2x2 Worker Chris Chandler Court Case in Victoria, Australia

Worker Chris Chandler Court Case Date in Victoria

Chris Chandler court case in Victoria Australia is under way and Chris Chandler, the former 2x2 worker, has entered a plea of guilty. Chris Chandler was a 2x2 worker who was allegedly promoted in the cult despite allegations of sexual abuse. On March 19th, I checked the LATROBE VALLEY MAGISTRATES website and saw that Chris Chandler appears to have entered a plea of guilty. Case # D12645169.

Latest News

It has been reported to me that Chris Chandler has been moved to the Langi Kal Kal Prison. Read about this prison at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HM_Prison_Langi_Kal_Kal. What a sweet deal for Chris to spend his time "in prison". Can you believe this prison use to have a golf course! I don't believe eternity is going to be so easy as his stay in prison where "

Disturbing News

I have heard some very disturbing news involving David Leitch and Chris Chandler. Evidently there are one or more girls in South America that Chris Chandler has gotten involved with (underage) that David Leitch has known about. In fact, it's been reported to me that there are witnesses who have heard him say as much. I am interested to see how this is going to play out in the Australian courts when the 2x2s down under are investigated.

Someone is going to be filing a complaint/submission for the Australian investigation into the WORKERS Way in Australia. I know there are many child sexual abuse cases that are swept under the rug without being investigated by lazy parents who want to preserve the "Testimony of the WORKERS". But they have a dirty conscience in covering up sexual abuse crimes and not following through with prosecution. It leads to more children being molested.

I am looking forward to a government doing a full investigation on the current affairs of the WORKERS and their active cover-up and for fostering child abuse through lack of reporting. Children are the most abused group in the 2x2 cult, second to women.

Perhaps God is going to use the Australian government (heathen/OUTSIDERS/worldly people/infidels as the 2x2s refer to them) to show how blind the 2x2s are in fostering child sexual abuse. Their lack of respect for God and God's word (especially in the 10 commandments) is going to be known.

But this is just the beginning. There is more stuff that I haven't repeated here.

Paraguay and Uruguay

If you live in Paraguay and Uruguay, please contact me with known contacts of young people with Chris Chandler. Just send me your email with part of what you know, and I will forward this to investigators. There are one or more incidents that haven't been investigated yet involving brainwashing, emotional manipulation and "indecent" behavior with under age girls. Use the form at the bottom of this page. If you are afraid, then just post details of what you know. Do what you can. Fear God and have compassion for the poor, abused girls.

In the News

See also http://www.theage.com.au/national/secrets-lies-and-sex-abuse-as-exsect-leader-chooses-life-on-the-inside-20140727-3cnnc.html

Things Reported to Me

"Just heard that Chris is now in jail serving his 3 month sentence. He handed himself in yesterday and withdrew his appeal."

Previous News

The most recent news I have heard is that Chris Chandler first was going to appeal, but now I have heard that "Chris is handing himself into the County Court today and is no longer appealing his sentence. He is not going to the local court where his case is being heard but to the Melbourne County court....He has told people that he is nervous and does not want to risk getting a longer sentence..."

I have been told that a former girlfriend of Chris set up an account for the WORKERS and FRIENDS to donate money for his expenses.

Also reported "...He has told the court and investigators that he is a self employed ecologist but as far as I know he has a legal aid lawyer...but was able to post bail..."

Also, I have been told that Chris Chandler has raped a child more than once.

It's also been reported to me that "They have employed the services of a well known, very expensive clinical psychologist, Wendy Northey who was involved in a very famous case here for a gangster named Tony Mokbel. "

This is kind of funny that they would employ Wendy Northey, considering what OVERSEERS and WORKERS say about psychologists and counselors when marriages are going bad. So they use them for child sexual abuse cases but don't think they do marriages any good? They don't follow their own advice.

Are You a 2x2 Father or Mother?

If you are a 2x2 and have children, I believe you should at least know what has been reported to me and be very careful (you should anyway) with the 2x2 WORKERS and 2x2 OVERSEERS around kids. Being forbidden to marry creates a trap for the WORKERS, especially if they believe they are going to hell if they leave the 2x2 WORK to get married. See also Ira Hobbs, Curtis Jacobsen, Peter William Mousseau etc.

Background Checks

Is anyone concerned that the WORKERS don't do background checks for this position of trust that is so often abused? See how Jerome Frandle - Home failed to report child sexual abuse. Do you like MINISTERS and OVERSEERS who move WORKERS around or to another field without warning of sexual crimes they have committed against children?

Sentencing of Chris Chandler

I have been informed that Chris Chandler was sentenced to 12 months of jail, minimum serve 3 months and life on sex offenders register.

Chris Chandler, former 2x2 WORKER, Pleads Guilty

Here's a quote from an online article about former worker Chris Chandler.

Chris Chandler, 56, of French Island, a former senior member of the shadowy Bible sect known as Friends and Workers or the Two by Twos, pleaded guilty in the LaTrobe Valley Magistrate's Court on Thursday to nine charges including unlawful indecent assaults, indecent assaults and gross indecency on three young female victims.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/former-sect-leader-pleads-guilty-to-child-sex-charges-20140320-3562h.html

I heard that there were 12 accusations against Chris Chandler. One person was told by Chris Chandler or his family/friends that the allegations were false and that the lady that had complained was being investigated. But now, with a guilty plea? Can you ever trust a 2x2 or their family/friends? What about all the kids that Chris Chandler has been around? What about all the homes he has stayed in while a 2x2 WORKER? What about the OVERSEERS who hired him? Did the 2x2 OVERSEERS do a thorough background check? How many people are going to contact me now, saying that it was a web page on the INTERNET that was the first clue that they were molested as a child and their parents and WORKERS and OVERSEERS never told them?

Chris Chandler Court Case - Hearing

The next hearing for Chris Chandler is for 26 Jun 2014. 12:00 PM at the Latrobe Valley Magistrates. Chris Chandler's plea is: guilty. I got this from the Latrobe website on May 29th, 2014.

May 29th Hearing

I have no information yet as to what happened on May 29th

March 20th, 2014 Hearing

I have no information about what happened at this hearing.

Feb 29, 2014 Hearing

I have no information about what happened at this hearing.

After this hearing, the plea for Chris Chandler was set to "guilty".

Case date for Jan 9th, 2014

I don't know what happened at this hearing.

Chris Chandler and the Victoria Police

Chris Chandler is being investigated by the Victoria Police.

Chris Chandler and the 2x2 Religion

Chris Chandler was a 2x2 worker in the 2x2 religion under the 2x2 Victoria overseer David Leitch. I have heard that Chris Chandler is being investigated by Australian police for child sexual abuse.

Chris Chandler - No Background Check before Becoming a 2x2 Preacher?

Did the 2x2 overseers do a background check on Chris Chandler? If so, why did they allow him into the work? If not, then are the 2x2 overseers being held accountable? What have the 2x2 FRIENDS in Australia done to make sure they don't have offenders staying in their homes?

Chris Chandler Letter

Chris Chandler sent out a Letter to the 2x2 FRIENDS in Australia.

Chris Chandler in the News



Chris Chandler on Australian Website

Case # D12645169 Date: 02 Oct 2013. 11:00 AM by Victoria Police. On the docket:
Select "Criminal" as the list to search (not civil), and then in the defendant box, type "Chandler, Chris" and click the Submit button. When the new page loads, scroll down to the bottom.

I did this on THU 11/15/2013 and found that the case date was set to 09 Jan 2014. 09:30 AM. He is being prosecuted by the Victoria Police at the Latrobe Valley Magistrates and the case number is D12645169 (same as above) The case number was hyperlinked, so I clicked on it. It brought up more details on the case. It says the informant was Eldridge, D..

See also the worker Graham Thompson speaks out against Child Sexual Abuse

Chris Chandler - Home

Chandler Letter

David Leitch Letter

Court Date

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