First year and half in 2x2 Work

Here are some of the things I experienced my first year and half in work. If I experienced this, just think of all the things that go on and are not reported by workers.

I give names and places here because I think it's important that people understand this is not just a "story", but something that happened to me. It was my life that was affected and others. The point of listing names is that if you doubt what happened, I've got plenty of information for you to research to rediscover what I've written. We're all sinners, which is my point. There is no "perfect way set up by Jesus". Jesus Christ is the way not somebody or some religious system. The 2x2 overseers, 2x2 workers both men and women are simply people involved in will worship who have not received Jesus Christ. I pray God that they find God before their body returns to the dust. I want to say here that I could have just as easily been a "Randy Russell" and the roles reversed. I didn't know God either at the time. My faith was in the way taught by the workers, not Jesus Christ.

Here is a brief listing with more details further down on the page. It was just a list and after I get all the detail fleshed out, will remove it.

  1. Told to sell everything and give it to workers. There were three of "us" starting in the work that year.
  2. Left in little trailer fed saltine crackers and water, vomiting and diarrhea from food poisoning. Workers not letting me go to doctor because they didn't want the convention shut down.
  3. Randy Russell flirting and apparent affair with a Heather Eblen who was getting divorce in field
  4. Heather's two daughters singing "Randy and Heather sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage." Kids were told to be quiet
  5. Two divorces in field. Godly counsel not given. Older companion counseling them.
  6. Told not to speak on certain topics in meeting because a wealthy woman in field didn't approve (Dorthy Harris who gave us the use of her Lincoln Town car that year)
  7. Left at library for day while Randy Russell evidently did things he didn't want me to know about (hmmmm, wonder what that was?)
  8. Christians who wanted to go to meetings told they must "profess" to join: Will and Phyllis Smith.
  9. Many marriage problems. The women took the brunt of it. Told to just submit to husband.
  10. Gossip with women in field about all the problems in the field.
  11. Gay worker in field left work
  12. My uncle Don Beck had left his family, wouldn't talk about meetings, and was living on the streets. I believed he died in Australia in 1991.
  13. Divorce and remarriage permitted for those "taking part" in meetings. Older former worker strongly advised my companion Randy Russell over and over again. I was not allowed in the conversation.
  14. At Dorthy Harris' house I overheard Wayne Harris and Howard Mooney talking about worker performing sex acts in room with kids.
  15. Wayne Harris and Howard Mooney talking about a worker fingering a 2 year old child and persuading the parents not to report it to the authorities.
  16. Conversation at convention of older worker with younger sister worker about a brother worker having sex with her.
  17. Told by Randy Russell not to tell anyone what went on between him and Heather Eblen.

How do you deal with all this stuff when you are raised by your parents to believe that "This is God's way". If this is God's way, it is no wonder why people leave the 2x2 way and become agnostic, atheist or join another cult. I kept quiet about it because I didn't know what to do about it all. They have you trapped when you become a worker. You give up everything and are at their mercy. I was so brainwashed, I thought this stuff was normal.

Again, if I experienced all these things my first year and half in work, just think of all the unreported things that have gone on that we all don't know about. There are hundreds of workers and I'm sure that my experience was average.

Thought I was Called of God at Manhattan, MT Convention 1989

Thought it was God calling me at Manhattan Convention. Offered for work to Howard Mooney, overseer. I found out later that most workers question whether they were ever called of God or if it was just themselves.

Everett Swanson Calling Howard Mooney

Howard Mooney was the overseer of the Oregon staff in the years I was in the work (1989-1991). Everett Swanson and Udo Chapman? (I think it was Udo with Everett) were the workers in the field that year. It's a "special" thing for workers to have someone in their field "go out into the work". Everett Swanson called Howard Mooney to see if I would be accepted into "the work". Howard said yes. Many followers questioned his judgment I found out later, thinking he was too old or senile to make such decisions. Many thought I was too young. This would prove true. A blessing for me (Thank the LORD I didn't acclimatize to "the work".)

Told to Sell Everything and Bring Money to Convention

I was told by Everett Swanson to sell everything I have and bring it to convention. I gave my personal belongings (pictures etc to my folks). I sold my bicycle (never owned a car yet) and had a garage sale. Now that I think about it, you never read about the apostles or any ministers in the New Testament selling everything and giving it to Jesus Christ. But I didn't know my Bible well, so I was very gullible. Glad I wasn't 35 years old and sell my house and business and give it to the workers! I could have lost a lot more!

Working at Boring, OR

I was put to work fixing up the buildings and property owned by Duncan Hunter at Boring Oregon in preparation for the upcoming convention. We assembled buildings for the workers' quarters, cleaned out bathrooms, swept floors, erected tents, mowed lawns, painted etc. There is a lot of work in preparation for the property. Electricians came in and wired buildings. We added on to buildings. It seems every convention has some project to improve the convention grounds.

Introduced to Randy Russell for First Time

After "preps", the workers list came out. Normally the younger workers who are "starting out in the work" will speak on Sunday mornings. I think that WED night I got Salmonella. After an evening meeting, I went to the "workers quarters", got in my bunk, and was still cold. I put on my jackets and tried to cuddle up to my clothes. I was really not feeling well. Randy came in and saw me shivering on the upper bunk with all my clothes on. It seemed he knew immediately what was going on. He quickly gathered me and my stuff and put me in a trailer all by myself.

Food Poisoning at Boring, OR Convention

I got food poisoning from the kitchen at Boring OR in 1989. As soon as Randy found out that I was sick, he put me in a separate trailer that had no men's toilet nearby. I almost died there. I found out later that Stanley Sullivan (who was in charge of the convention) was also sick. Also so were Tamma Brown and Ruth Stephens. Others may have been sick. Tama Brown had to go to hospital like me and I think was fed by IVs for a few days. Howard Mooney came over to my folks house to soothe things over. My folks ended up paying the medical bills for the ambulance ride, emergency doctors visit and the second ambulance ride to hospital and the hospital bills.

Garbage Detail at Boring Oregon Convention

I found out that all the new workers were given the worst jobs that nobody else wanted.

Speaking in First Meeting

It was a shock to learn that I would be speaking at meetings. I didn't know what to say. I just repeated what I had heard other workers said and read verses that seemed related to the topic. I was slipped some money in a handshake after meeting. It was a surprise to me. I think it was by Dean Sartain. He probably got a kick out of the expression on my face. Dean's a real thinker and would get a kick out of something like that.

Leading Sunday Morning Meeting

The first meeting I led as a worker was at Claud and Martha's home. I had to figure out the order of the meeting, having never really paid attention to it before.

Jim and JoAnn Waldo

I was introduced to Jim and JoAnn Waldo. They were clearly the "favorites" in the field. JoAnn was a good cook and they helped financially quite a bit. JoAnn took our checks from people and turned them into cash for Randy.

Meeting Dean Sartain for Lunch

After Meeting Holding Clinton

We had meetings at a place east of Albany I think. After meeting, I was holding Clinton, (Mike and Heather's son) and we stood outside. I showed him the stars and told him that God made the stars. Randy told me to never take a kid alone. I mention this because all workers that I've met are very sensitive of being reported for child sexual abuse, adultery etc. Not that this stops them.

Picnics with Heather

Randy Fixing Heather's Car

Randy and I Playing Games till Late in Evening with Heather Eblen and kids

Mike's Meeting with Randy Russell

Mike met with Randy Russell and had a talk with him about Randy and Mike's wife. Mike was not pleased with how Randy was interfering.

Sing at Dorthy Harris' Place

Randy Chases Girls around with Glass of Water

I was kinda concerned, fortunately the girl's mother was there. Randy was chasing her around the house, sprinkling water on her, pouring it on her shirt. I see now that single guys traveling around and living in these people's homes leads to very dangerous situations.

Shooting Deer

Randy's brother or relative came over and they went out shooting deer at Dorothy Harris's place. They didn't get anything. Randy and I stayed out at Dorthy's cabin and Randy shot a deer the next morning. It didn't even have antlers on it.

Teaching Aaron

Randy taught Aaron the fundamentals of the 2x2 gospel: meetings in the home, homeless workers going out in pairs. I chimed it with the 2x2 dogma I'ld learned too


American Worker in Korea

There was an American worker, a relative (brother?) of Martha (wife of Claud) who traveled with us. He spoke in a few meetings. I remember him especially because I had to share a room with him. He didn't pray long in the evening but he sure farted. Good thing he didn't pass gas like that during gospel meetings or we would have gone broke! I'm trying to remember his name but it's not coming to me now. Randy cut his hair for him. He was almost bald anyway. The man bought some almonds or cashews (a huge bag) to ship to korea, and then found out it he couldn't do it. So he gave the bag to Randy, asked him to return it for him, and then asked Randy to give him the money for the nuts now! I could tell that really irked Randy. No kidding!

Randy's Stress

Randy was under a lot of stress. Let's just say he had to go to the doctors because of some symptoms and leave it at that.

Jim and JoAnn Adding to Home for Meeting

A tree fell on Jim and JoAnn's home during a heavy storm. They sold some trees and used it to build onto their home so they would have a bigger room for Union meeting and Sunday morning meetings.

Sheetrocker Accident at Waldo's Home, Wanted by Police

JoAnn had sheetrockers in her house working on the new room. One of them fell off his stilts (so he could finish the ceiling) and he cut his hand badly. THey took him to the hospital, and while he was there, the police came and arrested him! JoAnn told us about this because she had actually wiped his tears when the man was crying, and here the man was a wanted criminal! Makes me think now of the criminals that have molested kids as workers and all the people that have had them into their homes and didn't know what the overseers knew about them.

Staying at Dorthy Harris's house with Wayne Harris

TV in a Home

Martha's Name Left Off Field List and She Cried

Claude (sp?) and Martha were in the Albany field. I think Martha had a brother in the work in Korea. I'm trying to remember his name. He was a really bold preacher and stepped on a lot of toes. But anyway, Randy made the field list (something I was never to do until I was the "older companion" he told me) and accidentally left Martha's name off. She was crying. Randy had to explain to her that it was just an error on his part and consoled her. Her name was hand-written in later.

Convention Rounds Start

Drove over to Ronan with ?

Sick at Ronan MT Preps

I got sick at Ronan preps. They put me into a travel trailer again. Bruce (cannot remember last name) came it to visit me. I really appreciated that. He was on night shift (watching for the boogey man). What was funny, was that I was supposed to speak earlier in the convention. But since I was sick, they moved me to a later date and time, which was Bruce's time to speak. Bruce got upset that I was given his time slot. I didn't really care and was glad to give it to him. But I ended up speaking anyway in a time reserved more typically for more "seasoned" and "privileged" workers. It was a pretty good sermon evidently and a bunch of people liked it. I talked about Matthew 18 which if you will read about how I got out of this 2x2 cult, may make you laugh. It was my faith in God and obedience to his commands in Matthew 18 that got me out of the cult.

Save All Money and Bring to Conventions

When I was sick at convention, I was told, "You need to take care of yourself because no one else will". Shirley Doolittle helped me to get to a doctor. I could have realized that I was all on my own. Shirley helped me pay for the doctor visit because I had no money. She told me to save up all my money throughout the year and bring it to conventions because "Conventions were expensive".

Gal came up and hugged me. Randy told me not to hug people my age in public

Manhattan, MT Convention

I met many more workers. I was fasting at this convention, having been sick from the antiobiotics given to me by a doctor when I was sick at Ronan, MT. This was the first time in my life that I had ever fasted. I thought the Doctor was nuts when he told me not to eat for a day. I had never heard of such a thing!

Think I drove to Post Falls with Nathan Barker and someone else

Post Falls Idaho Convention

This is where I heard Everett Swanson talking with sister worker about men workers sleeping with sister workers in Alaska. I think the sister worker was Melissa Kunz (pronounced "Coons" I believe)

Boring, OR Preps

Boring Oregon Convention

Brain was all muddled by all of the convention thoughts which conflicted and left me confused. I asked a brother worker, "What is truth?", I was so confused. He said the Bible is true. I finally agreed to just believe Bible no matter what workers said. I finally found something to believe in that was true and started to make decisions based on Bible and not workers.

Assigned to Aurora and Oregon City Field with Craig Jacobsen

I was assigned by Howard Mooney to be with Craig Jacobsen in Aurora - Oregon City, Oregon for the next year.

Dave and Glady Christie

We were given the use of a brown pinto car to use that year by Dave and Gladys Christie. I found out that the richest 2x2s in the field are expected to provide a car for the workers. I remember Jay Wicks complaining about the car he had to drive that year. He was talking about how we were the only true ministry and servants of God and were given junk to drive around.

Special Meeting Rounds

Special Meetings in The Dalles, OR

Car Ride with Harold Bennett and Randy Russell

Harold talking bad about Duane and Linda Forsberg. Something about them trying to start a following for themselves. I asked Harold to carefully follow scriptures. He told me "I resent that".

Driving in Car with Lee Irish and Randy Russell

Lee Irish got upset with me for suggesting that we could go through a day without sinning. If God's grace is sufficient, then why couldn't we? He said we would always sin.

Randy Russell and Leaven

I told Randy that I realized that leaven typified a bad influence in Bible. He told me not to speak about it because other workers taught that it was good. He didn't want me to contradict all the other workers with the scripture. I wondered why not? If God told me something, why couldn't I preach about it?

None of us lasted more than a few years

The other man that went into the work the same year as me didn't last long, and then KK Boe? lasted three years I think. Fortunate for us we didn't waste any more time teaching false doctrines and "will worship" like the workers before us.

To be continued.....

Ok, so you've read a little. I have so much more to share. You may imagine how hard it is to bring all these memories up and relive this over again. I have tried to block so much out, and am now getting these memories flooding back. So, I will add more as more memories come back so that you can see why young "workers" leave the work and the hell they go through trying to survive without going crazy. I also want you to REALLY understand that the workers who STAY in the work are SICK in my opinion because they continue DESPITE knowing the extreme hypocrisy and corruption in the cult. I believe the oldest workers are the most insidious liars and deceivers to keep teaching their trash despite what it produces.

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