My Baptism Into the 2x2 Religion

Baptism- Christian Baptism

Those that have read the Bible know that baptism is the outward sign set up by God that someone has repented of their sins, shows the fruit of repentance because they have faith and hope in God. When I quit being a 2x2 and left meetings, I was eager to get baptized by a Christian. You couldn't have stopped me. I knew that a 2x2 baptism was not of God. I knew that a Christian baptism was what I needed.


Those that are 2x2s know that 2x2 BAPTISMS are an outward sign that someone has PROFESSED for a while and has thought about it for a while and made the choice that they believe that: 2x2s are the only way to heaven, that the WORKERS are God's only TRUE SERVANTS and that they are committed to the WORKERS's KINGDOM.

2x2 BAPTISM - No Communion Until BAPTIZED

Think about it. As Christians, we baptize people when they repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ. But the 2x2s don't baptize their new converts. Think about it. They have them PROFESS first. And then they wait to see how committed they are to the cult. They cannot have the bread and fruit of the vine, the 2x2 communion when it is passed around. I know. As a kid, I was not considered equaly and worthy to have the bread and fruit of vine as it was passed around each Sunday, even though I gave my testimony and prayed with them for years. I had to get BAPTIZED by a WORKER first. I had to show I was committed to THE TRUTH/The 2x2 WAY. Once the WORKERS in our field thought I was ready, then they allowed me to get BAPTIZED by WORKERS.

My 2x2 Baptism in Boring, OR by Stanley Sullivan

I was baptized near Tickle Creek Road in Boring, OR. Not far from the 2x2 Boring Convention grounds. I was baptized by Stanley Sullivan. The WORKER man who later took all my money when I became a WORKER.

2x2 Worker Baptisms are Anti-Christian

Now, a 2x2 baptism bears little resemblance to a Christian baptism. A Christian baptism involves the gospel of Jesus Christ and faith in God. The 2x2 baptism involves faith in WORKERS. I had this as a child, so I was approved to get baptized.

And a Christian baptism involves preachers who believe in God. And my 2x2 baptism involved a cult worker, Stanley Sullivan.

A Christian baptism involves repentance of sin. But my 2x2 baptism required letting go of the past and believing my 2x2 future in the 2x2 kingdom. The only thing to repent of was any WORLDLY friends, Christian theology and anything non-2x2.

Everyone seemed sad at the baptism. Some were crying. I don't remember any rejoicing. Even the WORKERS couldn't explain what baptism meant.

The 2x2 BAPTISM did not clear my conscience. But as a kid, I was excited because I was now able to take the bread and the fruit of the vine (in America, it is typically grape juice loaded with corn syrup) when it was passed around.

My first SUNDAY MORNING MEETING after the baptism I took the bread and fruit juice with corn syrup (kinda like the 2x2 doctrine). I felt guilty inside.

These five differences (listed above) constrast sharply with the Scripture and are a witness to all 2x2s as to the evil gospel they preach and practice. It is dark with iniquity, mimicking and a mockery of God.

My Christian Baptism

Sad to say, my Christian baptism was not everything that the Bible teaches. I was baptized in a church (Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, OR) by a pastor who didn't follow the baptism of repentance. He didn't know me. He didn't know if I had the fruits of repentance. He didn't know me. I got dunked in a tank. I was so excited and happy to get baptized.

I also remember that there was a woman getting baptized who was living with a guy. How did she get baptized while still living with a guy? Where is the fruit of repentance in that?

However, I was happy to get baptized by a person who believed in more of the gospel than a 2x2 WORKER, that was for sure. I know that there are many false churches. I know that there are many fak e pastors who don't know the Bible well. I know there are Christian businesses. I also know there are no perfect pastors or preachers. Just Jesus Christ. I know that I am not perfect. My baptism by that man ( I don't even remember his name) was important to me, nonetheless. Maybe some day I will get baptized again, confessing my sins. I have confessed my sins to God and to others. I have a clean conscience, God is my witness.

2x2 BAPTISM - Another Spiral Step Down

A 2x2 BAPTISM is one step closer to the next step, becoming a WORKER. Or for married men, an ELDER. The 2x2 cult is so much like the Free Mason religion. You follow their rules, and they promote/demote you. One step at a time. And each promotion/demotion` leads further into a dark underground maze that continues to take the hope and joy out of your soul. Being a WORKER was the worst part of my life.

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