What I Used to Believe

I was raised in a "professing" home with "professing" father and mother and sister and one professing grandfather, 2 professing grandmothers, professing aunts and uncles and cousins.. While I have listed these things as things that I believed, it is not unique to me at all. There are tens of thousands of people that shared many if not all of these beliefs. These beliefs were taught through inference, insinuation, behavioral control and the pattern of judgments of my folks and the workers. These beliefs are shared around the world in the 2x2 organization. A 2x2 overseer, worker or elder would not dare put into words what they really believe because nobody would join. Just ask them to list all their most critical beliefs! When I was a 2x2 in Oregon, this is what I used to believe from what I learned in meetings:

  1. that we were the only true church that was started by Jesus Christ. We were the one true fold.
  2. that church buildings were evil and so were the people that preached there and went there
  3. that the workers were the only true servants of God and were apostles because they went out in pairs and were homeless
  4. that I needed to profess (stand up in a tested meeting to indicate your belief) in the meetings in order to keep from going to hell (but I didn't know if I was saved!)
  5. that only people who eventually came to meetings and professed would be saved by God
  6. that all the ministers who weren't professing were evil and going to hell and were false preachers
  7. that preachers should not be salaried
  8. that I maintained my salvation by attending meetings, taking part in meetings (giving my testimony), obeying the workers and attending an annual convention meeting
  9. that it was a commandment of God to meet in homes for fellowship.
  10. that women needed to have long hair and wear it up in buns
  11. that it is wrong for women to wear pants, jewelry or makeup. These were "worldly" women.
  12. that it was evil to have a TV in your home
  13. that you were more respectable if you were a worker than if you were married
  14. that you should revere workers and obey them
  15. that workers were the ones you were supposed to go to if you had a problem
  16. that the Bible was a closed book to people who didn't go to meetings
  17. that if there was a problem, you should go to the workers for answers
  18. that workers got answers from God
  19. that I needed to give my testimony each Sunday or else something bad would happen
  20. that I needed to have an interesting testimony to please my parents and sound like I meant it
  21. that worldly possessions were to be despised
  22. that I was better than other people who didn't profess
  23. that people who left meetings and then came back were prodigals
  24. that people who quit coming to meetings were going to hell
  25. that you had more to brag about in meetings if you were second, third or fourth generation professing
  26. that I needed to use "we", "thee" and "thou" when I prayed in order to respect God in prayer
  27. that I should only use the KJV Bible
  28. that I knew the scripture better than others because I listened to the workers in meetings
  29. that professing sometimes wasn't good enough, I needed to be "possessing" (though I didn't know what that really meant)
  30. that God was using me (I was being fruitful) if I brought people to gospel meetings
  31. that our church had no name (even though we regularly called ourselves "the truth"or "the way" or "the fellowship")
  32. that I needed to be baptized by a worker in order to take the bread and fruit of vine in Sunday AM meetings
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