Australia 2x2 Religion

The 2x2 religion in Australia is also called "the testimony". Their business is also registered as Christian Conventions of Victoria.

2x2 Overseers in Australia

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees for the Christian Conventions of Australia (Incorporation for 2x2 Assets) are: Arthur Robertson, Alan Bird and Colin Storer.

Business Names Used by 2x2 Religion in Australia

This religious group who calls themselves "the testimony" has used the names of Christian Conventions of Victoria and Christian Assemblies of Victoria to conduct business in Victoria, Australia. You can look these up via online business searches for "Christian Conventions of Victoria" with Australian business registrees.

I've looked up these business names and here's what I've found:

They registered their business as a charity on: 03/12/2012

Business name of the 2x2 religion in Australia is:
Christian Conventions of Victoria (so much for not taking a name for themselves)
Christian Conventions of Victoria has operations located in: Victoria, Tasmania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Beneficiaries of Christian Conventions of Victoria are: Others not listed
Charity ABN number is 33833155319
Responsible person for Christian Conventions of Victoria: TO BE DETERMINED

Street address for the business is:

Christian Conventions of Victoria
523 Neerim Rd Murrumbeena

no phone number was given

no website is given
Their governing document is simply a word document which states:

Trust governance document status for Christian Conventions of Victoria for 2014 AIS Statement
The Christian Conventions of Victoria trust is a bare trust for which the governance documents are currently being developed with the assistance of a specialist law firm.

That was their document in 2014. Here we are in the end of December, 2015 and that's all they have? That seems really flaky to me. And no responsible person has yet been determined.

Amazingly, many people don't believe the 2x2s operate in a business in Australia and around the world. I wish people would do research for themselves and see. Here's one link to the 2x2s business in Australia. See Australia Business Search

Stories from Australia

If you live in Australia or know a 2x2 who lives in Australia (or even if you don't), then I highly recommend reading Lindys Story

Planned 2x2 Conventions in Australia in 2013

  • 10/31-11/3 Wilmington, SA
  • 31-11/3 Williams #1, WA
  • 11/7-10 Biddeston, QLD
  • 11/7-10 Kapunda #1, SA
  • 11/7-10 Williams #2, WA
  • 11/14-17 Pilerwa #1, QLD
  • 11/14-17 Kapunda #2, SA
  • 11/14-17 Speed, VIC
  • 11/21-24 Booyong, NSW
  • 11/21-24 Pilerwa #2, QLD
  • 11/21-24 Thoona, VIC
  • 11/28-12/1 Glencoe, NSW
  • 11/28-12/1 Chelona #1, QLD
  • 12/5-8 Mudgee, NSW
  • 12/5-8 Chelona #2, QLD
  • 12/14-15 Brisbane #1, QLD
  • 12/19-22 Drouin #1, VIC
  • 12/21-22 Brisbane #2, QLD
  • 12/26-29 Wattamondara, NSW
  • 12/26-29 Drouin #2, VIC

Planned 2x2 Australia Conventions for 2014

  • 2014/1/2-5 Maroota #1, NSW
  • 2012/1/2-5 Launceston, TAS
  • 1/9-12 Colac, VIC

Sex Crimes

Workers Fields in Australia

Australia has several overseers and workers and many followers.

Sam Jones

Sam Jones was a popular 2x2 worker in Australia and wrote many if not most of the 2x2 hymns.


The Melbourne, Brisbane areas are hotspots for cult tactics as many dissatisfied followers do not like the overseers and workers and are searching for the truth. Thankfully, there are many websites showing the cults origins. They can be found simply by doing a search on: William Irvine, 2x2, religion, cult, overseers, worker, secret sect etc.


Australia also has it's share of Cooneyites. Edward Cooney was excommunicated from the 2x2s by the newly appointed overseers after William Irvine was excommunicated and went to Israel.

New South Wales NSW

This was posted on a message board

Many years ago an elderly lady was brought under our care. Doctor on inspection,was horrified ,she has whipping scars on her back? So at an appropriate moment "Mrs ? how did that happen,those strips on your back?" My father whipped me when he found out I was in love with a Parsons son,we were only allowed to marry in our own religion. " Mrs ?, does the name John Hardy mean anything to you?" That reaction I can never forget,She went pale and after a gasp for breath, Him,he was the cause of it all,my father thought they were all Gods. Over a time we find out she had run off from home,they were at the time at Katoomba,NSW. By His stripes we are healed,I am sure this dear lady now is in Gods healing hands,as she to had felt the pain of stripes. -Posted by I have told this before on September 14, 2012, 7:29 pm, in reply to "Re: Julie Pedersen found dead this afternoon"

2x2 Workers in Australia

There was a post on a message board giving the names of some 2x2 worker in Australia. If one of these people invites you to a "GOSPEL MEETING" they may be of the 2x2 religion.

Victorian Workers List for Australia 2013

Ray Cruickshank, Neil Mitchell - Swan Hill/Balranald
Stephen Thorpe, Claude Punke - SE Melbourne
Nathan Collett, Cameron McLean - Gippsland
Jim McLean, Sam Savin - Geelong/Colac/Ballarat

Helen Edmunds, Linda Larsen - Mildura/Speed
Mella Somerville, Carissa Garlick - Albury/Wodonga
Iris Dixon, Coral Speight - Wangaratta/Benalla
Lexie Sutton Julie Stead - Shepparton/Echuca/Bendigo
Carolyn Briggs, companion TBA - NE Melbourne
Sally-Anne Ballan, Shirley Bicknell - West Melbourne
Jeanette Briggs, Edith Grabham - Warrnambool/Portland/Horsham

2013 2x2 Workers in Tasmania

Bernard Manning, David Leitch - NW Coast
Maree Clark, Andrea Dent - NE Coast

Ian Caves to South Australia
Nathan Collett and Carissa Garlick from NSW
Graeme Taylor and Deborah Crisp to NSW
Yvonne Bartlett - health care
John and Bruce Robinson - health care


New South Wales

Papua New Guinea


South Australia



Western Australia

John Robinson

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