Bill Denk's Letter to 2x2 Workers and Friends

From: William Denk

Date: July 28, 2013 8:41:17 PM EDT

Subject: My latest news

Dear friends and workers:

I have some rather unpleasant news to share.

My co-worker in 2006 molested a boy. He was immediately dismissed from the work, as per the parents request. Morally and ethically we thought we did the right thing, it wasn't until much later that we found out that we, as ministers were mandated reporters.

In march of 2009, I was called into the state police post for an interview concerning the situation. I went in and spoke freely without any fear, again thinking I was doing the right thing. Nothing was said concerning my obligations as a reporter and I wasn't arrested on the spot.

In July of 2012, our overseer, Jerome Frandle was arrested and charged with failure to report. It was later dismissed due to lack of evidence. The case was opened again this year and in May, Jerome pleaded no contest and was sentenced with 100 hours of community service, a $200 fine, and 4 days in jail. However, instead of jail he was able to apply for the weekend alternative program. That means he would go out and work with the inmates in the community, instead of sitting in jail.

On July 22, I was convicted on the same charges. I also pleaded no contest and was given the same sentence. I have completed 20 hours of my community service. Today was also my second day out with the inmates. To make matters worse, I hurt my right arm this morning, trying to lift too much. Tomorrow I will be seeing another Doctor and will find out how that will all play out. I'll keep you posted.

All for now.


Things Bill Denk Left Out of His Letter

The complaint of failing to report child sexual abuse was filed Feb 8th, 2007

The warrant for his arrest had been out since Jan 28th 2013 but he only finally turned himself in on 7/17/2013. And that this was four days after I published on this website that I believed there was a warrant out for him? This is part of what I published on this website on 7/13/2013

From what I read on an complaint or warrant for arrest record, I understand there is a warrant out for the arrest of Bill Denk for failure to report child sexual abuse.

He also failed to mention that Jerome Frandle claimed he wasn't a minister and therefore not required to report. Bill Denk also failed to report that Jerome Frandle also claimed he was innocent until Darren Briggs gave evidence that Jerome Frandle and Bill Denk were indeed guilty.

Bill Denk didn't tell that Jerome Frandle and himself took Darren Briggs out of state where the child sexual abuse crime was committed.

Bill Denk left out that it was finally two sister workers that reported the crime of Darren Briggs to the police, which they (Jerome Frandle and Bill Denk) failed to do.

Bill Denk also left out that he and Jerome moved out of the state after the crime.


  • Since when do parents of a child get to decide who stays in the work and what is done to workers? This is the job of their employers - the overseers.
  • If Bill Denk wants us to think that the sexual abuse of a child by a worker didn't need to be reported to the law, then why did they think it was big enough deal to remove Darren Briggs from the work when they claim there is such a need for workers?
  • If Darrin Briggs crime didn't need reported, then why didn't they just move Darren Briggs to another field like they have done with workers before?
  • Doesn't their actions show they were willing to do whatever it took, even agree with the mother's wishes, to cover this thing up and hope it would go away?
  • How could Jerome Frandle and Darren Briggs and Bill Denk sleep at night knowing they covered this thing up?
  • Do you believe they really think that we would buy that Jerome Frandle didn't know the laws regarding child sexual abuse after the case of Peter William Mousseau?
  • Do you really believe that they think that Jerome Frandle wouldn't have heard of his obligations to report the child sexual abuse after taking counsel with the older brother workers?
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