Understanding the Bible - Questions

Questions to ask when reading the Bible to aid in understanding.

  1. What type of scripture
    1. History
      1. Genesis
        1. To be literally understood
    2. Epistle - Letter
      1. When was the letter written?
        1. What was going on at this time?
      2. Who wrote the letter?
        1. What was going on in this person's life?
        2. What was their intent in writing the letter?
      3. Who is the letter written to?
        1. Is it written to one person or a group of people?
          1. Are certain parts of letter written to one person and other parts to other people?
        2. Where were these people geographically?
          1. What was going on in their area?
        3. What are they doing well?
        4. What are they having problems with?
          1. Are parts of letter addressing this issue?
      4. What instructions are given in the letter?
        1. Are instructions for present situation or for all time?
        2. Are instructions for establishing doctrine for for specific situation?
      5. Are there problems being addressed?
        1. What is the problem that is being addressed/rectified?
          1. Is this problem addressed in other letters to other churches too?
            1. Are those other letters easier to understand?
            2. Do other letters give additional insight and clarity to problem?
          2. Does the problem involve some people?
            1. Who are these people?
              1. What do these people believe that contradicts scripture?
              2. What are these people doing that is a problem?
          3. Are the people being written to being a problem?
            1. Is it a problem with what they are believing?
            2. Is it a problem with what they are doing?
              1. What are they doing that is a problem?
        2. Do they use other scripture as basis for their instructions?
          1. Where is the scripture?
          2. What is the lesson of this scripture?
          3. What are parallels of scripture and the situation being addressed in the letter?
      6. What narration of events are given as a matter of fact that such and such happened?
      7. Does the author use figures of speech particular to their time?
      8. Does the author use sarcasm?
      9. Does any part of the scripture with our understanding appear to contradict other scripture?
        1. What other scripture does our understanding conflict with?
          1. Do we misunderstand this scripture or the other scripture? And does proper understanding clear it up?
          2. Can we read more context, pray about it, sleep out it to get proper understanding?
          3. Is there someone we trust who knows Yahweh that we can talk to about this?
  2. Who is reading?
    1. Have they read whole Bible through at least to get overall perspective?
    2. Do they know basics of Bible: Yahweh, covenants, promises, commandments, sin, repentance etc
    3. What is purpose of understanding the text?

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