Why I Left the 2x2 Religion

Why did I leave the 2x2 religion? Here are experiences that changed me enough to view the 2x2 religion differently. Based on these changes and God warming my heart, I was able to see the evil workings of the overseers and workers in the 2x2 religion as they were trying to destroy a friend of mine.

There are many reasons why I left the 2x2 religion.

The biggest experiences that helped me find reason to leave the cult were:

  1. Helping a friend in need
  2. Crying out to God for help
  3. Hating injustice done in God's name
  4. the Bible - Jesus Christ - the Word of God
  5. Attending college and learning that the "world" was not what the workers always said it was like
  6. Seeing how college professors knew more about their subject and cared more about their students than workers
  7. Having a friend at college who I cared about enough to consider her feelings which caused me to look at the 2x2 religion from a different perspective. This change in viewpoint was very uncomfortable when I glimpsed the 2x2 religion through her eyes.

List of reasons Why I Left the 2x2 Religion/ 2x2 Cult

  1. I was taught lies as a child by my folks that the most important things were: going to meetings, meeting in a home, professing and that other churches were evil. I was not taught the gospel.
  2. The friends don't care about people's souls. The people not in a clique are treated as if they don't have a soul. I got the feeling that they want these people to leave or die off.
  3. When I tried to help people that the workers' despised, they slandered me to the friends. I realized later they don't talk to people because they don't want to address an issue, they just want to sow discord and destroy someone.
  4. The workers hate people without a good cause. They only try to remain popular and don't care about the truth of the matter. If they did, they might actually follow Jesus Christ's instructions.
  5. The workers (in their attempts to control people) tried to divide my family and turn my friends against me. They were wickedly divisive.
  6. When I encouraged the workers to talk with me if they had a problem with me, they only used the occasion to badmouth others and offered unGodly counsel. When rebuked for this bad behavior, they scorned me.
  7. The workers were unjust, cruel and wicked in their accusations of other people.
  8. The workers were so divisive and cruel in their treatment to people who had trusted them and put their home in them that one man became hospitalized from distress and heard of another that had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for days.
  9. The workers used "common hatred" to try to establish alliances in the friends
  10. The workers divulged confidential information that they discovered while staying in the friends homes and used this information against them. They broke the trust that the friends had in allowing them in their homes.
  11. When I showed them that they were doing things against the will of God and showed them the scripture, they were indignant and told me they didn't need me to tell them this because they were "ordained ministers of God".
  12. The workers, when rebuked badmouthed me to the overseer who approved of excommunicating me without cause. (They never got a chance because I left first)
  13. The workers didn't like me asking questions about basic scripture and tried to distract me from the truth.
  14. When I started asking questions, I found the workers were horribly ignorant (as was I after years of meetings) of the basics of scripture. Not only did they not know the scripture, but they (the workers in general) taught the same things that contradicted the scripture.
  15. I found the workers do believe in lying to make gain for themselves, but don't believe in the removal of the offenders from the church and specifically don't believe in Matthew 18:15-21.
  16. The workers only seemed to care for themselves and didn't care about the souls of the friends in the field.
  17. After many conversations with workers in several fields, I found that as a rule that they didn't believe in following God in faith and that they only did things after the approval of the overseer.
  18. After talking with several elders in the field, I found that they didn't believe in Matthew 18:15-21 and wouldn't obey the Bible without approval of the overseer
  19. After I found out what the workers really believed and saw that they didn't care that they were teaching and doing things against the Bible, I felt disgusted at the thought of even being in their "gospel meetings" and so I quit attending.
  20. The workers slandered me without apology and turned my "friends" against me. When confronted, they didn't care. They claimed that they were "ordained ministers of God" and that I needed to obey them above God.
  21. The workers talked with my relatives and turned them against me and falsely told others that I was on "medication" as an excuse to get people to think I was "mental"
  22. When I was brutally honest about things and tried to ignore all the things I was taught as a kid about the workers, I realized that the workers and the friends behave shamefully, and I didn't want to be associated with them.
  23. I came to the conclusion after all my conversations with the friends, elders, workers that they worship the overseer and don't know God nor understand basics in the Bible.
  24. After messaging back and forth on message boards on the INTERNET, I found that I had learned nothing about God from the meetings and didn't know the Bible at all. When I remembered the workers saying that the Bible was a "closed book to the world", I realized that they had lied to me because people I was talking with knew the Bible better than they did. I felt like all my years in meeting attendance was wasted and they had betrayed my trust.
  25. I had no friendships within the cult worth keeping. ( And after I left, many lied about me. So I concluded after leaving that it was a good choice to leave the 2x2 cult. )
Eph 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
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