Blessings after Faith in God

I have been blessed after disbelieving the false prophets of the 2x2 religion and putting my faith in God where it belongs. Here are a list of blessings that I've received after faith in God.

  1. Believing in God and worshiping God alone
  2. Believing that what God says is true and can be safely obeyed without fear
  3. Having confidence in Jesus Christ to save me from my sins because of his blood shed for the sins of the world
  4. Being confident that I am going to heaven because of being saved by the grace of God and not my own works
  5. Seeing the works of faith in God in my life
  6. Seeing that the Bible makes sense and can be understood by believing in God (after being away from the brainwashing of meetings)
  7. Thankful that God continues to help me heal from the damaging affects of cult life
  8. After many years, I'm better able to articulate what I am thinking and my thoughts are more organized so that I can communicate more effectively.
  9. Fewer and less frequent nagging doubts after being away from cult life. And as I go through the 2x2 teachings and find from the Bible that they are ridiculous, childish, unnecessary and contradict God's word and all His commandments.
  10. Praying to God and being filled with his spirit
  11. Writing a loving email to someone who hated me and feeling so good afterwards despite their cruelty
  12. Fellowshipping with Christians in other countries and states
  13. Reading scriptures that filled my heart with God's love for others
  14. Writing to you about how great and awesome God is :)

Many 2x2s teach that people who leave the cult are bitter. I can say that the 2x2s left a bitter taste in my mouth, but that God has filled me with good things, for which I am grateful.

Psa_119:71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.

Here's a short list that I wrote down a while ago:

  1. Clarity: seeing clearly from 1 John that the cult is evil and full of liars and not of God. This was a comfort in leaving the cult. It helped to see who are Christians and who are not. See this page about Liars for more details.
  2. Learning about who God really is and who he is not
  3. Learning the foundational elements of faith in God that help me to quickly discern between good and evil
  4. The comfort of God getting me away from flattery and abusive relationships that slowed my growth
  5. Tearing down the lies I'ld been taught as a child and replacing them with the truth which helps me make better decisions
  6. Not being part of a cult allows me to more easily ask questions whether a group likes the questions or not. This allows me to grow faster in knowledge and understanding because I'm arriving at more answers.
  7. I've got a good occupation, thanks to God's counsel in the Bible.
  8. I'm learning what is right and wrong from God's perspective
  9. Developing better social skills
  10. Better able to confront abusive people who offend me
  11. Learning more about healthy boundaries in relationships
  12. I'm actually learning solid, practical useful things from the Bible.
  13. God has helped me to take care of myself first before helping other people. My life has improved measurably because of this.
  14. I see now that God loves me and that things that are sin are the things that destroy life, cause sadness and the things that are morally good are things that encourage and bring life, happiness, peace that other people cannot take away.
  15. Learning how to be good to people who are evil.

I hope that you come to know these blessings from receiving Jesus Christ, learning about God and obeying his commandments too.


  1. What blessings have you experienced in your life recently?
  2. How do you know if something is a blessing from God?
  3. Is it a blessing to idolize the workers?
  4. Do you believe a person should eat if they don't work?
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