Basic Bible Facts

Basic bible facts - the books of the Bible are often divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. There are usually 66 books in the Bible: 39 books in old testament and 27 books in the new testament.

Bible: Two sections

They are often call the Old Testament and the New Testament. The "old testament" refers to the first covenant that God made with the Hebrews in Exodus 20. The testament was made "old" when Jesus Christ died on the cross. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, his will/covenant/testament went into effect, thus making the first covenant "old" and by the instituting of his testament often called the "new testament". Both the old testament and the new testament were made between God and the children of Israel.

The Old Testament is in the first part of the Bible. The word "testament" is similar to the word "covenant. So the first part of the Bible can also be called the "Old Covenant". The old covenant was between God and the Israelites/children of Jacob. The old covenant was God's law (the ten commandments) written on two tablets of stone. The old testament part of the Bible is made of 39 books. The old testament books were written in Hebrew. If you use a English or Spanish Bible, then the Bible has been translated from Hebrew to English or Spanish by someone. You are not reading the original text, just the translation. There are thousands of translations.

The second part of the Bible is often called the New Testament. The new covenant is between God and the Israelites. The new covenant is the same law, God's law, (ten commandments Exodus 20+) written on the hearts of men. The New Testament part of the Bible is made of 27 books which include gospels and letters.

Referring to Bible Verses

While many Bibles do have page numbers, not all Bibles have the same verses on the same page. In other words, page 56 on your Bible most likely will not have the same content as page 56 in my Bible.

When referring to a bible verse, it is common to list the book first, then chapter, then verse. Like: Genesis 2:5. This way anyone can find the same verse in their Bible. When reading Gen 2:5, you would think to yourself. "Genesis is at beginning of old testament, so turn to book of Genesis in front of Bible, then go to chapter two, then go to verse 5.

We open our Bibles, flip to the book Genesis (the name of the book of the Bible is printed either in upper left or upper right of page), then flip to second chapter, then scan to verse 5. The chapters are usually printed in larger bold type and verse numbers get larger as you go further into the chapter.

The Bible Was Not Divided into Chapters and Verses

The authors of the books of the Bible wrote books. They did not divide their books into chapters and verses. If you have a King James Bible or some other version, which has chapter and verse markings, then this has been done by the publishers. It is not the original work of the author. Please don't think that if there is a chapter division or verse division that the author intentionally broke the text there. There are some chapter and verse divisions that break the continuity of the text. A good example is where chapter 1 ends and chapter 2 begins in Genesis 1. This chapter division is confusing.

Their is great uniformity among translations and publishers for keeping the same chapters and verses in the Bible. For example: Genesis 5:3 is going to be the same Genesis 5:3.

However, some verses are not present in some translations. Some translations have verses that others do not! It depends on which text the translators and publishers used to translate from.

Publishers Adding Paragraph Divisions

Some publishers also divide the Bible into paragraphs. In many places however, the divisions of Chapters is not logical and can be confusing. So just remember to read the verses and the context and give less attention to the chapter and verse numbers added to the text.

Other Books

There are other books that are referred to within the Bible. Various organizations produce translations that include books that the majority of Bibles do not.

Authors in the Bible

The books of the Bible are all written by authors. We know many of the authors but not all the authors for sure.

First 5 Books of the Bible

The first five books of the Bible are called the "Pentateuch." Pent meaning five. We know for sure that the first five books of the Bible were written by Moses.

The name of the first book is called Genesis. The word Genesis is similar to the word "Origin" - in the beginning
The 2nd book, Exodus, means "going out" - Names
The 3rd book, Leviticus, means "relating to the Levites" - "And he called"
The 4th book, Numbers -numbering of the Israelites - "in the desert"
The 5th book, Deuteronomy - "second law" "Words"


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