My Beliefs

Here are things that I have come to believe.

My beliefs have changed radically since I left the 2x2 religion. You may need to read through the full page and think about these things heavily for many days to understand what I mean in these paragraphs. Of course I "knew" about God, Jesus, commandments etc, but when these things were written on my heart by God, it was a great change in my life.

First I had to figure out Jesus and God. After I began reading in Genesis, I saw that I was to believe in God. One of the commandments is to only worship God, so I saw a conflict with worshiping God and who Jesus was. This resolved with the correction of two mistakes. One - I didn't know who God was. Two - I was thinking of the 2x2 Jesus and not the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Once I realized that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, then I could worship God and Jesus Christ and all was fine.

Next I learned about the ten commandments. This was a huge change. Finally I had some rock-solid commandments on which to base my behavior. I could read the commandments and judge my actions. Certainly there are more commandments than just the ten, but it is a great starting point.

I learned that sin is the breaking of the commandments. This was a huge change for me because before many of my actions were based on the approval of others. This removed a huge burden from my heart and mind as I focused on trying to please God instead of others.

When put more faith in the Bible, I quit going to a church. Their teachings showed they didn't accept the commandments of God as relevant and when I saw the importance of the commandments then I could see that they didn't understand the Bible. I quit attending because they taught multiple doctrines and contradicted themselves in their preaching. I stayed home and read my Bible. This turned about to be a hard choice with great rewards.

I learned about repentance. Repentance is not just saying "I'm sorry". It' is about repenting of sin. It is about repenting of breaking God's commandments. In order for a person to repent, we must believe in God's authority, his judgment, the commandments (that they are good and perfect) and that we need to repent (change) and obey his commandements.

I learned about the old testament. After seeing that Jesus Christ is God, then I no longer needed to discount the prophets sent by God, but could read all of the old testament as relevant and a full expression of God's love. The God of heaven was the same in the old testament writings as the new testament writings. This was the stepping stone for learning about and believing in repentance.

I began to believe that God is good and merciful. As I understand God's goodness it helped me to trust and relax in accepting his commandments as for my good and others' good. I was not ashamed of God nor his commandments because God is good and merciful in giving us his commandments.

This belief in God - commandments - sin - repentance created a huge rift between me and many "Christian" people who didn't uphold God and his ten commandments.

My next struggle was against "Christians" who claimed that we didn't need to obey the ten commandments - or the other versions of undermining God's commandments.

I learned that the church is founded on Jesus Christ, the prophets and the apostles. This tied in the old testament and the new testament.

I read through the Bible, searched the web and finally after regular straight-through-the-Bible reading came to learn about, tah dah, The New Testament.

I came to learn what a testament is. When a person is alive, they write their testament. Sometimes it is called their "last will and testament". It is about what they want done when they die. Often it tells about what to do with their possessions, who to give them to, how they want to be buried or burned etc.

I had read in Hebrews multiple times, but finally it sunk in that the new testament was the "will" of Jesus Christ - meaning, that when he died, his "last will and testament" was the commandments of God written on our heart. Believing in this completely put me at odds with many so-called Christian churches and their teachings and opened up the book of Hebrews and allowed me to increase my confidence in the Bible as more understanding opened up. I lost more "Christian" friends as I tried to share these things with them and they supported their "church" just like the 2x2s did when faced with scripture.

I learned that the New testament is not a "grace" teaching and the old testament a belligerent "yes/no" dictatorial harsh testament. The kind, loving and gracious God of the old testament is the same as the new testament. Any attempt to separate the new testament as good and belittle the laws of God only serve to undermine the teaching that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone and the church is built on the prophets (yes, the prophets of the old testament) and the apostles too. Once I saw that God is the same, he is good and merciful, and had read and understood (as much as I did) the God of the old testament, I saw that he is no different than the God of the new testament. The bad-mouthing of the God of the old testament no longer swayed me or carried any weight. I trust in the good and merciful God who does not change.

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