How I Got Out of the 2x2 Cult

This is how, I, Brad Lewis, got out of the workers religion.

After I had left "the work", I had continued going to meetings. Until at the age of 33, I tried helping a friend Phu Nguyen who was going through a separation with his wife.

Phu's Pleadings for Help

The 2x2 friends in the Portland, OR field had taken sides with his wife and were slandering Phu. They were also abusing him spiritually, socially and mentally. Phu asked me to help him. I talked with him and asked him to talk with the workers (What a mistake!).

Phu asked me a second time. At my uncle Jon Lewis's place, and I talked with Phu's elder, Jeff Uding. I told him Phu was struggling and asked him to help Phu (What a mistake!). He said he would. Later I asked Phu if Jeff had talked with. No, Jeff had not. I prayed to God and said ~"God, if Phu asks me a third time, I will go and help him".

Some time later (maybe a month), Phu called me up and asked a third time.I can given my word to God and so I went. Why Phu asked me of all people, I didn't know. But I know now. I later came to find out that God blesses me when I love and help others.

I was going to college, but took the time to moved up to Phu's place. I got settled in. Phu and I read and prayed together. We would read scripture to each other and then ask each other questions regarding the scripture to help us learn well.

Trespasses of Brethren

Then Phu began telling me of the problems he was having.

Since I could not resolve Phu's problems myself, I encouraged Phu to follow Matthew 18:15-20 in dealing with the offenses and tresspasses of people in the field. Phu made an appointment with Milo Wicks who was taking his wife out at night. Phu made an appointment and talked with Milo alone about the problem. Phu made a list of offenses of his wife and talked with her alone.

Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

Phu came back and told me that Milo told him that this was America, and that if he didn't like it to move back to Vietnam. I was in shock. I reluctantly believed Phu and was skeptical because I could not deal with such a shocker. There was nothing that Phu said that I could point to a lie. It was hard to believe.

The next step was for Phu to take witnesses Matthew 18:16. This took more faith.

Matthew 18:16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

Phu began talking with elders to see who would go with him as a witness. Nobody would.

Workers Getting Mad

For encouraging Phu, reading and praying with him, and encouraging Phu to follow Jesus Christ (the Word of God), the worker David Nealon got upset at me. He was upset at me for reading and praying with Phu and commanded me to quit reading and praying with Phu because it was "causing problems in the field".

At first I was afraid. But then I was indignant. Who was Dave Nealon to be angry at me for obeying God? So I followed Mathew 18:15-20 in confronting Dave Nealon. Instead of listening to his offense, David Nealon told me that I HADto obey him instead of God. He claimed to be an "ordained minister of God". I was afraid but confused. I knew what the Bible said. I knew we were to obey God above men. Clearly Dave Nealon was not of God!

I found a witness and talked with Dave Nealon on the phone. It was confirmed, Dave Nealon was a false prophet and an offender.

I started interviewing workers and found out that not only did Dave Nealon believe that the friends were to obey the workers above God, but it was something commonly taught in the cult by the other workers: obedience to them above God! It wasn't just a mistake by one or two workers. The believed and taught this. It was a pattern.

Conclusion: Workers Were False Prophets

This gave me solid proof that they were not of God. This gave me proof that I didn't have to be concerned about what they said. They were false prophets. So I quit going to gospel meetings. Until then, the deception that the workers were wrong but "the way" (the 2x2 religion) is right was still believed by myself. I was slow to learn, but God is patient.

The whole process took about 1.5 years, much prayer, fasting, weeping and crying out to God. I had to decide between: my health or the actual truth. I decided that even if it was going to kill me, I wanted to know God. I was going to obey God above them.

What I thought might kill me (knowing the truth), actually brought me life and a loving relationship with God. I thank the LORD for delivering me through his word (Matthew 18:15-20 specifically at that time) and for saving my soul from damnation. I love the LORD and He loves me. Praise God, He is good and merciful!

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