Mistakes I Made as a 2x2

There were several mistakes I made as a Teenager

  1. I didn't read my Bible every day
  2. I didn't pray every day
  3. I let the traditions of my folks be passed on to me without checking the Bible to see if my parents were deceived

Mistakes I made while professing

  1. I didn't write things down (this way I could see as the workers changed their beliefs)
  2. I should have been honest when I didn't understand my Bible instead of just parroting that I was happy like the workers wanted
  3. I should have talked with relatives who were not "professing" to see what their lives were like
  4. I should not have despised my neighbors for not professing
  5. I should have asked the workers questions and documented their replies. When I then saw that they were clueless (even after all those years of meetings), I should have read the Bible to get answers.
  6. I should have gone to many other churches and compared what I learned
  7. I should been honest about habitually telling lies to justify the meetings.
  8. I should have wept and prayed to God more (I did pray to God and ask Him to tell me the Truth)
  9. I should have quit going to meetings to gain a different perspective away from the brainwashing
  10. I didn't take notes in meetings and document what they taught and what they insinuated
  11. I didn't write down what I came to believe: no church buildings, no paid preachers...

Mistakes I made as a worker:

  1. I should have talked with the authorities after I was denied medical care at convention
  2. I should have walked or crawled off the grounds and knocked on the neighbors door to see if they could have taken me to the hospital
  3. I should have walked into the meeting while it was going on, right up to the podium, grabbed the microphone and asked someone to help me (It was kept from me that I had food poisoning. They fed me water and crackers)
  4. I should have told the authorities when I heard Wayne Harris and Howard Mooney talking about sexual abuse of a little girl by a worker
  5. I should have searched the scripture for the doctrines of: homeless ministry, 2x2 preachers, meetings in home. When I found out that they were not doctrines taught by Jesus, I should have asked my companion about them. When my companion didn't find them (they are not in Bible) then I should have left the cult and went and got a job.
  6. I should have gone to the authorities in 1990 when Randy Russell told me not to file income tax returns
  7. I should have kept all the field lists and all the workers lists I had of workers around the world so people could know who was involved in the cult
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