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Ms Krohn: No, your honor.

THE COURT: Just a moment. The Court will review portions of the transcript at this time from the February 10, 2012 hearing. Just a moment. Ms Koning did testify -- and I'm looking at page 54 of the transcript. The Court made findings in which I refered to Ms Koning's testimony about there being a clear hiearchal structure with the division of duties and different authority that rest with various members of the organization. There was previous testimony about Darren Briggs having sexual contact with XXXXXXXXXXX. The Court is recalling that testimony. That has been referred to on a number of occasions in this matter. And that after it was disclosed to Mr Frandle that Mr Briggs went back to New York, seemingly at the direction of Mr Frandle or if not seemingly, actually and expressly at his direction. That's the Court's view of the situation. But more importantly, based upon the facts as they developed, did Mr Frandle have a duty to report this incident to the authorities. And yes, he did.

And so based upon all of the facts and circumstances as made known to the Court, and in particular, this February 10, hearing of 2012, the Court finds that there's a factual basis in this matter. I find that Mr Frandle has made his no contest plea knowingly, voluntarily and accurately. And again, there is proper basis under the law for the Court to accept the plea.

Ms Krohn, is there anything that you would like to say on behalf of the People before we proceed with sentencing?

Ms Krohn: Thank you, your Honor. Your Honor, the People would acknowledge that there are some positives in this case. That being Mr. Frandle is 73 years old if I did the math right and that he has no prior criminal history.

But on behalf of the People, I would ask the Court to also take into consideration the fact that Mr Frandle knew about this incident seemingly right away. That he had a conversation with Mr Briggs where it was disclosed to him upon questioning that -- or that it was confirmed to him that there was a wrestling incident and that as a result of wrestling with this young boy Mr Briggs obtained an erection. And that upon questioning, Mr Briggs further disclosed to him that this was not the first time that it happened.

Based on statements made by Mr Briggs, he did not want to leave to go back to New York. He, in fact, wanted to contact XXXXXXXX family and apologize for this incident. He wanted to try and make things right with them. He was not given that opportunity and actually was not given a choice that he was to go back to New York. That he was to go back to his parents' house. And that it was Mr Frandle and another minister in the work who actually took him there.

Your Honor, I would also ask you to take into consideration the fact that this incident wasn't disclosed to law enforcement until a year or more after it happened when a couple other sister workers found out about it. They are the ones who actually reported it to law enforcement.

Therefore we have Mr Briggs out there where it was -- he had explicitly stated that this is not the first time that his type of incident had happened. He's out in New York. He's no longer a minister, however, he's still able to go into homes for meetings; go to conventions where there's younger children -- kids of all different ages. No one knows that this happened and he's able to have contact with these children. I'm not trying to state that he did anything inappropriate. However, there still was opportunity that he had to do this if he chose to considering that no one knew that this happened. It was all kind of swept under the rug until these other two workers found out about it.

So based on that, I would ask the Court to take that into consideration when fashioning a sentence. Thank you.

THE COURT: Thank you, Ms Krohn. Mr Boyle?

Mr Boyle: Thank you, your Honor. In my review and in speaking to the XXXXXXXXXX and investigating this matter and reviewing the police report, it appears that in 2007 Mr Frandle was faced with a pretty tough question as to how to handle a situation that came to his attention with Mr Briggs. And he's always agreed that he supervised him. I don't believe it was his idea to bring that motion. I think it was his attorney's idea to bring the motion that you referred to earlier in your thing about whether or not he was a minister. I think he's always agreed he's a minister.

And in this case the minister had -- Mr Briggs had been at the XXXXXX house. What was known at the time that he moved him to New York was that Briggs was wrestling with the 14 year old boy in a back bedroom. The XXXXXXX called them to dinner. The minister came out to the dining room and he had an erection. And that's what was relayed to Mr Frandle a day or two later. They had met at the XXXXXXXX. Mr Frandle sat down with the XXXXXX. They relayed this information. And Mr Frandle said, What do you want done? What do you want me to do here? I will support you in any way you want. If you want to go to the police , I will support you with that. You just tell me what you want. And it was XXXXXXXX wishes -- and in speaking specifically to XXXXXXX I confirmed this -- it was her wishes that he be -- just get out of here. Keep him away from kids. And so take him back to his home.

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