Christian Conventions of Victoria

Christian Conventions of Victoria is the name of the 2x2 religion business charity in Australia. They claim to have business operations in Victoria, Tasmania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

When checking in 2018, it shows that they now only have business operations in Victoria.

Business Names Used by 2x2 Religion in Australia

The cult has used the names of Christian Conventions of Victoria and Christian Assemblies of Victoria to conduct business in Victoria, Australia.

You can look these up via online business searches for "Christian Conventions of Victoria" with Australian business registrees.

I've looked up these business names and here's what I've found:

They registered their business as a charity on: 03/12/2012

Business subtype is "2014 Advancing religion (01/01/2014)"
Under "Basic Religious Charity" it says "No".
What? Not a religious charity? They are just advancing religion?

Business name of the 2x2 religion in Australia is:
Christian Conventions of Victoria (so much for not taking a name for themselves)
Christian Conventions of Victoria has operations located in:
Victoria, Tasmania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

Beneficiaries of Christian Conventions of Victoria are: Others not listed
Charity ABN number is 33833155319
Responsible person for Christian Conventions of Victoria: TO BE DETERMINED

Yah. Now that is sooo funny. Cannot find any responsible person.
but oh, wait. I was updating this page and checked in 2018. We now have:
BIRD, ALAN as a trustee
ROBINSON, ARTHUR as a trustee
STORER, COLIN as a trustee

Street address for the business is:

Christian Conventions of Victoria
523 Neerim Rd Murrumbeena

no phone number was given

no website is given
Their governing document is simply a word document which states:

As of checking in 2018, they have a new address:
6 Gallery Place Mount Waverley VIC 3149 AUSTRALIA

Trust governance document status for Christian Conventions of Victoria for 2014 AIS Statement
The Christian Conventions of Victoria trust is a bare trust for which the governance documents are currently being developed with the assistance of a specialist law firm.

That was their document in 2014. Here we are in the end of December, 2015 and that's all they have? That seems really flaky to me. And no responsible person has yet been determined.

This "charity" is so flaky, I had to contact the government of Australia about this "charity" to find out more about it. Anne Duffy who works for "Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission" replied back with general information and a link to the wrong charity!

And guess what? No responsible person is given. They have no more public information. How lame is this? It's as if this government organization is aiding in the cover-up of a religious cult by failing to have reasonable and prudent policies in place and by failing to require legitimate documentation or proof that a group provides charitable services!

I got an email back from the Australian government which reads as follows:

Hi again Brad,

We are in the process of following up with charities that have not fulfilled their obligations. I�m not able to give you specific information about our dealings with this charity in particular however you may or may not be aware that we routinely revoke the registration of charities that have not met their obligations.

Kind Regards,
Anne Duffy

Advice Services Officer | Advice Services | Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
T 13 22 62 | F 1300 232 569 | E | W

I have replied back to Anne Duffy with some clues about how the 2x2 religion is not charitable. If I don't get some investigation going, then I'll be contacting the agency that they report to and report what appears to be negligence, aiding and abetting etc.

If you care about the lives of poor kids being scarred by workers molesting them and deceiving them about God, then please write to Anne Duffy and help her realize the seriousness of the situation. Their email address is:

Christian Conventions of Victoria

Alberta Society

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