confidence "job" or "game" is to gain the trust of the mark by appearing credible, taking advantage of their ignorance, appealing to their vanity and lusts in an innocent appearing way while they fleece their mark.

Goal of the Confidence Man

Being a man of the world himself, the confidence man is after money, and whatever else he needs in the process: trust, friends, helpers, etc all to get to and con the people with the money he wants. Even if it means kissing a few babies and spending time with the poor for appearance sake.

Gaining Credibility

Confidence men may gain credibility by doing small good things and acting humble about it.

They may get other people to brag about them and boost them up as being important, humble, compassionate good souls.

Confidence men may try to appear to be upstanding members in a community. They may do many good things.

They may try to keep company of well-respected individuals.

They may quote scripture and act pious.

They may profess to love God.

They may do many things that appear good so that other people see it.


Confidence men appeal to people's greed, lust, vanity, pride, desire for honor and recognition.

The Appeal

By appearing homeless and penniless, they appeal to people's naivety and compassion. They also try to gain credibility, making people believe they are trusting in God. They preach using the Bible to gain confidence in people, all the while teachings lies to bolster their confidence game and this appeals to ignorant fools.

They go around preaching, claiming to be servants of God, all the while taking a little here, a little there as they live off other people and deceive them about God in the process.

The big confidence game is pretty much accomplished when they can gain another shill (an accomplice in the confidence job) which they call a 2x2 church preacher who will also promote the confidence game and collect money for the 2x2 overseer too.

And the ultimate goal of the confidence game is to keep the people confused, disoriented and busy as they break up marriages, get people to take money from each other and accumulate it for the 2x2 church overseers and put it in trust funds. A real treat is when they can convince someone to leave them all their money when they die.

This is not the work of the LORD God of heaven and earth and is a very real example of using God's name in vain.

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