Oberservations by Former 2x2 worker

Oberservations and confessions of an ex 2x2 worker Brad Lewis.

About Me

The following observations are about myself, my worker companions and the people I saw going to meetings as a worker.

I became a worker at age 18.

I didn't know the gospel.

I was never asked if I knew the gospel. Not even to become a worker. What does that say when an overseer recruits someone to preach the gospel and doesn't even ask if they know the gospel? If you owned a business engineering bridges, wouldn't you want to know if a person could build bridges before you hired them? Would you hire a secretary who could not understand your language, could not spell or type? What does this reveal about the overseers intentions when they don't even care if a "worker" knows the gospel?

I wasn't taught love. I didn't know love. I didn't love the people at the meetings. I simply preached what I heard other workers say and lived off these people, just like other workers.

When I was talking in meetings, I was parroting what I had heard other workers say.

It was all coming from my memory. I didn't understand even the parables that Jesus had explained. Even after preaching at meetings, I would go home (or someone else's house) and pray desperately that God would show me his truth.

All I did most days and most of the time was socialize and idly chat with people. I couldn't teach them to observe the things Jesus taught because I didn't understand what Jesus taught.

The spirit

There was a spirit in the meetings that was not of God. Paul, the apostle, told about Satan being transformed as an angel of light. The devil masquerades as a preacher. And of course, we were all too wise and smart to be deceived, right? Everyone else was going to hell except us. Our self-righteousness was just what Satan wanted. As workers we only had to appear sanctimonious at meetings for people to believe we were "spiritual". And since others in the meeting fell for it, who would want to appear a fool and ask questions? Besides, everyone knew what happened to people who asked questions: they "lost out", or so the workers said.

People are Ignorant

If you ask a worker or any 2x2 follower, probably 99% of them could not even quote the ten commandments (and probably never in order). The one person out of a hundred probably learned from a previous religion. I don't think the workers or the "friends" of the workers even know the importance of God's commandments.

If you ask them to describe the commandments of Jesus to the disciples after the resurrection, they could not find them in the Bible.

If you would ask them what the new testament was, they would probably say "the second part of the Bible"

What would the "friends" say if you asked them what the gospel is? They would probably say, "Come to meetings and all your questions will be answered." However, the most parts of the Bible are not taught by the workers as Jesus taught.

People are Really Gullible

People came to meetings and often didn't bring their Bibles. They bought so many lies without thinking. They had evidently quit believing in God because they didn't expect much from meetings. When I preached, I don't remember any of the friends looking up things in the Bible.

Religions Don't Need God to Operate

I remember Howard Mooney saying that God was blessing them because young people were offering to go into the work. Never mind the fact that there are young kids offering their own lives for the sake of Jihad. Is God with them? Is God with Jihadist because they are offering their lives too? So few things that the workers say hold any water. Is the Catholic church of God because they are able to raise up bishops and cardinals and popes?

Cult Leaders Hate Questions

I don't remember many people asking questions. I remember one old exworker who told Randy Russell (my companion first year) that if he allowed divorce and remarriage in the field that it would split the church. He was badmouthed and Randy told me to ignore him. I wasn't allowed in on the conversation.

Cult Leaders are Secretive

I wasn't allowed in on the conversations of Randy Russell and Wayne Harris. You would think that as a worker, I would have more authority than Wayne Harris (a non-worker). But it is not so. There is a lot of politics in the workers' ranks. And from what I can determine, it is all tied to money.

People are Easy to Manipulate

Most people just want praise. If you praise and console them, then they will support you. You scratch their back and they scratch yours. After coming to lots of meetings, they just go with the flow and believe most anything they are taught. After all, how are they going to ask you questions that stumped us as workers if they wanted our approval on their lives?

People are Lazy

People who came to meetings were too lazy to even open their Bibles and see if what we were teaching as workers was even true. They had heard the party line so many times that they believed God was just like them and that they knew God already. They loved the lies. But all they knew about God was what we taught them. They sidestepped their responsibilities of judging what was said. Instead they mistook blind trust in us as faith in God.

1 Corinthians 14:29+ Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Obviously Satan is the author of the workers' meetings, because they teach confusion. Ever heard of a worker inviting a Christian preacher to speak in meetings? It doesn't happen.

People didn't think very much about what was taught in meetings. They had this grand illusion that because we were workers (and workers must be "apostles" because we went out in pairs, right?), that they could trust us. If people thought about what was taught, they would quit going to meetings. That's why people who went to college and had to think to learn soon quit coming to meetings.

People don't Believe in God

People are so busy with their lives, they didn't think seriously about what we taught. People who came to meetings didn't understand the Bible or even care. They have so many problems and lusts that it kept them distracted from knowing God. Even those that started to know God, quickly lost sight of him because of fear of being kicked out of meetings.

People are Really Susceptible to Pride

Elders were chosen by how easy they were to manipulate. They were proud people seeking to work their way up the ranks. It was easy for them to be manipulated. If they praised the workers and did as the workers said, then after they had proved themselves, they could have a meeting in the home. In exchange, they received authority and the right to boss people around. There were so many compromises because you couldn't find quality responsible people to have meetings in their home and you had to have somebody so there was some place to go or the people would quit coming to gospel meetings too.

I completely believe that the workers are ministers of Satan. They dress nice, talk in circles, want supported with money, have covered up child sexual abuse for years and talk about God, but their ravening and actions proves to me that they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

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