Memoirs 2 - Offering For the Work

Offering for "the work" at Manhattan 1989

Howard Mooney

I offered for the work when I was 18. It happened at Manhattan convention grounds. I talked to Howard Mooney. I told him how I felt. I remember walking into the house. The house was owned by the Jacobsens. It was new to me. I had never been in the house. It was for the workers. They invited me in and seemed very nice to me. I waited for a while. I remember seeing a shoe buffer there. It had a long handle and fluffy black and red polishing wheels. That is my recollection. I don't remember much of my talk from Howard. It must have been inconclusive. I remember him kind of listening and nodding is head. Later people would brag about me being the youngest worker currently in the US.

Later, at a restaurant I told my folks that I was going into the work. They both cried. My sister Pam was there too. Now I wish I could have seen the pattern of sorrow every step of the way from when I professed, was baptized by the workers and now became a worker. Believing in the workers' lies was killing me.

I went into the the Worker's Way at age 18. Everett Swanson was in the Gresham field. He was wondering if I would be accepted into the work that year. He asked the overseer of Oregon Howard Mooney. Howard must have said Yes. Some thought it a mistake. I wanted to go in the work so bad that I would've chosen a companion myself despite Howard. But they let me go. Everett Swanson asked Rosalie Davis to sew me a garment bag. I guess that's standard issue for workers. Everett told me to buy a nice watch. In fact, he was going to pay for it. He said it's important to be on time and have a nice watch. I chose a watch that was more expensive that he wanted to pay. I paid the difference. Later I came to dislike the watch. It was not me. Later I gave it to Randy Russel, my first companion.

Aug 26th, 1989 at Boring, OR Convention Grounds - Stanley Sullivan Asks for All my Money

I went to the convention grounds and walked onto the property about 100 yards. I was greeted immediately by Stanley Sullivan, the same worker who baptized me into the Workers' Way. He asked me if I had sold everything. I said "Yes." He said that I should give him my money. I told him that it talked about (in the Bible) giving money to the poor in Bible. He said "You can give it to us, we're poor". I since wrote him a letter asking him to return the money because the scripture he used was twisted by him and meant something different. He did not reply. I have since talked to his relatives who have contacted me through this website, and they told me they are embarrassed about him and the Workers' Way.

After the workers had all my money and I had nothing but a suit and suitcase, I felt like I was finally accepted as a worker. They had everything and I had nothing. They were in control.

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