Vietnam Split - Golden Friends and the 2x2s, Introduction


The following Account of the Vietnam Division was compiled by Cherie Kropp from statements made during the years 2013 and 2014 by Nguyễn Huu Bau, his daughter Nguyễn Thị Minh Thanh and her husband Nguyễn Xuân Hoŕn, who all reside in Saigon/HCMC and Nguyễn Thanh Hoa, a Brother Worker, who is no relation to the others.

Nguyễn Huu Bau - Introduction

My name is Nguyễn Huu Bau, and I am 84 years old, and my wife is 81. We met the WORKERS in 1956 through Uncle Châu’s family at the Protestant Church. Both of us PROFESSED the same night in 1961. We’re the first couple in the way in Vietnam.  Our home also is the first place for FELLWORSHIP MEETIGNS in Vietnam times.  We had 7 children, 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  Four of my children OPENED THEIR HOUSES for FELLOWSHIP MEETINGS and bread & cup.  All 7 children PROFESSED and three have passed away. View Early Family Photo.

Nguyễn Thị Minh Thanh (aka Minh Thanh or MT) - Introduction

My name is Nguyễn Thị Minh Thanh (aka Minh Thanh or MT). I'm the third child of Mr. & Mrs. Bau, the second generation in this WAY. I PROFESSED when I was twelve years old. My family used to welcome the WORKERS coming to have meals at my home or stay. We used to have SUNDAY MORNING and midweek MEETINGS at our house for thirty years. We had wonderful fellowship with WORKERS and FRIENDS. MT was six years old when her parents PROFESSED in 1961, and she is now 60 years old. She and XuânHoŕn met at CONVENTION, married in February, 1979 and lived in Dalat for more than 20 years before moving to Saigon. They have two grown PROFESSING children, a daughter and a son, and 3 grandsons. Unless noted otherwise, most of the quotes below in italics are by Minh Thanh.

Xuân Hoŕn - Introduction

My name Xuân Hoŕn. I'm Minh Thanh's husband. All my family and relatives are Catholic. I am the only one in the WAY. I am happy to have my wife and two children accompanying me in this way. I was born and raised in Catholic. I was very zealous with my belief. Since my childhood, I studied and lived in a school belonging to Catholic with many priests as teachers. My mother and seven brothers and sisters went to church every day. In 1973 I was studying at the University of Dalat. As I was leaving, two ladies were by the gate distributing invitations to GOSPEL MEETINGS and to a Bible class in English. I went to the Bible class to learn English. The teachers were Bonnie Dahlin and Phyllis Munn, and both spoke Vietnamese fluently. The students each read one phrase in the Book Luke and then she explained the meaning. For the first time, I began to understand the Bible. I went to their Gospel Meetings and I PROFESSED. Only a few months later the Liberation Day came, and all the foreign WORKERS had to leave the country. I was the only believer in Dalat which is 300 km from Saigon. Before Auntie Bonnie left, she wrote me a letter saying, "Don't be afraid of death but be afraid that whether we will still keep our faith to the end." (View Story in Appendix)

Nguyễn Thanh Hoa - Introduction

Nguyễn Thanh Hoa PROFESSED in 1961 in the GOSPEL MEETINGS of Phyllis Munn and Bonnie Dahlin held in Saigon. He was from Saigon, South Vietnam, was 21 years old and worked in an imprint factory. He was the first native to PROFESS and the first native to go in the WORK. He was drawn to follow the WAY the WORKERS preached because: The deepest impression I received from Fred's meetings was ‘the letter kills, but the Sprit makes alive.’

He wrote: My younger brother brought me to Phyllis Munn and Bonnie Dahlin's batch in order to study English.  They used the English Gospel text to teach in their classes. Before I met with the Gospel, my family was just like the great crowd of Vietnamese, who practise the worship of our ancestors and grandparents. In fact I never called myself a Buddhist. My widowed mother felt sad at first as my brother and I professed; but she professed 1 year before her death at the age of 86. Besides, one of my elder sisters and a niece [belongs to the other sister] professed. Phyllis and Bonnie brought me to Fred Allen, who had many English classes and Gospel Meetings

Nguyễn Thanh Hoa was the first person to profess in VN and the first native worker to enter the work, in April, 1967. After 43 years in the work, he stopped cooperating with the Canadian Overseers and has continued his ministry independent of them. He is a worker among the Golden Friends.

Statements in italics by the family members listed above were made in personal emails to Cherie Kropp and Edgar Massey and in posts made on the "Truth Meetings Forum" thread titled "Vietnam" started by Edgar Massey on May 23, 2013.

Note about Vietnam Name sequence: Their surname or last name is given first, then their middle name, and their first name is given last. For Example, Mr. Bau’s full name is written: Nguyễn Huu Bau . In English, it would be written as: Bau Huu Nguyễn. It is respectful to refer to older people as “Mr. Bau” or “Uncle Bau.” Married women retain their maiden names and do not take the name of their husband. Please understand that some people in this Account who are called “Uncle” or “Aunt” may not be blood relatives!

Liberation Day was April 30, 1975, the End of the Vietnam War, also known as Reunification Day.

Certain terminology has been capitalized to emphasize that these words should be understood in the 2x2 context. Permission was given to Cherie Kropp to edit original quotes for English, grammar and spelling. Original quotations were retained as much as possible.

[I, Brad Lewis, in my desire to keep people from being confused or misled, have edited 2x2 lingo/jargon words into ALL CAPS (instead of just the first letter capital) to distinguish cult words that mean something different to 2x2s as they do to Christians]

Mission Statement of the Nguyễn Family for this Account

We only want the Workers and Friends to know the truth about what has happened in Vietnam, especially the Vietnamese Friends around the world. We have written this Account so others can examine the situation and understand things as they really are. Things that even the Vietnamese Friends and Workers never knew about--evil things that were hidden and covered up with a beautiful outer surface! It is our sincere hope that the Overseers and Workers do not repeat this behavior again in another place as they have done in the past at Alberta, Canada and more recently in Vietnam.

We thank God for opening a way for us through the internet so we could understand and be comforted by our Friends in many other places throughout the world who have had similar experiences. Our only purpose is to tell the truth so no one can continue to destroy the peace of God any more!

We value the Fellowship with each other and with God very much. We were very satisfied in God’s Way until the Canadian Workers (Dale Shultz, Lyle Shultz and Darrel Turner) came to VN and caused trouble and changed many things. We only desire to have the Fellowship, love and unity that we had for many years previously before all the unnecessary changes were made. Throughout our lives, nearly 50 years of following God, we have felt that our lives have been far richer than we could ever have imagined. We wanted and prayed that a miracle would be done to correct everything back to the right. But finally, we gave up. Sad to say, the Golden Time wasn’t allowed to continue as it should have! What has happened in Vietnam has pained us deeply and made us very sad.

We all talked to and wrote many letters to ask the Canadian Workers to make things right as Jesus had taught. It seemed that the Canadian Overseers just didn’t care about solving the many issues. We waited for a long time believing a solution would open up…but it was hopeless! We learned that the solution is to keep the truth and go on. Surely, we want to obey what the Lord teaches us in the Bible, even if that means we disagree with the Overseers’ leading. Dale Shultz even warned the FRIENDS in a letter: “… this effort requires your full cooperation. We appeal to all of you to work closely and cooperatively with Lyle and Lloyd. This is the order that our great teacher honors and blesses and is the only hope of unity and joy being restored in fullest measure.

We miss the sweet Fellowship that we had a long time ago in the Golden Time, but we have not written this Account because we want to have Fellowship with them again (although there are many good Friends still there.) Right now we are leaning on what the Spirit spoke to the Church at Thyratira in Revelation 2:25 “Only hold fast to what you have until I come.”

Our family did not leave the 2x2 FELLOWSHIP in VN because we read the TTT website or any other similar websites. We left because we saw that the new Overseers in our country were leading the folks without the Spirit of God. We did not see the love and unity among the Workers, and did not find the truth in their words. Many other bad works we have seen and heard about how they have treated the Friends and Workers who didn't obey or bow down to their rule. We also didn’t agree with the Overseers saying the Workers should be given the highest place of respect. (While our Lord Jesus gave us a big example in the Bible in cleaning his disciples’ feet. How humble HE IS). That’s the reason our family decided to leave Meetings.

We are holding much information, material, letters and even recordings concerning the troubling things that took place throughout the past three years, 2010 thru 2013 which we are sharing with you here. (see Appendix)

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